23 Gifts for Drama Students fun and budget-friendly ideas!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our spectacular collection of gifts for drama students and enthusiasts!

Are you feeling stumped on what to gift your thespian friend? Don’t fret! We’ve carefully curated a list of gifts that are guaranteed to make them break character (in the best way possible). Whether your friend is a seasoned performer or just starting, we have practical gifts to help them hone their craft, fun gifts to keep them inspired, and budget-friendly gifts that won’t break the bank. From vocal warm-up tools to theater-themed mugs, from personalized playbills to high-quality cameras for self-taping auditions, we have something for every drama student in your life.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy our showstopping selection of gifts! These presents are sure to earn a standing ovation from your favorite drama students. Let’s take a closer look at these theatrical treasures and make your friend’s day!

Gifts For Drama Students

Our Recommended Gifts For Drama Students

  1. Android Multifunction Touch Screen Tablet
    This 13.3-inch 4k android tablet will prove to be a great gift for drama students. Since it is Bluetooth enabled, watch it, anywhere, anytime. This is to be used in a car as a headrest monitor. It comes with built-in speakers and its HD touch screen ensures a pleasurable experience.
  2. Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones
    This Bang and Olufsen noise-canceling headphone is so comfortable that your friends might never want to take them off. It is the perfect gift for drama students because they can use it to cut off from the rest of the World. Its powerful sound and luxurious design are an asset.
  3. Heritor Stainless Steel Watch
    This can be one of the gifts that you give a drama student. Since they love a bit of showmanship, they will hold this flashy watch dear. It has a 22mm long gold-toned stainless steel wristband. It is water resistant and can display dual time zones.
  4. Nordic Portable Wireless Speakers
    These Bluetooth wireless speakers can be the perfect gift to impress your friend. Its award-winning style and surround sound system make for an excellent item to put on display. It is simple and compact enough to slip into your carry bag so you always have your jam around you.
  5. Director Slateboard Clapper
    Have a look at the item every movie, TV show, or theater play director just wants and needs to have. It’s a wooden slateboard clapper like the ones used for filming movies. These gifts for drama students have always been the coolest thing to do and watch people do while on movie sets. Help your friend feel more professional with their studies at drama school and just imagine the day when they are acting the lead role in a theater or movie.
  6. Theater Wall Patent Art Prints With Slogans
    Some vintage artwork is always said to be appreciated by everyone. This piece of artwork is not ordinary though. It’s a patent print set of theaters with slogans on above. These gifts for drama students are beautifully placed on vintage paper and look astonishing in an elegant frame of their choosing. It the perfect for an aspiring actor who is still in drama school because it is still a picture of their favorite place where acting is perfected.
  7. Memory Box Storage for Theater Tickets
    Did your drama student friend finally score a big gig for their play? Do you want to show them that you support the start of their new and exciting acting career with special and thoughtful gifts for drama students? If so, be sure to check this one out. It’s a box for displaying tickets that can be hung on a wall to serve as an example of your support for them. If you want to show your support uniquely then this is a great choice. Place the theater ticket you bought for their show in this elegant box and surprise them with the coolest gift for drama students ever.
  8. Amazing Plays of the Early American Theater Book
    Very useful for drama students is this book about some of the greatest acting pieces in America. The book highlights the progress of American theater between 1787 and 1911, with a chronological selection of 16 of the good works from that period. It serves as a great additional source of knowledge for someone who is learning all about acting out of their studies at drama school. More knowledge is always to be appreciated which is what is expected for this book, the good gifts for drama students.
  9. Shakespearean Insult Bandages
    Many actors are inspired to become what they are by Shakespeare, or if not inspired, they almost surely know him and are very familiar with his work. For every Shakespeare lover, these gifts for drama students will be the most delightful ones. It’s a box filled with fifteen actual bandages that are decorated with an image of Shakespeare and each one of them has a unique and original insult from one of his plays. The metal tin box also comes with a special surprise inside which your drama students will have to find out for themselves.
  10. Tragedy Mask
    This mask would serve as the perfect drama student gift for your drama student friend or theater actor who has a birthday or special drama party coming up. It’s a tragedy mask seen in many Ancient Greece-related theater plays. These gifts for drama students come in a beautiful gold color and an elastic band is included. It can be used for costume parties, plays, and more. Surprise a friend who is passionate about acting and knows their theater props.
  11. Be A Broadway Star Board Game
    This is probably the most fun a group who study a Drama & Theater Arts can have without having to leave home for a night out of partying. Maybe you have a housewarming party to go to at a drama student friend’s house and don’t know what to get as gifts for drama students. Look no further because you have just found the perfect way to surprise them. This board game is packed with everything an aspiring musical theater actor has to go through in order to become a Broadway star. It’s a lot of fun combined with some learning along the way.
