Top 15 English Major Graduation Gifts: Unique Ideas

As the journey of academia culminates in a milestone, honoring an English major’s accomplishments with a thoughtful gift is a beautiful gesture. Delve into our selection of unique and meaningful graduation gifts tailored for these literary minds.

Graduating with an English major is a significant accomplishment that deserves a thoughtful and meaningful gift. If you’re unsure what to get for the English major in your life, our list of the amazing English major graduation gifts is sure to inspire you with unique and thoughtful present ideas.

Check out our list of English Major Graduation Gifts below to find the perfect gift for the grammar guru in your life. From wearable books to book-themed mugs, this list has everything you’ll need to find the perfect gift for your English graduation!

Graduation Gifts For English Majors

Our Recommended & Outstanding English Major Graduation Gifts

  1. Shakespearean Insult Poster
    For the English student that specialized in Shakespearean literature. We all know one. We all love one. We all roll our eyes at their constant stream of Shakespeare trivia they seem to pull from the depths of their brains at the strangest of moments as English Major Graduation Gifts. This poster will give them a new litany of Shakespearean quotes to throw around at fancy parties. Or during an intense literary debate over Hamlet versus Macbeth. Who was a more challenging character?
  2. How about this excellent grammatically correct(ed) shirt
    For all those grammar-obsessed English grads out there. This shirt serves as a warning sign to all those unfamiliar with their ways. This shirt, one of the English Major Graduation Gifts, tells you all you need to know about where your mind is at while they’re reading over your texts and emails. There are two types of English majors: the type that constantly corrects your grammar and the type that still isn’t sure how to use a semi-colon. It’s a blessing… and a curse.
  3. What graduate can’t use a drink?
    Tequila Mockingbird is a fantastic, literary-inspired cocktail recipe book for that English major that’s always looking for ways to incorporate literature into their world. Perfect for any fancy writers’ mixers they may dream of hosting in the future. These English Major Graduation Gifts are sure to knock the socks off of any liquor-loving graduate you know (which is probably most of them). This recipe book is full of such fun cocktails as Frankenstein and Cherry Poppins. There’s even a follow-up book called Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita.
  4. Is your English grad an amateur librarian?
    If you know an English major, you know that their library likely rivals that of Thomas Jefferson. Please give them the gift of assurance with this Personal Library Kit. This fun present allows them peace of mind as they loan out their favorite classics and guilty pleasures to friends who might not be good at returning them. With the bookplates and date stamps, they’re sure to keep a perfect record of where their beloved books when and who has them. The English Major Graduation Gifts like this can’t be missed.
  5. For the witchy English grad in your life
    Is your grad obsessed with Macbeth? Maybe you have a Potterhead on your hands. If your English grad fancies themselves a modern-day Delphi, gift them these Literary Witches Oracle cards. Seventy beautifully illustrated Oracle Cards featuring “female icons and otherworldly symbols.” These Oracle cards would be the perfect companion or standalone gift for the English major in your life. You’ll be sure to win English Major Graduation Gifts this year, I guarantee it, and so do the cards.
  6. For the traveling grad in your life
    What English grad doesn’t have an international, globe-trotting, literary-inspired, backpacking trip planned for their post-grad plans? This book is the perfect English Major Graduation Gifts for their travels, showing them literary sites worldwide. There are dwelling places of famous authors and sites that inspired those famous authors. From the Notre Dame to Shakespeare’s Globe and from Monroeville, the inspiration for the town of To Kills a Mockingbird to Chatsworth House, the inspiration for Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice, this book is sure to cover any literary sites or inspirations that might interest your grad.
  7. For the Jane Austen die hard in your life
    These “Do Not Disturb” socks are perfect for your grad that can’t stop reading. A clear message to anyone that wants to speak to them while their noses are stuck in a book (truly, a cardinal sin). These English Major Graduation Gifts socks will stop would-be interrupters in their tracks all while keeping your grad’s feet warm and toasty. Perfect for that post-grad slump when all you can think of doing is reading, drinking coffee, and applying to every English-related job you can find.
  8. A simple gift for your English grad that never stops reading
