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17 Gift Ideas For Ambulance Drivers (EMTs)

The best emergency gifts to give to the paramedics or emergency medical technicians who are also known sometimes as ambulance drivers. We have created a gift guide and selected only those ideas that we are sure they will love.

If you know a emergency medical technician who drives an ambulance vehicle, chances are that you know how stressful their job can be from the crazy stories he has told you. It’s a job that some times is relaxing when there are no emergency cases, which is great, but sometimes it gets very serious and their focus is what keeps them to remain calm and drive as fast as possible. They not only drive their ambulances, they also provide crucial emergency medical care. Now is the time for you to take care of them and give them the gift they will remember.

It would be an amazing gesture from your side if you are thinking about getting them a little something to show appreciation for the good work they do and if you want to help them relieve some of the tension while they work. If you are that type of a friend, then check out the list of gift ideas for paramedics or emergency medical technicians we have and choose freely. Every single one is perfect for an ambulance driver.

Ambulance Driver Gifts

Wee-Woo T-Shirt
Let’s start off the list with a funny one and a perfect choice for brightening up the moods of their EMT's colleagues. The T-Shirt has some funny text on it that is intended as a mimic of the sound an ambulance vehicle makes. It’s a great and harmless joke for the ambulance drivers and a great gift for them as well.
Emergency Meal Transport (EMT) Lunch Tote
This one is too good to pass up. How cool would an ambulance driver look carrying their lunch in this? Everyone will start asking serious questions about what’s inside, only to find out it’s a medical gag edition of a lunch box. Help an emergency medical technician you know to score some smiles from their colleagues with this fun little gift, plus make sure they don’t forget their food, which is important for extra long shifts.
Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes Sign
Here is a great gift that would help someone you know who drives an ambulance that you care about what they do very much. It’s a great way to display and show everyone the good they do for people and a pretty cool decoration for their ambulance vehicle. If there is no room there, then they can always decorate their home with it. They have to go home sometime right?
Massage Car Seat Cushion
Now there is a great way for boosting comfort while driving. This thing has everything to make someone enjoy driving all day more and to keep them warm during the long winter night shifts. It’s a seat cushion packed with six vibrating massage nodes and heating pads. Take an ambulance driver friend’s driving to the next level of comfort with this cool gift.
Ambulance Christmas Tree Ornament
This year, a very lucky emergency medical technician will have a new and pretty cool decoration for their Christmas tree. It’s the perfect ornament related to what they love to do, save people’s lives. This ornament is glass blown and presents very high quality. It’s actually handcrafted and comes with a nice-looking gift box and ready for giving away.
Gentlemen Volunteers: The Story of the American Ambulance Drivers in the First World War
This is a book that would probably prove interesting to most, but for someone who has a job similar to the one discussed in in, it’s guaranteed to offer a great time. It’s a story happening during the 1st World War regarding driving ambulances during some harsh times. The book is filled with so much thrill and is about some men who were seeking more from their lives than what they had back home. Someone who can relate even slightly with this ambulance drivers’ story is going to have a great time with this book.
Christmas Ambulance Hoodie
How about a simple hoodie that serves as a Christmas gift for an ambulance driver. A 2 in 1 gift! This is a very interesting black hoodie with a cool design. It’s an ambulance vehicle being carried by reindeer. So, if you know a emergency medical technician who drives an ambulance and Christmas is coming, now you know the perfect gift just for them. It’s super unique for the occasion and the profession, all in one.
EMS Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book
This one could be so much useful for passing the time when there are no emergency. If you have a birthday or a similar occasion coming up that requires you to bring a little something for a buddy emergency medical technician, then how about this cool coloring book specifically made for medical personal. It’s a great way of passing the time while your friend waits for an emergency call, which hopefully won’t happen.
EMT Coffee Mug
“This is how I roll” could be your friend’s new catchphrase when driving around in the ambulance vehicle. It’s a great mug to show of the work they do and a constant reminder of the help they provide for those in need.
Calm Balm - Natural Stress Relief Oil Remedy
We mentioned above, and we all know that this job is straight-up stressful. That’s nothing new and the job to go well depends on the driver’s focus and calmness during this stressful situation. You could be of help by getting this special and thoughtful gift for an ambulance driver you know. It’s a natural oil remedy that helps to calm the nerves and be calmer in general during stressful situations.
Vintage Ambulance Poster Print
Here is another great piece of decor for the greatest ambulance driver you know. You could show your appreciation for their work with this pretty cool patent print of an ambulance vehicle. It has great detail and makes a great way to decorate their house. For someone who absolutely loves their profession, this would be a very appreciated gift.
Prescription Coffee Funny Travel Mug
As you might guess, an emergency medical technician might need a bit of coffee to make it through the long night shifts of sitting around and waiting or nonstop driving at high speed through the city. This is the coolest mug that might suit them. It has a great design that is relevant to their job and is also insulated to keep that coffee hot and tasty. Help a EMT you know to stay focused and awake with this coffee mug made just for them.
Ambulance Emergency Teddy Bear And Mug
EMTs help people who need medical care. But they also need someone to take care of them, sometimes. Show them some love. The teddy is super soft and has a very comfortable and huggable feel to it. On top of that, this cute Teddy bear also comes with a special emergency ceramic mug.
Backward Ambulance T-Shirt
Have you ever wondered why the “Ambulance” letters are backward on the vehicles? If you haven’t, it’s so that drivers ahead can read it super clear and fast on their rearview mirrors. It’s specially designed so that response time is increased and disasters are avoided. This T-Shirt has the same idea and it’s the perfect gift for an ambulance driver. It’s a great gag gift and well thought of if I do say so myself. It will definitely be the first time seen T-Shirt for whoever you give it to.
Guardian Angel Visor Clip
In this sort of work, it’s nice to have someone or something looking out for you. It helps people to remain calm and focus, and also feel safer knowing they are looked out for. This visor clip comes in the form of a guardian angel which helps protect them and also has a very good use for keeping documents safe. So it’s a great gift for your EMT friend to keep them and their driving safe.
Men’s Fun Ambulance Theme Socks
Do you have a friend who believes in lucky items, clothes and so on? And does that friend happen to be an EMT? If that’s so, then say hello to their favorite new pair of socks for work. It’s a good thing to go to work feeling safe with their new lucky item to keep them safe during emergency situations.
Rescue Ambulance Toy
No matter if someone is a kid or an adult, we all love toys. Some love to play with them and pass time, others love to collect them or put them on shelves for display. This toy will definitely have a special place in the heart of an ambulance driver. It has been paid perfect attention to detail and it is pretty realistic. The ambulance vehicle toy is friction powered so it’s also great for playing with.