23 awesome gifts for english teachers that they would adore

Gifts for Teachers23 awesome gifts for english teachers that they would adore
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Whether it’s the end of term or you’ve just aced that crucial English exam, there are many reasons to treat your English teacher to something unique English teacher gifts.

The problem? English teachers are inundated with gifts, and there’s only so much chocolate one teacher can eat.. Here’s an original list of gifts for English teachers that will make your teacher smile.

Gifts for English Teachers

Unique Gifts For English Teachers

  1. Customizable Stainless Steel Bookmark
    There’s no such thing as an English teacher who doesn’t like to read. But take a look at any of their books and rest assured, they’ll be full of unsightly dog ears. This stainless steel, personalizable bookmark doesn’t rust or lose color and will keep treasured books pristine. But most importantly, these gifts for English teachers will remind your teacher how appreciated they are every time they pick up their book.
  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stuffed Animal Plush
    Real apples for your teacher- Outdated, unoriginal, and far too healthy to be considered a treat. Apple bath bombs for your teacher as gifts for English teachers - Non-conformist, unique, and endorphin-inducing! Imagine you spend all day standing on your feet looking after thirty children. Are you telling me you DON’T want a warm, relaxing bath to soak those weary feet in? Case closed.
  3. Four-pack of Apple Bath Fizzers
    Real apples for your teacher- Outdated, unoriginal, and far too healthy to be considered a treat.Apple bath bombs for your teacher as gifts for English teachers - Non-conformist, unique, and endorphin-inducing!Imagine you spend all day stood on your feet looking after thirty children. Are you telling me you DON’T want a warm, relaxing bath to soak those weary feet in? Case closed.
  4. 10x10 Whiteboard for Desk
    The number of cash teachers shells out on school supplies is quite unbelievable, but it’s all worth it to make their lives that extra bit simpler. Whiteboards, especially this size, are a great companion in the classroom and can also be used for reminders and jotting down notes. This one comes with everything you could need, including two different colored markers and an eraser. Teachers will be approaching you when they see you giving these gifts for English teachers away!
  5. Hollowed Out Alice in Wonderland Book
    Given how many prohibited items teachers have to confiscate daily, this beautiful yet crafty book is a gem. Make your favorite English teacher laugh with these gifts for the English teacher's creative solutions. No one will suspect that their mobile phone or pack of chewing gum has been tucked away into Mr. Blogg’s book collection!
  6. Mesh Desk Organizer
    It’s got trays, it's got draws and... It’s got compartments! Yes! Guarantee yourself a heartfelt fist pump from your English teacher after opening this delight. All teachers love to be organized; few teachers are. But a compact yet practical desk organizer as gifts for English teachers will never leave your teacher’s desk for as long as they shall live.
  7. Megaphone Speaker
    Every once in a while, children (and adults alike) find themselves more engrossed in their own conversation than the grammar exercises written on the board. Teachers search far and wide for new ways to grab their student’s attention. Well, look no further than these gifts for English teachers. No student will be able to ignore their teacher addressing them through a megaphone, one with a built-in siren nonetheless.
  8. Planter With Pen/Pencil Holder
    Bring life into your teacher’s classroom this year. No, literally! This cute planter will fit on the smallest of desks but still manage to fill the room with energy. And wait, it gets better. There’s even a little space for pens and pencils, and we know every teacher is always desperately searching for their tools. Help them out with these gifts for English teachers.
  9. Mini Let’s Eat Grandma Poster Print
    The life of an English teacher can get lonely sometimes. It’s not everyone who lives for grammar jokes and who cringes at the sight of a punctuation error. Show your teacher they are not alone with this amusing poster that can be proudly displayed in any classroom. These gifts for English teachers will also serve as an excellent reminder to any student to double-check their commas.
  10. Drinking Cup Holder Clip
    Of all the lessons one can dictate, there is one that permanently etches itself in the frontal lobe of every teacher. That lesson is: Do Not Place Your Coffee Mug By Your Computer! These gifts for English teachers are easy to slip and knock things over when you’re dealing with a chaotic classroom, so help your teacher avoid costly laptop or mobile phone replacements with this essential tool.
  11. Teacher Sticker Reward Pack
    A teacher’s guilty pleasure: a colorful assortment of stickers with a variety of uses. This enormous yet great value sticker pack will brighten up your teacher’s evenings spent marking textbooks. And if you fail to see them in the classroom, These gifts for English teachers are because they’re being used at home to congratulate their partner on completing the washing-up. The possibilities really are endless.
  12. Wooden Antique Book Tissue Dispenser
    It may surprise you to hear that a teacher is not just a teacher. They are guidance councillors, therapists, and occasionally, nurses. A box of tissues is a staple on any desk, and this dispenser will combine commodity with creativity with its elegant style. These gifts for English teachers are wooden so that they won’t blow away, and the book design might inspire some reading outside of the classroom.
  13. Journal Planner Colored Pens
    Not all pens are born equal, and when you spend your days planning lessons, jotting down notes, marking exams, and signing slips, it’s important to have some durable fine point markers that come in an assortment of colors. These gifts for English teachers set of eighteen stylish pens is adaptable to any teacher task.
  14. Teacher’s Comedic Wine Glass
    Remember when I said teachers run on coffee? Well, that’s true, during the week. On weekends, it’s only fair that your favorite English teacher treats themself to a glass or two of the finest. Your teacher will probably receive many bottles of wine. Why not make them laugh with this humourous way of drinking it all.
  15. Funny English Teacher Notebook
    With both lined and blank pages, your English teacher will have no excuses not to offer the most detailed and well-thought feedback after receiving this gift. Seriously, teachers get through so many notebooks; it’s just a matter of time before they need another one. The message on the front is a great reminder of how much you appreciate your teacher too!
  16. Rubber Stamps
    Using stamps is a great way to save time and also add a friendly touch to any marking. This collection comes with six different designs with pictures and words that display a positive message. These stamps are guaranteed to keep feedback individual and encouraging; any teacher would love them!
  17. Will Teach for Tacos T-shirt
    A timeless classic for men, a great oversized option for women, no teacher will be able to resist cracking a smile when they open up this gift. The t-shirt comes in various colors, and it’s almost impossible to think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate this. Who doesn’t like tacos?
  18. Neon Dry Erase Markers
    If you’ve ever been inside of a classroom, you will, of course, encountered a flustered teacher looking for a functioning board marker of the right color. Well, fear not! This collection of dry wipe markers works on white and blackboards and is a must-have for all teachers. It boasts five different colors, perfect for someone who likes to keep their students engaged!
  19. Heart Teacher Canvas Tote Bag
    If your teacher inspires you, remind them with this adorable tote bag that will most definitely be used to haul textbooks from the classroom to the car. Its lined paper design shows a little bit of extra thought, and the canvas will see it through many a school term.
  20. Colorful Animal-Shaped Sticky Notes
    Add some fun to your teacher’s notetaking by gifting these beautiful and funky sticky notes. The pack includes eight different adorable animals, from pigs to elephants, and keeps admin work fun and bright. Your teacher will never go back to garish yellow stickers again.
  21. Time-Marked Water Bottle
    When managing a classroom, dealing with early starts and late nights, the one thing anyone needs is to stay hydrated. This water bottle has the great addition of time markings on it so that you can keep track of your water intake and ensure you’re getting enough. A teacher can’t just rely on coffee and wine, you know!

Wrapping Up

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