  12. Vocal Dampener
    Imagine how useful this product is for rehearsing lines before a show to make sure nothing is forgotten and everything is in order. It’s great for someone who is struggling with the problem of panic before showtime and wants to go through their lines one more time without causing a lot of noise. These gifts for drama students lower a person’s voice by up to 30dB and are waterproof for maybe rehearsing in the shower as well as for easy cleaning. The strap is also removable if wishes to be held with hands.
  13. The Acting Bible: The Complete Resource for Aspiring Actors
    If you have a friend who is not getting all that they can from drama school and wants to help them out a bit, then this special guide might be of some help. It’s a very informative guide for aspiring actors filled with memory exercises, help with imitating regional accents, and adapting acting techniques for different media like TV, stage, and film. It’s guaranteed to boost a person’s acting skills faster and more effectively. Your friend will most definitely be thankful for these amazing gifts for drama students from you.
  14. Award Trophy
    Now here is a very thoughtful way of showing how much you love someone’s acting. To show someone studying to be an actor that they are almost there and that you absolutely love how they have turned out. These gifts for drama students are huge gold trophies that the one receiving it will be proud to place in their home to always remind them of you and your unconditional support for them. Make drama students’ day a better one by gifting them a gold trophy such as this.
  15. 80 Unique And Compelling Monologues That Leave A Lasting Impression
    Here is another book for acting improvement, but this time it’s focused on bettering someone’s understanding of a complex character and improving overall character performance. The book contains 80 monologues (40 male and 40 female) that are designed to look past age and gender and become perfect for someone’s moment in the spotlight. These gifts for drama students are yet another great way, of many, to show someone who is doing all they can, how to improve themselves in the acting area.
  16. Comedy And Tragedy Mask Earrings
    When someone wishes to go all out and show their love of acting and the theater, these earrings, which are specially made for acting lovers are the choice to go for. If you know someone who you feel is overworking and studying too much in their college, release some of their stress with beautiful theater-themed earrings. These gifts for drama students are a great way to assure that your friend looks their level good on the drama team.
  17. Guesstures Game
    This game offers acting practice in the most fun way. Charades. Most of the time, whether you win or not in Charades is decided by your ability to act out the topic as early as possible. Your actor friend will be pleased to be offered some help with their career with this wonderful game packed with 320 cards to choose from which additionally offer a lot of practice and fun along the way. Gift someone these gifts for drama students and have some fun while they practice acting at the same time.
  18. Playbill Broadway Cover Puzzle
    Make the most out of someone’s rainy day with a 1000-piece puzzle that is sure to make them focus quite a bit. But, this puzzle isn’t meant just for anyone. These gifts for drama students are amazing ones to give this to would be someone you know who is focusing on an acting career and knows all about Broadway. A student who is passionate about musical theater maybe? Whoever you decide to give it to, it’s a great puzzle choice offering a bunch of choices from many Broadway hits like Cats, Kinky Boots, and more!
  19. William Shakespeare Engraved Quote Pen
    This pen makes a great gift for drama students for every Shakespeare lover, no matter if they are an English teacher, drama student, or actor. It’s an elegant pen that displays the class about the person who owns it. Quite a good choice for anyone who wants to feel elegant and classy while maybe writing a play or lines for their next acting play. Maybe the pen will help offer inspiration from Shakespeare himself.
  20. Three Will Be Drama T-Shirt
    When trying to buy clothes as a gift for an actor friend or drama student you have to be careful. They won’t go for any normal piece of clothing. These gifts for drama students have to be unique or funny, or different in some way. This is why this special T-shirt will have to do the job. It has a great sentence on it that is relevant to their community. Besides that, it will serve as quite a good conversation starter in the drama club.
  21. The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide
    This is a story about Jenna Fischer and her Hollywood journey she started when she was 22 years old. It’s a story that any aspiring actor can hope to relate to their journey to becoming a professional actor in Hollywood. A story about how the path to being a professional actor was so much more vast and competitive than she’d imagined. Maybe offer this as a gift for drama students to a friend who has the same dreams and would love to hear someone else’s story.
  22. A Party Game Based On The Works Of William Shakespeare
    This game is made for drama nerds and absolute worshipers of Shakespeare's plays. It’s a game filled with 100 questions and even more answers, 325 to be precise, all of them copied word-for-word from Shakespeare’s most famous plays. It’s recommended for four or more players and it’s definitely not for kids. It requires true drama nerds and it presents quite a challenge for anyone who dares.
  23. Keep The Drama On The Stage Tote Bag
    How about a tote bag for that special actor in your life who is aware of recycling and reusing a shopping bag? Maybe they need something to carry props for the stage for their drama class or club. This tote bag will definitely satisfy that need while looking as if it was meant specifically for a drama nerd. Surprise someone with a tote bag that says something specially printed for them.

