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Housewarming Gifts from Parents for Son

Every parent must be proud of their son when he becomes the owner of the first apartment or house. It is not an easy task for young people to have their own roof over their head.

When your son becomes the owner of his first house it’s time for housewarming gifts. From useful to interesting, through the obligatory things that every home must have, our list of the best housewarming gifts for your son has covered it all.

Housewarming gifts for son and daughter in law

Funny Dirty Language Coasters
Most of us have learned the price of not using coasters. Those rings stain countless expensive pieces of furniture. The residue caked on and built up. The effect then detracts from the look of the rooms they are in. Everything appearing a lot more worn, old and used as a result.

However, there is no point in just getting him coasters. They are useless unless you know he will use them.
Enter the novelty coaster.

These are a joke. He can toss them to a friend lightheartedly as an excuse to tell them to use them. Now he might actually avoid the pitfalls so many of us fall victim to and preserve that fresh look to his furniture. And the fresh look to his home.
Decanter Globe
This decanter looks really good and comes with matching glasses.

The set is an eye catching piece that will have people asking, “Where did you get it?”. And with this housewarming gift he’ll be reminded of you.

A simple gift but one that keeps on giving when the use of it brings thoughts of home.
Grill Set
One of the essentials. If you’ve got the space for outdoor cooking you’re going to dabble. With that comes the need for proper utensils fit for the purpose. Plus a thermometer so you know they are doing it safely.

The grill set enables them to safely, easily and perfectly cook a host of meats and vegetables in the environment.
Survival Guide
Now we’ve had a few fun ideas, but let's not pretend that homes don’t come with their own risks. Navigating those waters can be precarious.

So why not get them the ‘first time homeowners survival guide’. Now they have curated advice specific to this difficult adjustment period. One that could be so expensive if done wrong. It truly is better safe than sorry.
Cocktail Mixing Set
After all the woes, stresses and difficulties of running a home they may need a drink. So why not enable them to make something a little fancy.

The cocktail is truly a treat when made right and to make it right at home, and avoid those lofty bar prices, you need the right equipment.

Tutorials are available online and so it’s never too hard to learn a little.
Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist
For those of us unsure what to make we have a recipe book for cocktails. These have a literary twist. So your son can mix drinks, and discuss literature with his guests. Or more likely they’ll laugh at the silly names that are easy to remember. Then they will know their favorites and will learn how to make those.

A fun and light hearted addition to the home.
French Press Coffee Maker
Then we get to the morning after. Or any morning really. What is a kitchen if not just a place to occasionally eat and store coffee in.

The french press allows home brewing of beans for gourmet cups without the expense. Sometimes the dry roasted and instant flavors are just not cutting it. When that is the case, you really must enquire into the equipment to do it right.
Coffee Grinder
Of course you can’t brew beans straight. They need to be ground. Worse is that they need to be ground differently for different beans. Most grinders can’t accommodate you in this. However, we’ve found one that can. 17 different settings for the coarseness of the grind.

This means you’ll be able to make a whole smorgasboard of coffees.
Death Wish Coffee
For when life gets just a little too busy. Death wish coffee is highly highly caffeinated.

You may think that is bad, but at least your son won’t resort to sugary energy drinks, caffeine tablets or excess coffee dehydrating himself with its diuretic properties. No, if he needs caffeine he can simply get it.
Wood Organizer Station
You really only get one chance to start off right. Utilizing an organization station in your home to track where your keys and wallet are is great time saver and stress avoider.

No longer will your son have to run around like a headless chicken unaware of where his important day to day items are. This is that kind of gift that really adds a lot to their day to day life. Small bursts of relief from stress they never had to feel.
A Weighing Scales
Truly one of the most useful additions to any kitchen. Why dabble with 50 different measurement cups and online conversions of ‘cups to grams; or ‘pounds to kilogram per afternoons’?

Don’t. Instead of all of that simple measure it. Get it exact and get it right.

Rarely is the easy thing also the better thing, but this is one case where it most certainly is.
KitchenAid Mixer
No one ever thinks of getting men appliances like this as housewarming gift. It is almost like we aren’t expected to ever cook or bake much of anything.

However, many men are bakers and butchers and many other professions in the food world. Moreso, many men are also perfectly willing amateurs when they possess the tools to try.

So give your son gift of fun baking adventures or of fresh pasta and warm bread in his new home.
Instant Kitchen Thermometer
However, with all these adventures in the kitchen you want your son to have safety equipment. This is where the probe comes in handy. Dodge the risk of burning or undercooking. Let him stay safe with an easy to use temperature probe..

Your son has to learn to cook, but let's not let him get sick while doing it.
The Pressure Cooker
This pressure cooker lets you do slow cooking, steaming, and even yogurt. Its a real multi purpose all in one type deal.

Now you’ve got the option of reliable, easy and delicious cooking. So if your son isn’t the most culinary inclined, but you still want him to be able to have a good healthy homemade meal then this is the gift for him.
Air Purifier
Now this simply cleans the air. We all know homes can be stressful and life can be busy. So many first timers neglect things like ventilation, dust or humidity. This leads to stuffy homes.

Well, rest assured knowing your son’s air will be fresh and clean. This removes pollen, allergens, dust and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns using a carbon filter.

Not just one filter, but three. It further washes the air with a standard filter and a true HEPA filter.
It does so much more though. It monitors the air quality, releases aromas and has night functions for sleeping. This is a dream solution to a classic problem that gets better the more you read.
10 Tool Dewalt Combo Set
Now, we have a classic gift. Tools are the tried and true gift. We all know sooner or later we will need one of these. The trouble is impromptu purchases may mean expense or less reliable brands or dangerous and imperfect tools for the job.

Don’t let your son get ripped off buying unsafe or prone to failure hardware. This housewarming gift is the peace of mind that should a problem arise he’ll be using the right tools by a good brand and without gross expense.
168 Piece Mixed Tool Toolbox
Less power tools and more tool tools. This is once again the gift of knowing they’ll need this stuff and knowing they have a good brand and the right equipment. No more using a knife as a screwdriver or a claw hammer as everything.
A Multimeter
I don’t think the importance of safety around live circuits needs to be stated. A mistake can and will stop your heart. So when you know your family is going to be around DIY and live wires why not give them the gift of knowing what is and isn’t currently holding charge.
Medical Kit
Should the worst happen you and they will be happy to have had an emergency medical kit. Avoid things like blood loss, infection, shock and more with adequate short term care before seeking professional treatment.
A Bathrobe
After all is said and done they deserve a comforting and soft robe. An elegant house garment. This robe is hooded, ankle length and very soft.
Your son will be able to really kick and feel like the king of his own castle in this.
Of course they will also need comfy house slippers to wear too. These memory foam ones will truly make a house feel like a home. These are also non slip, machine washable and comfortable to wear meaning they will actually get used unlike cheaper options.