Top 17 Witty Dark Humor Gifts: Unconventional Laughter

Dark humor gifts delve into the unconventional realm of laughter, catering to those with a penchant for the daringly witty and edgy. These gifts toe the line between irony and amusement, appealing to individuals with a taste for the unconventional in humor.

Dark humor can be a tricky subject to navigate, but for those who appreciate it, it can be a great source of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend with a dark sense of humor or just want to indulge in your own twisted side, there are plenty of great dark humor gifts available. From t-shirts with darkly humorous slogans to books that tackle taboo subjects with humor, here are some of the dark humor gifts to help you find the perfect one. We are sure that if you have such friends or loved ones, they would love you for the gift ideas for people with dark senses of humor. Read on to know more.

Our Recommended & Handpicked Dark Humor Gifts

  1. The Book of Bunny Suicides
    The first item we have would surely earn in dark humor gifts is some love and lots of laughs from your friend. The book is about, well as its title suggests already, bunny suicides. It’s wickedly entertaining and would be a perfect gift for someone who loves cartoon-style drawings with a twist on the dark side. The illustrations of fluffy and cute little bunnies are spot on, and the humor that it portrays to the readers is very entertaining, even if you’re not that fond of seeing rabbits killing themselves.
  2. Novelty Silicone Holder for Pens
    This next one of the dark humor gifts is for someone who wants to have a dark kick displayed on their desk at the office or in their room. The holder is composed of a red silicone material shaped to be a body lying on the ground. It has a small hole at its chest, where the pen or pencil is supposed to be stuck on; this way, it looks like you stabbed the person with a pen. It’s definitely unusual to place this at your table, but it’s also amusing to have around.
  3. Nightmare Journal Notebook
    Most of the time, people with dark humor have nightmares haunting their slumber. These are the perfect dark humor gift for them if they can’t stop talking about their scary dreams! The cover shows a red-bloodied hand on what seems like a window steamed with blood. The notebook also has 120 lined pages, which is enough for your friend to write down plots and ideas for their next nightmare-inspired horror novel.
  4. Miniature Thumb USB Flashdrive
    If you or your friend loves to surprise someone who always likes to borrow memory storage, this one is just the dark humor gifts! The flash drive stick is covered with a skin tone-colored silicone that’s shaped like a real-life thumb. It even looks like it has a real nail! Enjoy a good laugh and an occasional flying USB thumb when your friend pulls this up their pocket or bag to give to the other person.
  5. Wine Glass Goblet
    Is your friend a wine lover? If so, this wine glass makes an excellent gift idea for people with dark senses of humor! It’s great because the glass is made of premium and thick material, compared to your average wine cup. A plus factor is a quote printed on one side of the glass, saying Jesus Touched My Water. If your friend has an overall good sense of humor, this wine cup will cover everything off as the perfect dark humor gift in a social gathering dinner! Time to serve wine while saying, This is water, believe me! But it turned into wine because it’s touched by you to know who!
  6. Pig Line Butcher Shirt
    Imagine if all the tables have turned and pigs are the butchers, while humans are the ones whose stomachs are being cut open for their meat. That’s what this shirt perfectly depicts. It has that gory kick and that kind of disturbing image of two persons hanging upside down with the other one having a cut on the chest; its blood spilling down on a catch basin under. The print also has a pig standing on two legs while holding a knife. This shirt is the perfect wearable dark humor gift for your friend!
  7. Yoga Joes
    Whether your friend loves yoga or has something that ties them to the military profession, here’s one of the dark humor gifts for people with dark senses of humor. This set of plastic figurines includes several green soldiers in different yoga positions and is complete with bamboo mats. These toys are both for adults and kids who want to enjoy having a box of new toys that has a new fun and unique twist.
  8. Uranium Ore
    Do you have a friend that loves to collect rocks? If so, this uranium ore is the perfect dark humor gift for them to add to their collection. The item consists of a 5-gram sample of uranium ore enclosed in a small glass bottle with an aluminum cap. If you decide to give this to your friend, make sure that you remind them of safety measures in handling this because uranium is a dangerous element, which you shouldn’t be exposed to.
  9. Adult Ceramic Cup