Practical Gifts for Drama Students

Let’s be real, we all need a little help in the craft department. Gift your friend with a vocal warm-up tool like Vocal Eze spray, or a set of lip trill exercises to help them sound like a pro. Or if they’re more of a bookworm, why not gift them with a book on acting techniques? They’ll love titles like “The Actor’s Art and Craft” by William Esper or “Audition” by Michael Shurtleff. And for those makeup enthusiasts, a kit specifically designed for theater, like the Ben Nye Essential Theatrical Makeup Kit, will be a hit.

Fun Gifts for Drama Students

Let your drama student friends express themselves with a fun, drama-themed gift! Get them a t-shirt with a funny drama-related saying like “I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal” or “I Speak Fluent Sarcasm and Shakespeare.” Or, for the caffeine addict, gift them with a coffee mug with a drama quote like “All the world’s a stage” or “The play’s the thing.” And don’t forget about stage props! A foam sword, a feather boa, or a prop microphone will make their next performance a hit.

Technology Gifts for Drama Students

Take your friend’s recordings to the next level with technology-based gifts! A portable lighting kit like the Neewer 660 LED Video Light or the Godox SL-60W LED Video Light will make them look like they’re on Broadway. Audio recording software like Audacity or GarageBand will make their recordings sound professional. For self-taping auditions, a quality camera like the Canon EOS M50 Mark II or the Sony ZV-1 will make them look like a star.

Gifts for the Theater Geek

Indulge your friend’s theater geekiness with unique gifts! A personalized playbill featuring their name in bold letters, vintage theater posters, or custom-made theater masks will make them break character (in a good way).

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Drama Students

On a tight budget? Fear not, there are plenty of drama-related gifts that won’t break the bank. A drama-themed phone case like the “Drama Llama” case from Redbubble, a drama-themed keychain like the “Break a Leg” keychain from Etsy, or a drama-themed bookmark like the Shakespearean insults bookmark from Amazon are all great options.

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A Final Word on Gifts for Drama Students

Bravo, drama enthusiasts! You’ve made it to the end of our list of gifts, and now it’s time to put your gifting skills to the test. Whether you’re in the market for practical tools, fun gadgets, or quirky mementos, there’s something out there for every drama student.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make them break character (in a good way) with these fantastic gift ideas! And if all else fails, remember that a standing ovation is always a classic gesture of appreciation.

As the curtains close on our comprehensive list of gifts for drama students, we hope you’ve found the perfect present to celebrate and encourage the passion of your aspiring thespians. Each of these gifts embodies the spirit of the performing arts, whether it’s a keepsake to cherish their journey or a tool to refine their skills.

Now that you’re armed with an array of showstopping options, you can be sure to hit the right note and make a lasting impression on the drama student in your life. Break a leg, and may the spotlight always shine on their talent!

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