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Camera Shaped Gifts for Your Favorite Photographer

The camera is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talking about photographers. One of the best gifts you can give to a friend, family member or partner is a gift they would comfortably identify with. It would also warm their heart when the gift you’re giving is related to their profession, interest or activity. We added a small twist to our gift guide for photographers and today we only choose unique camera-shaped gifts.

These camera shaped gift ideas will show how important a photographer is to you, how original you are and how much you care about them and appreciate the skill they spend time perfecting daily.

In this post, I will be recommending the best camera shaped gifts you should give to your favorite photographer.

Camera Shaped Gifts for Photographers

Camera Style Cross-body Bag
This is one of the most beautiful camera style gifts you can give amateur or professional women photographers on their birthday or anniversary, especially if they love vintage products or content from the 70s and 80s. It is a pure vintage leather bag with golden straps and enough room for phones, compact powder and other accessories that would normally fit in a small handbag.

Everyone would think It is an actual camera at first until they take a second look or touch it and realize It is only a beautiful camera-inspired leather handbag. People can tell their profession if they carry this shoulder handbag to an exhibition or dinner. It would also reminder your favorite photographer that you support and cherish their line of work.
Camera Earrings
These earrings with shiny crystals would match any dress or blouse and would be a really great gift for someone who is a photography buff. One of my favorites when it comes to gifts for the photographer is these earrings, because when worn by women or girls, they show their passion for photography in a stylish way.
Camera Bag Shaped USB Flash Memory Drive
This cute, small camera-styled bag comes with a 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive that would definitely come in handy at some point because photographers need to create backups from time to time. The entire device looks like a small keyring but It is surrounded with rubber so it doesn’t get damaged when it falls. You could strap it to your bag, waist or even an actual camera.

The flash drive itself is compatible with all operating systems and there are no additional installations required to use it or get it to work. Just insert it in a device to start using it.

Here is a fun fact, if you do not buy this gift for your favorite photographer then they would eventually buy it at some point because they need it. The importance of this gift cannot be over-emphasized.
Camera Lens Coffee Mug
This beautiful camera lens shaped mug comes with a really tight spill-proof cover that prevents contents in it from leaking or spilling. It is also multipurpose so you can use it for water, tea or coffee. The body might be black but the inside is completely stainless steel to keep the contents in it warm for long.

This is one of the long lasting gifts you can give to your favorite photographer friend. Why? Because it looks like an actual camera lens and they would be careful with it. Camera lenses are very expensive in the market and photographers treat them like pets.

The camera mug also fits in a cup car holder so it can be used outdoor.
Camera Shape Design Bag
Who needs a fanny pack when they can carry this fancy shoulder bag to exhibitions, parties and almost everywhere else? This camera-shaped bag comes with an adjustable strap for anyone to decide how they would like to wear or carry it.

If your favorite photographer makes videos or takes pictures at events then this is the perfect gift for them. It is made with faux leather so it is also comfortable to carry around like a normal bag when a photographer is not working. It goes perfectly well with either black and white dresses or sweaters.
Vintage Camera Pencil Holder
Most photographers are really unorganized because they are usually busy creating the next valuable content. A photographer, a gift recipient, if one of them then you should consider buying this wooden, vintage camera rack as a gift. It would let them organize their memory cards, pens and other accessories in it.

This wooden pencil holder would also make a good background prop for videos and pictures. You should also consider this gift fro a photographer if he/she make YouTube or Udemy video courses and tutorials.

It is completely crafted with brown wood and can be moved around easily as It is not heavy and doesn’t occupy too much space. It can be used to decorate offices and studios as well.
Desk Organizer
This is my second favorite desk organizer gift for photographers. It is an retro looking camera box with an opening for accessories that would fit perfectly in it. Gifts like this one are usually rare and can fit perfectly into any shelf or decor in a home or office. Your favorite photographer would love to have this on their work table.
Camera Shape Design Coin Bank
Photographers will love this hand painted vintage piggy bank that looks like a camera that was featured in the great Indiana Jones movie franchise. This coin bank can perfectly blends into bookshelves, drawers and on top of furniture without disrupting the look and feel of its environment.

If you want to thank a photographer for photographing an event, this camera shaped gift will be the right thing to give. You can make the gift even better by inserting a $ 100 bill into this camera bank.
Pen Organizer
Another item that everyone will love but photographers will really appreciate. Show your photographer that you support their hobby or profession by giving this retro camera desk organizer.
Camera Shape Phone Case
This phone case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap they can use to carry their phone around. It is ultimately a protective phone case designed to look like a camera and would keep everyone guessing if your favorite photographer is carrying an actual camera or a Samsung S4 zoom.

The protective case is very solid and prevents their device from cracking when it falls. It also keeps dusts away. So even if this is small gift, it will be a very thoughtful and useful gift for that photographer you want to surprise with a unique but useful thing.

The shoulder strap is detachable so they can remove it when they don't feel like hanging the phone around their shoulder like an actual camera. This is one of those quality gifts you can give your favorite photographer because they can be identified with it and they can take it with them anywhere they go.
Personalized Camera Resin Trophy
We want to feel acknowledged and appreciated in our line of work from time to time. If you’re looking to engrave the name of your favorite photographer on a gift they would appreciate then look no further.

This sculpted camera trophy allows you to engrave 3 lines of text on its plate during purchase. So you can engrave the name of the best photographer you know and something special beneath their name.

This is a timeless gift and everyone loves an award for what they do from time to time so I would totally recommend you get this for that special photographer in your life.
Photographer Camera Necklace
If you're looking to combing gifts or adorn an photographer with beautiful jewelries then you should combine this Silvertone pendant with camera earrings.. They would go together or separately perfectly on any dress. They are also very affordable.

This necklace would make a perfect gift for female adults and even teenagers who are into photography. It comes with a lengthy chain for those who would love to wear it around their neck. The color is black and silver so it would fit in any cloth your favorite photographer wears.

It is beautifully wrapped in a red purse that feels really great to behold when it is being unboxed.
Vintage Camera Shaped Die-Cut 36 Page Photo Album
This vintage camera might not get your attention while lying flat on a table but it sure would when you touch it. It is not a camera. It is a 36-page photo album that has pages for captions on the opposite part of each page.

This photo album would help every photographer collect memories as they go through their photography journey. You can also get two photo albums and fill one of them with favorite photos, that was taken by a photographer you love. Don’t forget to add notes, comments and memorable dates on the notes section opposite each photo.

This is a timeless gift as far as memories go in life.
Portable Camera Lens Shaped Thermos
We also had to add this thermos to our list. Although very similar to the coffee mug mentioned above, this camera lens shaped thermos can be better served if you're looking for a gift for photographers who are constantly on the move who can't do any photo sessions without their dose of coffee.
3D Camera Lamp
This 3D hologram device projects an actual Canon camera when turned on. It has a smooth surface that can rest on floors, tables or shelves. The display is 3 dimensional and it can project up to 7 different colors for your pleasure. It comes with an adapter and a USB cable.
14k Yellow Gold Camera Pendant
The most expensive camera shaped gift on this list and I intentionally saved it for last. This camera pendant is made of pure gold, you heard me right. This is the holy grail of all camera shaped gifts.

The 14k gold pendant can be ordered with a chain during checkout but you don’t really have to. I would recommend you order it for the most awesome photographer you know and tell them to keep it in their pocket as a reminder that you value them and the work they do. It should be like having a totem - a subtle reminder for when they are having a rough day.

Camera shape gifts from our list will not leave any photographer indifferent. This is exactly what we want, to keep our ideas above other ideas, ideas that will not cause that reaction we want to get when we give a gift to photographers.