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14 Awesome Gifts for Breakdancers That They Definitely Want

What are the best gift ideas for breakdancers? What gifts would the bboys want to get? From spinning cap, over Van sneakers, to retro street boombox, our gift guide has everything you need to delight every breaker on your list.

Breakdancers put so much effort into their dance. In order to be good, they need to break limits, work hard and be even more than brave. But, you probably already know that, right? Each of us has some breakdancers in our closer circles so we are all familiar with things they have to deal with on an everyday basis. In addition to that, of course you want to reward bboy hard work with something related to this specific area they love the most.

We realize it can sometimes be hard to choose the right present, especially if you are not part of that break-dance world. But, fear no more, because our gift guide is here to help you by bringing all the best gift ideas for breakdancers that they definitely want.

P.S. Bboys, get ready to get this year the coolest gifts ever!

Gifts for Breakdancers

JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Music is an inevitable and essential part of every breakdancer's life. Why not make their favorite beats even closer to them everywhere they go? This portable wireless speaker delivers excellent sound on a very high-quality level. Its rechargeable batteries support up to 20 hours of playtime which also comes as a great feature for longer parties as well. Don't worry, there is still going to be some time left for two of you dance your soul out together!
B-Boy Dance Tshirt
Sure, music is the key, but we all know how important the image is when it comes to breakdancing. No matter how many T-shirts are in his closet at the moment, he will always appreciate a new one which he'll proudly wear and show in front of his crew. Every new piece of clothes will motivate him to do better, which is why you can never go wrong with this kind of gift!
Running Man Dance Mug
Running Man dance move is probably something that's your beloved break-dancer learned a long time ago! Nonetheless, your boyfriend will never run away from you if you give him this mug. This fun mug is something every b-boy should have when starting his day. Hey, you should have coffee together so you can hear more about his new dance moves that can inspire you for the next gift giving season.
Van Sneakers
Okay, break dancers can never get enough of cool shirts, true. On the other hand, they can never get enough of marvelous sneakers as well! One of the best shoes for bboying, as well as one of the most popular are Van sneakers. And you can certainly never go wrong by giving bboys or bgirls new sneakers.

Vans comes as a quite popular brand amongst young people, especially when it comes to hip hop dancers and breakdancers. These sneakers are definitely going to fit into any street style outfit, plus they are very comfortable for dance too.
GoPro Hero8
You never know when inspiration is going to arrive, so this GoPro camera is a quite handy solution that a good breakdancer should always have in his backpack. Whether he wants to film dance moves with his friends or simply show how the world looks like from his spinning perspective, he is definitely going to appreciate a present like this!
AKASO 4K Action Camera
Another cool, but a lot budget friendly 4K camera is here for your Bboys and Bgirls! It's a lot cheaper gift than GoPro but still comes as a pretty good solution for filming some cool dance moves and choreographic he created with his crew. It's also fantastic for catching those moments of practicing, laughing together and encouraging each other during all those times when everything becomes hard and frustrating. That way, he will show you all those ''behind-the-scenes'' moments as well so you will be able to understand his world better.
Bboy Spin Cap
What are great gifts for breakers? Every gift that is primary bboy related is great, but headspin beanie can be considered as one of the best gifts for breakers. Help your breaker to spin effortlessly with this cool classic spin cap.
Break Dancing For Beginners Coloring Book
Breakdancers like everyone else sometimes need some relaxation. Give them a gift that will make them relax and that is thematically interesting to them.

When is the last time you bought someone a coloring book? People usually relate those to toddlers who are just learning to hold crayons so they forget how useful they can be for older kids or even adults as well. With this item, he will be able to learn about some new dance moves and train both the left and right regions of the brain to work together. In other words, coloring books rule!
Champion Hoodie
Are you trying to find a gift for your boyfriend who happens to be in the breakdancing world? Well, that's an easy choice, since another big part of b-boy's wardrobe are definitely hoodies!
They are soft, comfortable and simply the coolest part of their outfit.
P.S. Choose your favorite color because you know you will steal his hoodie during some cold nights...
Bose QuietComfort Headphones
Everything related to music is an excellent gift for people who are in love with breakdance. In addition, everything related to bringing listening of music to higher level is even better solution! These amazing top quality headphones have a high level of noise cancellation in any environment. Personalized settings, talking to Alexa, balanced audio performance at any volume are just some of the features that will tell you are making the best choice with these headphones.
Sound Activated Party Lights
How about these party lights with remote control system? They are excellent solution for house and other types of parties. It's the perfect solution for b-boying / b-girling personal lighting that will from any location easily make the dance floor.
PUMA Sneakers
Puma is also a well-known and epic brand that often delivers sneakers that successfully fuses influences from lifestyle, sport and fashion. This old-school model brings some elevated features but at the same time holds up to quality, comfort and great footwear look.
Under Armour Backpack
Every breakdancer needs a good high-quality backpack where he will keep all the essentials for his daily routine. It's also a fashion accessory so keep in mind you can't just buy the first one you see! This Under Armour hustle backpack is highly water-resistant, super-breathable and, above all, quite stylish which eventually makes it a great gift for bboys!
Retro Street Boombox
Remember all those movies where you could see people carrying these retro street radios on their shoulders all over the neighborhood? That's what breakdance is all about – longing for old-school beats, styles and items like this one. This will provide your b-boy and his crew lots of fun, spontaneous dancing moments and beautiful memories.