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15 Gift Ideas Economics Teachers Will Love

Teachers are always there to help, but today we will help you find the perfect gift for the economics teacher. Selected gift ideas will show economics teachers that you care for them.

Becoming any type of teacher requires a lot of sacrifices but in the end it’s a very rewarding job. The same applies for economics teachers as well. They get you financially ready for the real world and make sure you know what you need to know and be prepared for any financial situation. They gave a lot to be in a position to help others so it only makes sense that you return the favor.

If you wish to take your relationship with your economics teacher or teacher colleague a step further and give them a nice gesture to show appreciation, then have a look at these amazing gift ideas we have prepared for you.

Gifts for Economics Teachers

Economics Teacher T-Shirt
If your teacher happens to be one of those with amazing sense of humor then this gift will suit them well. It also highlights that they want to be heard and noticed about their profession which is hard to obtain. At the end of the day their job helps people learn and there is nothing wrong to have a little fun in the process. Make sure to score some bonus points with your teacher with this funny gift.
The Economist - 3 Month Subscription
Chances are, if they are an economics teacher they really like economics. Some people don’t know this but economics is actually very interesting because there is always something going on, something changing, it surrounds the whole world and there is a lot to learn. The Economist is a news magazine, digital and print, which showcases everything economic going on in the world. As we all know teachers are on a budget so you would be helping them a lot by getting them a 3 month subscription to the greatest magazine for economists.
The Wall Street Journal Subscription
How about one more way of staying informed? The Wall Street Journal highlights trending news about the stock market, businesses, business ideas and a lot more on that subject and economics sector. Make sure your teacher stays ahead of these things by gifting them a one month subscription of The Wall Street Journal. If they are true economics lovers there is no way they won’t love this thoughtful gift.
Kindle Paperwhite
This is a gift I would get for myself first, then for anyone else. A wonderful little gadget for book lovers and people who can’t stop reading. It’s very probable that your teachers loves reading and learning due to their job profession. This gadget will make sure they always have something to read and take it anywhere. It’s waterproof, so the beach or the pool are an option now. The best part is probably that one battery charge can last weeks, not hours. How handy is that? You can significantly improve this gift by adding a subscription to The Wall Street Journal or The Economist for Kindle. It is a reliable way for you to become your economic teacher's favorite student after this gift, no question.
Supply and Demand T-Shirt
In writing on the T-Shirt is a popular phrase among the economic professionals which they have heard many times. It’s probably very important if they decided to put it on a T-Shirt, wouldn’t you say? While you and I might not get it, I’m pretty sure your economics teacher will, without a doubt. Help them become the conversation starter of every event, especially economics events, by getting them this cool gift made just for them.
I remember playing monopoly as a kid and thinking it was just a simple board game, with cash, like any other. But, growing up it began to reveal it’s complicity and it shows that it’s not a game for just anyone. In order to win at this game at ease, special knowledge comes in handy to crush your components. It’s also great learning practice about general world economy. A unique idea for the typical economics teacher who also loves board games.
Why Nations Fall - Book
This book should be a “must read” book for everyone engaged or interested in economics or politics. It’s a brilliant book rich with knowledge and should be widely read. It’s a great way to change anyone’s understanding of economics and improve quite a bit. All and all it is a fantastic book that is guaranteed to get a positive critic from your economics teacher if they know their economy.
Personalized Teacher Pencil Sign
The personalized part of this gift makes it a unique one for every teacher. They can put it on their desk and make sure no new students forget their name. It’s shape and design make its purpose very clear and a gift every teacher will most surely adore. So, show your thanks to your favorite economics teacher by surprising them with a gift uniquely made just for them.
Economists by Robert M. Solow
All economics teachers will surely enjoy reading this book. This is not just another book about economy. It profiles ninety of the world’s top and most successful economists - from Nobel Prize winners to young scholars working for a better future for the field. It’s a great way to learn about people who had the same passions and goals such as you and your teachers. You can already see the excitement on their face for wanting to go through this very promising book. It’s also packed with photos of the people so they can be better visualized and to see how hardworking people with dreams look.
Can You Outsmart an Economist? - Book
Another special form of book for the economy lover is this one. It’s not for everyone and presents a challenge for people who enjoy thinking hard to find even harder solutions. It’s packed with some of the hardest obstacles suitable for training an economist’s mind. It would make a very thoughtful and exciting gift for any economics teacher, just don’t be surprised if they start coming tired to work every morning because they stayed up too late solving the puzzles within the book. However, you both benefit from that situation.
Literally The Best Econ Teacher Ever Tumbler
Get ready for seeing this mug in class every day sitting on your teacher’s desk if you decide to get it for them as a gift. It’s going to be an indirect way of showing off and bragging about how cool of a teacher they are, and it makes it even better that they received it from a student of theirs. It’s all worth it when you start seeing your teacher with more smiles every day due to this thoughtful and very considerate gift.
Too Big To Fail - Movie
If you are an economist or anyone who understands it and you have a teacher or a teacher colleague who you feel that simply needs to watch this movie, than you have your motive to get them a gift. Buy them this super interesting movie about economics at it’s finest. It’s an insider story about how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system. A perfect representation of the ups and downs of the economy and the risks that come along with it.
The Motley Fool's Buy Low, Sell High Board Game
Here's another great example of a board game combined with learning basic economics. The Buy Low, Sell High board game involves outsmarting, outmaneuvering your competitor players in order to win. Foolish choices often turn out to be the best in this game, as it’s probably what makes the game so fun and actually pretty unpredictable. A great way to have a little fun with your teacher friends who are interested in economy and having a great time.
Best Teacher Ever Fill-In the Blanks Journal
This could come in real handy if maybe you wish to express how much you appreciate your teacher. Or maybe you have a crush on one of your teacher colleagues, or you simply have a teacher friend who you think could use some more confidence. The number of reasons is huge for why you should give this gift to a teacher. It is sure to boost someone’s confidence and help make them feel better. Do that exact thing by getting it as a gift for a perfect teacher.
Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations - Book
Books are always a big part of academic professionals. That includes economic teachers too. They wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case. An economics teacher would probably know something about the contents of the book when they have heard it in class, but that’s only a fraction of the story. The book is about a 24 year old genius who made a breakthrough in economy in 1980. You can see why this might be very exciting for someone who is in love with economy and they wish to know as much as they can. Present it as a gesture to an economy teacher you know and I promise, it will be very appreciated.