Get Unique Friend Moving Away Gifts To Bid Farewell!

Gifts for FriendsGet Unique Friend Moving Away Gifts To Bid Farewell!
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Whether it’s for school, a career change, or maybe you’re just embarking on your next life adventure. There’s nothing pleasant about moving away – for both the person moving and those being left behind. Adjusting to not seeing your close friend whenever you want can be hard, but luckily we’ve compiled a list of the 17 outstanding friends moving away gift ideas to make the distance between you feel a little less daunting.

Our Amazing Picks Friend Moving Away Gift Ideas

  1. Homesick Scented Candle
    Is your close friend feeling homesick? Why not give them a scented candle infused with aromas from their home state? Available for all fifty states, no matter where in the world your friend has moved to, these friend moving away gift is guaranteed to make them feel a little closer to home.
  2. Work Will Suck Without You Mug For Leaving Co-worker
    Some of the greatest friendships can begin at work, and it can feel like a punch in the gut when your close work friend decides to move on to greener pastures. The ‘Work Will Suck Without You’ mug is the perfect close friend moving away gift to remind them just how much you’ll miss them, and just how much they made work a more tolerable place to be.
  3. Maps International Scratch - The-World Travel Map
    We all have that friend that never stays in the same place for very long; the one that wants to spend their life seeing as much of the world as possible. Help them keep track of the places they’ve been with this stylish gold scratch-print map. Scratch off the locations they’ve visited to reveal the colorful map underneath, for the ultimate conversation starter when they do (eventually) return home, the perfect friend moving away gift!
  4. Friends Are Like Stars Quote Decorative Cushion
    When you move away from home, it’s natural to seek a bit of extra comfort. So what better friend moving away gift could you give a friend than a cushion that they can hug whenever they’re feeling a little bit homesick? Perfect for a sofa, armchair, or bed, this stylish cushion will provide the comfort that your friend needs, while the quote printed on it serves as a reminder of your friendship.
  5. Love & Friendship Jar - A Month Of Thoughtful Quotations
    The first few weeks are usually the hardest when moving away. Give your friend something to smile about with the ‘Love & Friendship Jar.’ Packed with one month’s supply of thoughtful and touching quotes (take one per day), this friend moving away gift will act as a sure reminder that their friendship matters and is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Why not also add in a couple of your own handwritten notes to give it an extra special personal touch?
  6. Why You’re My Bestie - Fill-In-The-Blank Journal
    If your friend is moving away, you’re likely looking for a friend moving away gift that’s a bit more on the personal side. Look no further than the “Why You’re My Bestie” journal. Each page is filled with fill-in-the-blank lines to describe what it is that makes your friendship so special. Make it as sweet, thoughtful, or silly as you like. This gift is treasured forever and will smile on its face from the first page to the last.
  7. Bad Ass Morse Code Bracelet
    Regular charm bracelets were so last year, aren’t they? Give your friend something a little different with this ‘Bad Ass’ Morse code bracelet. This humorous charm bracelet for a close friend moving away gift will serve as a constant reminder that your friendship is on a whole other level and is guaranteed to bring a smile every time they look at it.
  8. We Will Be Friends Until We’re Old Vintage-Style Sign
    There are some friendships which you know will withstand the test of time. Let your close friend know that they’re stuck with you forever (whether they like it or not!) with this beautifully decorated close friend moving away gift ideas. In a vintage-style, this hanging decor will look good in any home, and the quote ‘We will be friends until we’re old and senile, then we will be new friends, is sure to bring a smile every time they see it, even if it’s been a while since they’ve seen you.
  9. You’re The Monica To My Rachel Friends-Themed Mug
    Ideal for that one friend who is slightly too obsessed with the television sitcom ‘Friends, this high-quality china novelty mug will have them drinking their tea, coffee or hot chocolate in style, whilst also serving as the perfect way of telling them “I’ll be there for you” when the rain starts to pour.
  10. Memories Personalized Photo Album
    They say that a picture tells a thousand words. So what better gift could you possibly give your friend than this beautifully designed photo album? With space for up to 50 photographs of your favorite memories together, these Moving Away Gifts for Your Friend is more than just your regular photo album. These friend moving away gift area gifts of precious memories can be cherished and remembered for years to come.
  11. B*tch Better Not Forget Me! (I Will Hunt You Down) Notepad/Journal
    When your friend moves away, it’s natural to feel a bit of worry that the friendship might start to fade. Put those worries to bed once and for all with this stylish notepad! These close friend moving away gift ideas are perfect for the friend that’s always writing things down; they’re bound to think of you and smile every time they write something in it; a sure-fire way to ensure that you’re not forgotten.
  12. Long-Distance Map
    Perfect for the friend who’s moving to another state, personalized this friend moving away gift with your home state and that of your friend. Each will be marked with a heart and then joined by a dotted line to show that there is always a connection between you no matter how many miles apart you may be.
  13. CJ&M Friend Keychain
    I don’t know anybody who doesn’t own a set of keys, do you? Give your friend something to remember you by AND liven up their keychain with this ‘Close Friend Keychain.’ Adorned with the phrase ‘True friendship knows no distance,’ this stainless-steel keychain will as a reminder of your friendship every time they leave the house and is the perfect friend moving away gift!
  14. Personalised Photo Socks
    Your friend is moving away, but you don’t want to get them anything too serious? Look no further. Upload a picture of your face and let Aolun do the rest, creating a friend moving away gift to keep you warm on the outside and the inside. Guaranteed to get a laugh out of anyone - because who wouldn’t want a pair of socks with their friend’s face plastered all over them?
  15. Digital Photo Frame
    Do you and your bestie have enough photo albums to fill a library, but nowhere to store them? Your troubles are a thing of the past with this stylish and affordable Digital Photo Frame. Compatible with SD cards up to 32GB, allowing you to have up to 4,000 photos and videos of you and your friend on display without you ever having to lift a finger. No more need for scrolling through endless social media albums!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, our list of gifts for a friend/relative/co-worker who is moving away. No matter the reason for their move, we’re sure that this list contains the perfect gift to make that special someone feel a little bit closer to home, wherever they happen to be in the world. Now check out these gifts for karaoke lovers here.

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