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Apology Gifts for Best Friends to Say I’m sorry in Perfect Way

Having a fight, arguing or going separate ways with your best friend can be very hard on anyone. Life is difficult without your bestie by your side to go through thick and thin. Luckily, you can always apologize and try to make everything right again.

And is there a better way to make up with them, than a heartfelt and thoughtful gift you personally thought of? Of course not. To make this process easier, we picked out some of the best gift ideas for best friend that say “I’m so sorry, please take me back!”, so you don’t have to.

Apology Gifts for Best Friends

Apology Necklace
This is the perfect apology gift for her. A gold, silver or rose plated minimalistic necklace that comes in a stylish gift box. The point of this gift isn’t just to remind your special friend of your friendship and your heartfelt remorse, but also to send a touching apology message, written right on the gift box.
Intergalactic Besties
If you and your best friend used to stay up all night watching Star Trek and enjoyed long talks together about the series, then this is the gift you’re looking for. This Delta shaped necklace comes apart to form two pendants that both of you can carry close to your heart, no matter where you go. Like Kirk and Spock you are intergalactic besties. Whatever happens and no matter how wrong you are, your best friend will accept your apology and will never forget the message *I Have Been And Always Shall Be Your Friend*.
Why You're My Bestie Fill in the Journal
Is a gift card too small to express everything you feel for your bestie? Then this pocket-sized fill-in journal is just right for you. With this “Knock Knock Why you’re my bestie” personalized gift, you’re sure to win their heart back. You just fill in the blanks, and the apology is good to go.
Forgive Me Teddy Bear
If you finally need to see a smile on your buddy’s face and want to make them go “awww”, then this is the right way to do it. This adorable plush bear toy won’t leave anyone feeling indifferent. Especially since the bear’s shirt has a emotional apology written on the front. So soft and cuddly!
Soul Sister Mug
Is your BFF the biggest coffee lover you’ve ever met? Do they drink five cups of coffee a day? This mug describes the special relationship you had and will have again, after you remind her that you are a soul sister. Most important things start with coffee. That's why you need to start an apology conversation with your best friend with hot coffee that she will drink from a mug that will always remind her of your friendship.
I'm Sorry Cookies
There is nothing sweeter than chocolate and friendship. With 2 lbs of different homemade chocolate, cookies and other treats, there is no way they can stay mad at you. This is the ultimate apology gift, since it also comes with a customizable message. These cookies will win their heart back, for sure!
I'm Sorry Ice Cream
Does your bestie have a sweet tooth? What would anyone like more than an array of four ice cream flavors with apology messages written on them? The flavors include Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Brownies & Fudge Swirls, S'mores Ice Cream, Vanilla Toffee Crunch Ice Cream and Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Crunch & Fudge Swirls.
Apology Nifty Notes
With this apology nifty note, you can be sure that you don’t have to say “sorry” directly to your besties face. Perfect for specifically emphasizing who, what, where, when and most importantly: why your fight happened. With this gift, say goodbye forever to the awkwardness of pleading guilty.
Forever Friends Picture Holder
Everyone enjoys remembering the good old days with a set of framed pictures. It doesn’t matter if it’s pictures with family or friends, the memories always make us feel warm inside. This classy photo holder will remind your BFF of all the good times you’ve had together and no one can stay mad at you after that.
I'M Not Good At Apologies Mug
Some humor can always lighten the mood between two true friends. This apology gift mug is everything you’re looking for, if your friend is a prankster and can take a joke. With this mug your best friend can enjoy their morning coffee or tea and remember all the good times you two had together.
Best Friends Adult Coloring Book
Does your bestie really need a break? Then this adult coloring book can help them relax and unwind. It’s the best I'm sorry present because it comes with funny quotes and sayings about friendship that everyone can relate to. Now your bestie can sit back and enjoy some solitude while celebrating your friendship at the same time.
Pop Up I'm So Sorry Apology Card
Is there a better way to express your feelings and say sorry than with a good old fashioned card? This gift will help you write down your apology, why you’ve valued your friendship so far and why you don’t want to lose them. It comes with a little pop-up smiley face that will definitely make them smile.
Sorry Smurf Toy Figure
Our favorite childhood memories are enjoying some Sunday TV with our friends. If you and your childhood friend loved watching The Smurfs, then this is a great idea how to say I'm so sorry! A cute blue Smurf anxiously holding a “Sorry” sign will remind them of all the fun times you’ve had in the past and no one can stay angry like that for long.
Friends Ceramic Mug
If your best friend loves functional gifts, then this is the perfect one to get them! It doesn’t matter if it’s their morning coffee or afternoon tea, your apology will surely be accepted if they are always thinking about you. And how could they not, with this beautiful mug that reads “Friends are the sunshine of life”?
I'm Sorry Donkey Plush
If you have really messed up and feel like a true donkey, you have to get this plushie toy as soon as possible. In addition to being extra cute, the plush donkey toy is also wearing a “I’m sorry” T-shirt that will also express your feelings. If you want to achieve the “aww” moment, this is the gift that can save friendship!