    Who doesn’t love pins?! These are the perfect present for any fashion-forward English grad that can’t get enough of the pin-trend. Cute, small, book-themed enamel pins will look fantastic on a book bag, a book jacket, or even a jacket. Buy these English Major Graduation Gifts for the book lover in your life that wants to show the whole world just how much they love to read.
  9. For the fashionable grad in your life
    Is your English grad a poet? Do they jot down lines of prose on random sheets of paper? Give them this Magnetic Poetry Kit so they can compose their poems on their very own fridge. Gone are the days of random sheets fluttering around the house! Editing has never been easier! These English Major Graduation Gifts can leave a poem up for days, change a single word, and walk away until the muse strikes again! Let them unleash their creative spirit on the most popular (and most visited) kitchen appliance around.
  10. For the poets in your life
    This poster of Women in Books is the perfect present for that English grad that’s always discussing the lack of representation in literature, for the English grad that minored in Women’s Studies, or just for any female English grad in your life. This poster features female role models throughout literature from “ages 13 and up”. This is the perfect piece for their new office, their living room, or their library. Give this English Major Graduation Gifts to the English grad in your life that loves feminism almost as much as books
  11. For the feminist English grad
    Does your English grad drop puns incessantly? Do they revel in the groans and sighs of their peers as they let loose a litany of puns? Do they find themselves struggling to defend the great pun? If your grad enjoys torturing their friends and family, this book is the perfect English Major Graduation Gifts for them. The Pun Also Rises is a book that explains the importance of puns, “an authoritative yet playful exploration of puns,” this book will help your grad to make their case to everyone and anyone that “puns aren’t that bad!
  12. For that punny English grad
    For that grad with book-separation anxiety, this scarf is the perfect present for them. This infinity scarf is adorned with a library of books. The perfect addition to any librarian or English major’s outfit, this scar will ensure that your English grad never truly has to say goodbye to their books. What English Major Graduation Gifts could be better?
  13. For the English grad that can’t part with their books
    Is your English grad a struggling writer? Are they constantly searching for publishing companies with open submissions? Do they drive everyone around them crazy with their never-ending desire to finish their masterpiece? Then this is the book for them. Writer’s Market 2020: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published says it all in the title. This book will help your struggling writer find the places to get published and discover the ways to get published. Buy this English Major Graduation Gifts for your grad and give a gift that never stops. And later, when they’re rich and famous, you can claim that you got them there!
  14. The perfect gift for the struggling writer
    What English grad doesn’t love tea? It seems to go with the territory. Maybe it’s because of the emphasis on English? Either way, tea seems to be the preferred beverage for the English grads of the world. This Novel Tea is the perfect English Major Graduation Gift for them. Each tea bag has a literary quote on the tab, making it the perfect way for an English grad to start their morning. Who doesn’t love to read the first thing? Now they can read and hydrate at the same time!
  15. For the tea-loving English grad
    What English grad doesn’t love tea? It seems to go with the territory. Maybe it’s because of the emphasis on English? Either way, tea seems to be the preferred beverage for the English grads of the world. This Novel Tea is the perfect gift for them. Each teabag has a literary quote on the tab, making it the perfect way for an English grad to start their morning. Who doesn’t love to read the first thing? Now they can read and hydrate at the same time with these English Major Graduation Gifts!

Words of Appreciation: English Major Graduation Gifts

In conclusion, the graduation of an English major marks the culmination of dedication and passion for language and literature. Choose from our curated collection to find the perfect token of appreciation that resonates with their love for words and storytelling. Celebrate their achievements with a gift that speaks volumes!

From classic literature collections to stylish bookends, our list of English major graduation gifts has something for every type of literary lover. Whether it’s for a graduation, birthday, or just to show your appreciation, our curated selection of gifts is sure to bring joy and inspiration to any English major. Shop now and find the perfect present for the bookworm in your life!

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