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16 Useful Gift Ideas a 16 Years Old Driver Will Love

Getting a gift for 16 years old teen drivers might be a difficult task. You know at sixteen most teens get excited and optimistic with being able to handle a car. You can’t blame them, at that age, it always an experience handling a car. Getting a driver’s license and first car is a huge achievement in every teenager’s life.

For these 16-year-old drivers, we have prepared gift ideas that are mostly useful, especially for novice drivers. Here you can also find gifts you can give to a sixteen years old drivers that will improve their driving skills and ensure their safety on the road. Finding right gifts for teen drivers can be tricky, but not this time, with the help of this list it’s a peace of cake.

Gifts for 16 year old drivers

Learn How to Drive and Survive
If you are a parent and your 16 years old just got his driving license, a book by Linda Azarela is a perfect gift you can present to him/her. It is written by an experienced certified driving instructor who has spent years teaching and training thousands of youth both online and offline on handling the wheel. The books makes learning how to drive so easy. It cut across how to prepare for emergencies, decode traffic signs and signals, how to make proper turn around a turnabout, how to park in Different positions and how to pass other cars safely. I know as a parent you might be scared the first time your 16 years old teen mount the wheel but with this book you can be well assured that he will be fine.
World Most Awesome Driver Mug
Sometimes the young driver needs to feel inspired and motivated about their driving career. This product is best presented by parents to their 16 years old teens. Though they might not be that “most awesome driver” at the moment, this mug might be an inspiration toward working towards that. It is a high quality Ceramic White Mug. It has a hard coat and it is very suitable for hot and cold beverages. You can get it for your 16 years old that is new to driving.
Memory Foam Car Cushion
Space memory foam cushion little height gives a short teen driver the perfect height to control the car. It provides a seat cushion between the driver and the seat comfortably. It outside layer is made up of gel which gives it a cooling effect. It can also be used to correct posture, you know sitting on the same seat driving around for a long time can defects the body posture. But SmartDirect Coccyx Care Memory can correct this with it contour sharp properties.
Pink Floor Mats for Car
Now something for girl drivers, pink floor mats. It protects the car floor from dirt and debris. New drivers do not love their cars to be full of dirt. They will really appreciate this product. It makes the interior of the car looks lovely.
Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
How to check tires pressure or reducing tires wear might not be one of the essential requirements in passing driving school tests. But checking of tire pressure as well as reducing wear and tears of tires are very important for drivers especially for a 16 years old young driver. This product is a 1.76 ounces digital tire pressure gauge which is made up of lithium batteries. It is used to reduce tires wear on the road and maintain tire pressures. It also has a LCD backlight which provides visibility when being used at night or where there isn't enough light
Driving Socks
Epic sock for young drivers. They can serve as a reminder as well as ordinary socks. These are awesome for 16 year guy that just started driving a stick! A fun reminder while perfecting the drive!
AAA Approved Roadside Kit, Emergency Traveler Kit
This is a very important safety kit you should get for a teen driver. A 16 years old driver out of over excitement could get into a road accident someday. This kit will be very useful during days like this. It content includes: First Aid flyer, AAA Brochure, AAA Traveler bag, AAA Buck Slip, Duct Tape, Accident form, Mount Triangle, Screwdriver, Led flashlight and batteries, shop cloth, bandages, Sting Relief, Zip lock Bag, Adhesive, Band aids, Bungee cords and Antiseptic Towelettes. Present it for a 16 years old driver, it might be useful someday.
Assorted Air Freshener Classic Scents
If you are someone that is used to teens you will know they love to smell good, that is why they love using the best fragrance available. Most teen driver hates their car smelling horrible that is why they always find delight in getting the best air freshener available. Teens love to smell good, that is why they love using the best fragrance available. Most teen driver hates their car smelling horrible that is why they always find delight in getting the best air freshener available.
Car Mount Universal Phone Holder
Teenagers might want to use their phone while driving, instead of searching for it all over the car which might get them distracted while handling the steering. This phone holder allows the young driver to easily get the phone just with a single touch of the finger. It has a sticky gel pad that makes it hold the device firmly. It keeps phone safe and intact even if when the car is involved in a serious collision. It is best suitable for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC.
Car Care Products
This is one of the best washing car care gift you can give to a 16 years old driver. The kit is made up of 16 washing items which are glass cleaner, Diablo wheel gel, butter wet wax, TORQ Foam gun, Detailing bucket, microfiber Towels, Quick Detailer, Cyclone dirt trap, Short Handle Cbrush, Snow Foam, microfiber wash mit, Silk shine dressing, Sweep wipe quick detailer and an applicator. Young new drivers love to treat their cars like a baby and will always love to see it sparkling clean always. Getting this product for them, it will give their car that lovely sparkling appearance.
The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don't Know to Ask
Everything new drivers need to know but won't ask: passing driving school exams and road test isn't enough knowledge for a teen driver. There are so many other things that makes an expert driver that the teen need to know but will never ask physically. Every of this knowledge is contained in this Karen Gravelle's book. It covers any problem a new driver is likely to face like swapping tires, how to handle cars in a bad weather, how to deal with frustration on the road and so on. Get this awesome book as a gift for your 16 years old teen it will really help he/she driving career though they are likely not to admit it.
Guardian Angel Visor Clip
When your daughter or granddaughter gets her first car and driver's license, it's important to know that she never drives too fast. This gift will be a sign that you care for her and a note that she never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
Automatic Connected Car Assistant
Sixteen years old drivers aren't road users with abundant road experience. Though they might have gone through series of driving master classes in driving school and bagged the driving license, it still doesn't make them an experienced driver as they are still kind of new to the system. This product can act as the real personal driving assistant for any novice driver. It can be the vehicle diagnostics as it helps decode the problem of check engine light and so on. It can also be used to keep tracks of your events and trips.
Leather Car Document Holder
After getting the driving license and owning a car the teen is now entitled to keep some important documents which might be required from him while using the road. This product is designed to help organize your documents properly without getting rough. It keeps the documents safe and easy to secure. It is made of leather and it is very durable.
Polarized Sunglasses
How about this gift that will make your teen driver look even more handsome? Driving around all day and exposing eyes to bright lights can cause damage to retina. This sunglass protect eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. It is very fashionable with it stylish design and it also helps drivers protect themselves from the blinding light of the sun.
Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision and WiFi
This is arguably the best dash cam you can see on the road right now. It has a dual camera which captures both the interior and the exterior of the car. One good thing about this product is that it can be used to see the road ahead and avoid being stuck in traffic. Both of it cameras can be rotated 50 degrees left and right and 180 degrees forward and backward. It has 2.0 inch LCD screen which makes it display very clear and it can be easily mounted on the windshield.