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17 Brilliant Gifts for Dental Hygienists in 2020

Did you know first dental hygiene program established for over a century? The dental hygienists job is to help people have a good oral health.

If you love the way your smile looks after a visit to their office, then you have a lot to be thankful for. Your dental hygienist definitely put a lot of work and dedication into the final result. Help them to celebrate their careers from time to time. We’ve got a great list of gift ideas for a dental hygienist to help you do that!

They earned a heartfelt and considerate gift, directly from you. We have put together a list of top notch gifts for dental hygienists, including both funny novelties and traditional professional gifts. We hope you find the right one and make your them happy.

Gifts for dental hygienists

Dental Hygienist Mug
Dental hygienists as everyone else like their work to be noticed, their role to be significant, and to know how they change the world for the better, smile by smile. Now, it's time for you to give this awesome gift and bring a smile to the face of your favorite dental hygienist. The mug comes with an inspirational quote and is extra large, just perfect for those early mornings in the dental office.
Women's Dental Fit Warm-up Jacket
If you live in a colder climate or your favorite dental hygienist just hates the cold, you can’t go wrong with an extra jacket. The long sleeve, round collar and snap closing women’s jacket comes in a super cute toothy print, perfect for any dentist, assistant or hygienist. Now they won’t be cold anymore!
Anatomy Crystal Tooth
The perfect gift for anyone in the dental hygiene field is this eye catching crystal anatomy print of a tooth. The glass ornament will look good on any desk, office or workspace, and it shows commitment to the dental hygienist calling. A true professional and very thoughtful gift for a hygienist.
Dental Shoes
We picked out these interesting sneakers anyone in a career in dentistry would love. If a dental hygienist embraces the tooth fairy aesthetic, then these sneakers are your go-to gift for practically any occasion. They come with a cute dental print, they are also very comfortable to wear in dental offices. They will sure make some kids laugh.
Teeth Pots
Is your dental hygienist also a plant lover? Or they enjoy small decor by the office window? These cute pots or pen holders shaped as a tooth all add up to the ultimate gift for anyone attending dental school. The pots are ceramic and are minimally designed, so they can fit into any space.
OXO Toothbrush Organizer
When your colleague, significant other, friend or family member ended up being a dental hygienist, consider yourself lucky. Your smile must be extraordinary, and so should their be after seeing this amazing thoughtful gift you picked out for them. This stainless steel toothbrush organizer and holder is the ideal gift for any occasion.
Dental Figurine
This adorable ornament could be on a keychain, car mirror or just hanging on their Christmas tree, making your favorite dental hygienist happy. The ornament is made of resin and is shaped like a female dentist with a toothbrush and smile in their hands. They can take this gift anywhere with them, and think about you by doing so.
Tooth USB
Everyone needs to store their backup files somewhere, even your dental hygienist. This is why this USB flash drive shaped like a tooth is ideally made for them. It can store up to 8 GB of data on it. Cute funny gift for anyone in dental school, and also great for gag gift Christmas.
Adult Coloring Book for Dental Hygienists
Dental Life: A Snarky Coloring Book for Adults is a funny adult coloring book made by artist Papeterie Bleu. If you want your dental hygienist to reach their zen after a long day at work or you just want them to have some me-time, this is the gift made for them.
Dental Infinity Scarf
The best gift for a female hygienist that loves to look top notch, is this splendid white infinity scarf with a quirky dental print on it. The scarf is made in Italy, is silky smooth and is handmade. This is the best idea for any cold autumn morning while walking to the office, they will definitely love it!
Card Holder
H&K steel sculpture makes amazing steel ornaments, and one of their designs is this witty dentist with patient sculpture. It isn’t just an ornament, but also a pen and card holder. Perfect for the dentist’s office front desk, very durable and an amazing gift that is handmade and unique.
Box Sign
If a dental hygienist love meaningful and motivational quotes on their walls, then this box sign will definitely make them crack up! The sign says: “Life is short smile while you still have teeth”. Very original and humorful, with a vintage look it makes the best wall decor to any dentist’s office or ordination.
Dental Theme Necklace
A perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or just because. This breathtaking statement necklace says: “I love being an dental hygienist.”, the message any practicing professional wants to say to the world. The cute necklace has different ornaments inside and is decorated with stones on the outside. It is ready to be shipped in a gift box, right to their doorstep.
Dental Hygienist Figurine
Do you sometimes feel like your dental hygienist is welding something in your mouth while it’s wide open? Everyone feels like that. This is why you need to get them this gift we picked out for you. This ornament shows what everyone is thinking about their dental hygenist’s work and can decorate their ordination forever.
Wine Bottle Holder
The dental hygienists also loves a good bottle of vine now and then. Maybe their perfect night mean enjoying a bottle of some red wine on their front porch? Then this wine dental themed bottle holder is just perfect for them. They're sure to love it!
Dental Hygienist Needs a Mother F*cking Beer
A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults is a coloring book for a dental hygienist made by Honey Badger Coloring. It’s a great relax gift for the hygienist in your life that also has a severe case of a potty mouth. They can finally meditate with this amazing coloring book and let all the stress out.
Necklace with Cute Teeth Pendant
An cute necklace that is just made for a dental hygienist. The necklace comes with an adorable and extra small sized pendant in the shape of a tooth. The chain is made of stainless steel and the necklace itself is gold plated. Very fitting for adding some bling bling to their life.

Also check out this tooth gifts because they are also very giftable for a dental hygienist.

What are the ideal occasions for giving these gifts?

  • Christmas
  • Birthday
  • To show appreciation
  • As dental graduation gift for dental hygienist
  • To decorate dentist’s office
  • As white elephant or gag gift
We asked dental hygienists to rate which gift from our list they would most like to receive. These are the results of the vote
Dental Shoes 23%
Women’s Dental Fit Warm-up Jacket 19%
Box Sign 16%
Wine Bottle Holder 13%
Anatomy Crystal Tooth 10%
Other Gifts 18%

We hope that these gift ideas will be a good starting point for choosing the right one. Combining ideas with the personal knowledge of dental hygienists will result in the right choice of gift.