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17 First Time Uncle Gifts That They Will Cherish Forever

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Though men may find it difficult to express it, they carry an ocean of emotions in their hearts.  First time uncle gifts are a good way to recognize the bond between uncle and niece/nephew.  Give the new uncle something to flaunt around as well.  Explore our options and choose something.

Get amazing first-time uncle gifts for that friend of yours who has just become an uncle. Share in his joy and celebrate. Welcome, brand new life with him.

Cool Funny and Unique First Time Uncle Gifts

Becoming an uncle for the first time turns out to be the most joyous moment of one’s life. From the adorable laughter of the little one to spoiling the child to the core, being an uncle is a privilege that opens a new experience for many. If you, too, know someone who’s going to be an uncle for the very first time, check out these amazing First Time Uncle Gifts!

Our Recommended & Handpicked First Time Uncle Gifts

    1. Convertible Single To Double Stroller
      A new uncle who wants nothing more than to keep his nephew happy is going to love this gift. This stroller comes with a parent organizer and tote attached. There is also plenty of storage in the stroller as well, so you can carry your house along with the baby.
    2. Baby Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer
      This modern sterilizer and dryer are an absolute essential if you want to keep the new guest in your house safe from all the dreaded viruses around the globe. It can sterilizer up to 20 bottles. It reaches temperatures up to 180 C and also is low on noise.


    3. Video Baby Monitor
      This baby monitor is a great gift for a first-time uncle who doesn’t want to spend a minute away from his new bundle of joy. It can track the baby’s breathing, temperature, and rollover from anywhere. It comes with 2-way audio, night vision, and movement and temperature sensors.


    4. Duplex Wireless Headset
      A new baby comes with a lot of noise and disturbance. These hands-free duplex wireless headsets will come in handy for the new uncle to have undisturbed official conversations when the baby is not in a good mood. It is also a way to cut out the crying and fussing.
    5. Leveled Up To Uncle Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt
      Don’t think for a second that all uncles are boring. Some uncles like to play video games, and if they’re a bit too good, they tend to brag about it. This T-Shirt will be perfect for a gamer who is about to find out that they will be an uncle through this gift for uncles. It’s a thoughtful gift indeed for an extraordinary occasion, pregnancy announcement, and you will get all the credit for coming up with such a cool way of telling him the surprise.
    6. Story Book For Uncle & Niece
      This is a wonderful book about an uncle and his niece and nephew. The book tells a magical story about everything an uncle will do for his nieces and nephews. It’s a book that shows how cool uncles are and that it’s a lot of fun hanging out with them. If you have someone who you think is super cool and just became an uncle for the first time, then this is just the first time uncle gifts them.
    7. FUNCLE Coffee Mug
      This mug says a few facts about uncles. It’s a cool way of telling that they are the best. It’s a mug that will make sure the word “Funcle” will stick to them, and everyone will start using it pretty soon. Don’t hesitate with this mug, or someone else might beat you to it. As a bonus, everyone tends to think when they see the mug that the uncle is such a cool and interesting guy.
    8. Uncle Roles T-Shirt
      This is a fun gag gift for a great first-time uncle who has an amazing sense of humor. It’s a pretty normal T-Shirt until you reach the last sentence, “the bad influence.” Most uncles are proud of that and think that a little fun in the kids’ lives is not bad. If you know an uncle or uncle who fits this description then, once again, you have found the ideal first-time uncle gifts idea for that person.
    9. Mug Gift for Uncle From Niece Nephew
      Yep, it’s another mug, but don’t worry, it’s still a pretty cool present. People love mugs that say something related to them. And this mug is special for uncles who also have a great sense of humor. Just read what it says, and you will get it. This could be a great first-time uncle gift for your brother who just became an uncle to tease them a bit.
    10. Drive Safe Keychain For Uncles
      Let’s put aside all of the funny tease gifts for new uncles and check out this heartwarming one for a change. Maybe you know an uncle who is new to the uncle scene and constantly on the road because their job requires them to do so, or they are very reckless drivers. Hey, it happens! If that’s the case, then you might want to get them a little something to tell them to be more careful so they can always be there for the little guy who they can’t wait to call their uncle for the very first time. This keychain is perfect for that job.
    11. World’s Best Uncle T-Shirt
      You have to admit that this is a pretty cool way to announce to your brother that they are about to become a new uncle. The T-Shirt comes with a little twist which you can see for yourself. It’s a fun way of handing out the news and makes a pretty great surprise. Imagine your brother's face when you hand out this cool and exciting gift.
    12. Sweet Picture Frame And Letter
      This one is too sweet to pass up, and it’s bringing tears to a new uncle who is experiencing a whole new chapter in their life. It’s a nice and elegant picture frame with an exceptional and lovely note that comes with it. With these perfect First Time Uncle Gifts, the note says very heartwarming words that would melt anyone’s heart away. Plus, there is another section where they can place a beautiful picture of their baby niece or nephew.
    13. Uncle Brag T-Shirt
      How about this great gift for an upcoming uncle who you think will do an amazing job. Maybe for a very dear friend who just became one or your brother. This T-Shirt says and shows what an awesome uncle looks like. It’s a great thing to brag about, and they should be proud to wear this and even prouder to get it as the perfect First Time Uncle Gifts from someone as special as you. He probably won’t stop wearing this T-Shirt, which is so not bad at all.
    14. Bottle Opener
      Here’s pretty awesome stuff for an uncle who enjoys the occasional beer. The eye-catching part of this keychain bottle opener isn’t the keychain or the opener part. It’s the message that is written on it. It’s an extraordinary First Time Uncle Gift that someone can receive from their brother. These First Time Uncle Gifts are meant for a situation such as this one, and it’s guaranteed to be cherished forever.
    15. Uncle Guide Book
      This thoughtful gift is a guide filled with 190 fun and interesting activity suggestions one would have with their niece or nephew. It’s specially made for uncles to wish to improve their performance by making the kids happy, and because it’s their first time being an uncle, this book is exactly what they need. Maybe you just became a parent, and you have a brother who has no idea what to do with kids. Well, this is the perfect First Time Uncle Gift to give to your brother to announce a new addition to the family. So, this is a must-have First Time Uncle Gifts.
    16. Love Between An Uncle And Niece Picture Frame
      If you just had a baby girl and you have a brother who you know will love her as much as you, then you might want to show appreciation for all the support they are to you by making a small and simple gesture for them such as this. This beautiful picture frame highlights the undying love between an uncle and their niece with a beautiful message written on the frame itself, the perfect First Time Uncle Gifts.
    17. Keychain For New Uncle
      Another cool keychain for announcing to your brother that they are going to be an uncle. You could get this one if your brother happens to have a talent for the guitar. It would feel so much more special and shows that you care for their talents. But, they probably won’t even notice that these First Time Uncle Gifts are a guitar pick keychain after they hear the great news and explode from happiness.

Wrapping Up

Our exhaustive list of first-time uncle gifts must have left you with quite a few ideas of your own now.  We spend a good amount of time researching for the most suitable and best options.  We have ideas that will suit different budgets.  Take a look and see for yourself.

Now that you are aware of first-time uncle gifts, here is a list of super cute tooth-shaped gifts.

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