    Are you wondering what’s the meaning behind the big, black letters, “UNT,” printed on the cup? For this, you might want to step back a little and squint. Focus on the cup’s handle and make out the words. That’s right; this cup just spelled the word “CUNT” right in front of your face. Give these dark humor gifts to your friend and find out if they get the line right away! If your friend catches on to it right away, good for them because they got a great sense of humor. If not, you guys would have fun defining what it means!
  10. Bad Parking Business Cards
    This pack of cards is perfect to use for drivers that park as if they own the road or something. Your friend would have fun sticking these cards on the jerk’s windshield wiper, driver’s window, and somewhere where they can easily see it. The box contains 50 cards that give you five copies of each unique joke included in the pack. The dark humor gifts card is made of high-quality and durable paper, perfect for serving car justice on a platter.
  11. Dark Coffee Cup
    Is your friend an extra-daring type who loves babbling grim things with a hint of humor? If so, this coffee mug is for them. This white cup has a print that says, “Coffee Makes Me Feel Less Murder,” and I think that some of us, if not all, can relate to this. If your friend wants to display the print of dark humor gifts no matter how they hold the cup, they can easily do so because the text is printed on either side. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, so your friend could use this funny mug for a long time.
  12. Gag Stocking Stuffers Squeeze Fidget
    This next item is perfect for that friend who always needs something to squeeze on, especially when they’re nervous or they have anxiety kicking in. This stress reliever is shaped and colored like a brain and has a pair of eyes, which pops out as you squeeze the toy. It’s made of durable plastic that can surpass tight grips, and the material makes this product easier to hold onto. This is also one of the great dark humor gifts to give if you have a friend with ADHD.
  13. Voodoo Doll Kit
    This makes an incredible gift if your friend is into voodoo. The product has a cardboard coffin-like package with “real” voodoo veve symbols on it. The doll is made of 100% cotton muslin, easily held by a hand, with 7-inch tall. The kit also includes six spell cards that your friend might find interesting to have as dark humor gifts.
  14. Human Organ Lunch Tote
    If your friend loves to carry a lunch tote around, this bag would definitely be a game-changer. This insulated lunch bag has a big, bold, and red text on the front that says, “HUMAN ORGAN FOR TRANSPLANT.” It also has a tag attached to its handle that says, “E.M.T.” and “Emergency Meal Transport.” The design makes such a hilarious statement, and your friend would enjoy the satisfaction of carrying a punch line lunch tote. This is also one bonus dark humor gift if your friend happens to work at a hospital.
  15. The Beauty of Horror Coloring Book
    Your friend is probably tired of coloring books that only show cheery and beautiful sceneries, why not give this book as one of the dark humor gifts for a change? The book features artistic illustrations that are similar to the art style of The Secret Garden. Your friend would have fun coloring different dark themes on every page, including the graveyard, the zombie apocalypse, and grim torture chambers.
  16. Kitchen Knife Set
    This knife set would be a great addition to your friend’s kitchen counter. The knife set is composed of five knives with different blades. But the catch in this set is the knife holder; it’s like the pen holder we’ve mentioned earlier. The holder is a red figure of a person, and you’ll place the knives on their different parts, making it look like multiple knives have stabbed the man. Your friend would have fun having these dark humor gifts around!
  17. Feisty Pets
    You’ve probably seen this around the internet, and yes, we’re telling you that this is also an excellent gift idea to consider. The resting face of this furry stuffed animal is so endearing and adorable; however, if you squeezed it, you’d see its feisty side that’s complete with perched brows and sharp teeth. These dark humor gifts are a great decoration, so your friend can prank relatives and kids when they come over.

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Embracing the Edge of Wit: Dark Humor Gifts

In embracing the edge of wit, these dark humor gifts redefine laughter. For those who appreciate the daringly humorous, these gifts stand as unconventional tokens of wit, weaving laughter into the fabric of the unexpected and delighting those with an edgy sense of humor.

Dark humor is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate it, it can be a great source of entertainment and a way to find humor in taboo or uncomfortable subjects. These dark humor gifts ideas are perfect for anyone with a dark sense of humor, and they range from subtle to outright offensive. Remember, when it comes to dark humor, it’s important to know your audience and to approach the subject with sensitivity. So, go ahead and surprise your loved one (or yourself) with a dark humor gift that will leave them in stitches, but make sure to do so with care and consideration.

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