Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers in 2021

When your wedding day is as perfect as you ever imagined, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes people who have made this possible. Of course, you’d like to thank them for gifts for wedding helpers, but since they aren’t close friends or relatives, it’s hard to know what they would want. Here are some fail-safe Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers at your wedding, from florist to caterers to officiates.

Gifts for Wedding Helpers

Best Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers

Picture Frame
When words fail to express your gratitude, sometimes a picture can. Framed pictures detailing your wedding day act as great memorabilia for those who helped make your day special. For example, if it’s your florist, professional photographs of their centerpieces or arrangements can serve two purposes--as a thank you for their help, and as more material for their portfolio. This frame comes in multiple sizes, as well as colors, to suit your needs for Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers.

Useful gifts make the best gifts, and everyone needs stationary! Whether for quick notes, thank you messages, or lists, having a notepad on hand is essential. Select the Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers that offer utmost convenience with a customizable stationery set. These Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers is especially great for those who run a business, such as caterers or florists. This particular set is completely personalizable, with color, size, envelope, and magnet options. Anyone is bound to feel special with a stationery set including their name or business name on each hand-selected page.

Wedding Personalized Candle
Candles. The most well-renowned Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers there is. Teachers, friends, and parents all love them--why wouldn’t your helpers? With this particular candle, you can add your flair. Not only is this candle soy-based and hand-poured, but it is entirely customizable. On the label, you can pick your image to use based on the location of your choice; include your wedding date, location, and your names; choose the scent of your preference, and you even pick the gift-wrapping!

Latitude Longitude Wood Sign
Often, the location of the wedding has special meaning to the bride and groom and is the first thing guests and helpers remember about the day. Why not give a gift that embraces this? A latitude-longitude sign is a fashionable, decorative way to show your thanks for your big day. This particular design provides the option to write a personalized message on the back, as well as the coordinates and year on the front. This is one Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers your recipients are sure to love!

Personalized YETI Travel Mug
Let’s face it--everyone has a collection of mugs in their cabinet they’ve received as gifts over the years. Mugs just aren’t practical anymore; people are always on the move, and they need something that can move with them. Wedding planners, caterers, florists, and other helpers are always on the go. What better way to thank them than a YETI tumbler as the best Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers? This 20oz tumbler comes in eight different colors, and can be inscribed in seventy different ways! Choose a design and/or phrase that best fits the recipient, pick your colors, and commence gift-giving!

Thank You Planter
For the quirky couple with a sense of humor, there’s the Desk Accessory Plant Kit! Attractive, funny, and even useful (options include herbs such as thyme and basil), this planter is certain to be a hit. Phrases engraved on the planter include, Your skills are unforgettable, and Thank you for helping me bloom! The plant kit is a unique Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers to show your appreciation for those who helped on your big day!

A Little Reminder Bracelet
To the lovely ladies who have helped make your day special, a great Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers is something they can wear. These pretty and affordable bracelets come in twenty four different styles. Each bracelet is accompanied by a small saying, such as “This silver bow I give to you to help me say a little thank you,” and a matching charm. Find the bracelet to match your helpers, and they will be reminded of you every day!

Delish Sweets
Homemade gifts can speak volumes, and what better way to show your appreciation than through a hand-crafted sweet treat? This book consists of from-scratch recipes for brownies, cookies, and cupcakes in fun and unique flavors. Choose an easy-to-follow recipe that is delicious, creative, and matches your wedding style or season. Pop a few treats in an adorable “thank you” baggie, tie it off with a ribbon, and you have a lovely, enjoyable gift!

Duffel Bag
A practical gift that will be appreciated, a duffel bag is a fit for everyone. This MOSISO bag is made for everyday use and weekend getaways. It comes in several colors and patterns, including chevron and floral. With compartments for shoes, keys, headphones, and gear, it is the ultimate inconvenience. Not to mention, it has a water-resistant bottom and is highly durable. What a Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers!

Gift Card Holders
If all else fails, there is the tried and true gift card method. Here is a 30 piece set of gift card holders, in the shape of flowers. A gift card to the recipient’s favorite store or coffee shop, or even a basic gift card from Amazon or Visa, is a fool-proof method of showing your thanks. Don’t just hand them a card, though. Purchase a bouquet of flowers and place the cardholder in the center, or add the cardholder to a sweet treat (maybe even those homemade goodies mentioned earlier!). If you’re feeling extra adventurous, make a bouquet of thank-you notes with the noteholders as the great Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers, as well!

Organizer & Productivity Journal
Undated planners are incredibly useful. They leave it the designing and dates up to the owner, and are able to be started at any time in the year. Unlike ready-made planners, this Legend Planner, the best Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers, provides the owner with the chance to reflect their personality as they fill it out. The Legend Planner comes in seven different shades, includes stickers, and has a convenient inside pocket for those extra papers. Inside, you will find designated areas for weekly and monthly plans, goals, routine trackers, to-do lists, and weekly reflections.

Personalized Phone Case
Let’s face it--it’s 2020. Everyone has a cell phone. Why not turn that into the Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers? For those who have gone to the moon and stars to help you on your big day, there’s this personalized phone case. Decorated with stars around a gorgeous, bright moon, the phone case fits several different types of iPhone (the most common phone around!). You can include a phrase, name, or “thank you” from your wedding across the moon for added flair. Your wedding was out of this world--show it!

Himalayan Salt
Planning, organizing, and working through a wedding is an incredibly stressful ordeal. Your helpers have done a great job making sure everything was perfect. Show them a little love by giving them a spa day kit as Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers! This Himalayan Scrub is an ideal starting point. A pure and natural scrub, the Himalayan Scrub is of high quality. It detoxifies the skin, exfoliates, and smells amazing. Add on a loofa, some fuzzy socks or slippers, and a fluffy towel to finish off a relaxation basket.

Waist Bag
Being a helper at a wedding is a busy job. The helpers have so much to do, they need not worry about where their phone, keys, pen, and other necessities are. That is where a fanny pack will come in handy! This particular fanny pack has pockets specifically for a wallet, cell phone, and headphones. There are six separate pockets for all your needs, and it comes with anti-theft protection. Not only is this fanny pack unisex in design, these Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers are waterproof and comes in multiple colors. With your items at the ready and on your person, there is time left to worry about the big stuff!

Outdoor Picnic Blanket
Encourage your helpers to take some time for themselves, go on a trip, or perhaps go on a picnic with a loved one. After the wedding, your helpers are sure to be stressed and in need of some downtime. A picnic with good food, good company, and good drinks (ahem, wine) is just what they need! Give them a start with this adorable picnic blanket as best Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers. Neatly foldable and in stylish colors, this picnic blanket is convenient enough to take anywhere and big enough for several people! Take it a step further with a bottle of wine, a basket, and some fun long-stemmed glasses, and you’re helpers are on their way to a lovely afternoon.

LED Changeable Signs with 100 Letters & Numbers
Finally, for the creative and funky of your helpers, there is a way you can help them up the ante on their office space, home, or room. This cinema lightbox uses LED lights to shine bright on a message of your choice. Whether a quote, a song lyric, or a greeting, these Gift ideas for Wedding Helpers is sure to please. No matter where the sign is placed, it’s bound to draw attention.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of the gift ideas for wedding helpers, here are the best gifts that say i believe in you.

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