12 Unique Apple Shaped Gifts: Perfect Picks!

Embrace symbolism and creativity in gifting! Discover a diverse range of apple shaped gifts ideas suitable for various occasions. Symbolizing knowledge, health, and appreciation, these gifts offer a unique touch to celebrations or expressions of gratitude.

Apple Shaped Gifts

Listing Out The Outstanding Apple Shaped Gifts For Your Loved Ones

  1. Note Dispenser
    You might have a friend who is always at their office working all day and just being in a boring environment all the time. Well, this note dispenser that resembles an apple quite a lot will always be on their desk so they can write down anything they might forget later. These apple-shaped gifts are a great way to decorate their office and look more lively.
  2. Crystal Apple Shaped Keychain
    Look at this beauty. This keychain will definitely attract a lot of attention because of how shiny it is. Maybe your kid has a teacher who constantly keeps forgetting where they put their keys and has trouble finding them. Well, after you give them this shiny keychain, that will be no more. These apple-shaped gifts are something that can’t be left unnoticed no matter where they put it.
  3. Apple Tea Kettle
    There is a high chance you weren’t expecting to see this when you searched for apple-shaped gifts. It’s a very uncommon tea kettle, and that’s what makes it a unique one. Everyone likes gifts that none of their friends has, which makes them rare and more valuable. That’s exactly the case with this kettle that will perfectly fit into an apple-themed kitchen. It’s a stainless steel kettle shaped like an apple. How exciting! Next time you go for tea at your friend’s house, make sure you bring these exciting apple-shaped gifts for them and wait for a cool reaction.
  4. Wireless Charger
    This one is perfect for someone you know who has an Apple iPhone. An apple-shaped wireless charger is the amazing apple-shaped gift that would go so great with that sort of phone. Plus, it’s very cool now to have a wireless charger. It’s a new technology and is taking over pretty fast. It will most surely make an amazing apple-shaped gift for perhaps a birthday party and a friend who is obsessed with Apple, the technology brand not the fruit.
  5. Wall Clock
    We all need some clock to tell the time, right? This one would probably be a perfect apple-shaped gift for teachers who still prefer the old school wall clocks. But, it’s time to replace their old out of date one with a new, more stylish one, such as this. You don’t have to worry about them like it because well, what teacher doesn't like apple-themed gifts?
  6. Solar Powered Floor Lamp
    Have a look at someone’s new way of setting the perfect atmosphere in any room with this very stylish apple-shaped floor lamp. These apple-shaped gifts look super clean without cables or cords to mess up the area and take away the lamp’s sleek design. The lamp takes 9-12 hours to charge and will keep the person you decide to gift it to feel comfortable in a nicely lit room for close to 12 whole hours.
  7. Apple-shaped Little Decoration Lights
    You might be thinking about getting some of these for yourself first, then some for an occasion that you need to bring gifts to. The lights on these decorations are amazing and look absolutely stunning in a dim-lit surrounding. The LEDs inside last twenty times more than the incandescent bulbs, making these things last a lifetime. Just make sure you tell the person receiving this to warn everyone before they mistake these apple-shaped gifts for a real apple.
  8. Crystal Apple Paperweight
    You might be looking for the Teacher Appreciation Week. If this is a case where you are not really sure what to get them, and you don’t want to make a mistake with some specific gift, then this one will be a saviour in this situation. Everyone likes decorations for their home, and no one ever has said “I Hate Looking At Apples,” which is why a decoration such as this will help you look good with your choice for apple shaped gifts.
  9. Purse
    Think about how adorable this would look on your girlfriend or BFF. The rich red colour looks outstanding and very eye-catching. It’s a perfect purse for a girl who likes red apples. The purse has enough space for everything they might need to carry, such as their phone, wallet, and probably some jewellery and backup makeup. These apple-shaped gifts are a pretty cool surprise gift for a special girl in your life.
  10. Necklace
    This is another great choice for a special woman in your life. Jewellery is a favoured gift among women, which is guaranteed to bring out many smiles from them. It’s a beautiful silver plated necklace. It's also a perfect idea for the end of year gift for your child's teacher was she a woman. Choose this necklace as the amazing apple-shaped gifts to express gratitude for your child's teacher; she will surely be honoured and proud of her good work.
  11. Apple Design Collapsible Bamboo Fruit Bowl
    Remember when we mentioned the apple bowl in the centre of the room that brightens up any room? Well, this is that bowl’s cooler and prettier upgrade. It’s a beautiful and elegant fruit bowl made out of all-natural and eco-friendly bamboo. This one is super high quality and, when not used, collapses into a little 2D apple-shaped gifts piece of wood that saves up a bit of space.
  12. Rearview Mirror Photo Frame
    There is no need to overthink about why this is shaped like an apple. Apples are just a widely accepted fruit that pretty much everyone likes. This is just a beautiful photo locket shaped like an apple. These apple-shaped gifts are a pretty lovely gift for anyone to be used as a nice decoration for their car.

Apples are a symbol of health, education, and nature. If you have a friend or family member who loves apples, you may want to get them a gift that reflects their love for this fruit. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 unique apple shaped gifts that will delight any apple lover.

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Wrapping Up Apple Shaped Gifts

These apple shaped gifts are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because. They are unique, thoughtful, and sure to impress any apple lover. So next time you’re looking for a special gift, consider one of these fun and practical apple-shaped gifts.

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