17 Fun Eco-Friendly Gifts for Environmental Science Majors

Gift Ideas for Environmental Science Majors

The Earth Warriors who have committed their existence to improve the Earth surely deserve a token of appreciation from all. These dedicated individuals devote their time and energy to studying the environment, finding sustainable solutions, and working toward a greener future. With their passion for sustainability, it’s only fitting to celebrate their commitment with thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts.

This article aims to provide a curated list of 17 perfect fun eco-friendly gifts for environmental science majors. From everyday sustainable living products to inspiring books and innovative technology, these gift ideas will not only bring joy but also support their journey towards making a positive impact on the planet.

We are sure that you would love reading about these Gifts for Environmental Science Majors as much as we loved compiling them.

Great Gifts For Environmental Science Majors

17 Amazing Gifts For Environmental Science Majors

Choosing eco-friendly gifts for environmental science majors not only shows appreciation for their passion and dedication but also provides practical tools and products that align with their values. By selecting gifts that promote sustainable living, we can support their ongoing efforts to protect and preserve our planet. Listed below are 17 splendid gifts for environmental science majors. Read on to find the best gift idea.

  1. Climate Change Mug
    Who wouldn’t love a little bit of magic? What do you say about heat-changing mugs, then? Sounds awesome? But it isn’t magic. It is all science. This mug represents all that most of humanity is trying to avoid seeing, but your environmental major is probably deeply concerned about—climate change. By pouring the liquid into it, the mug will not show such magic effects of global warming. While her message is a reminder of an alarming reality, this mug still makes meaningful and original gifts for environmental science majors.
  2. Levitating Plant Pot
    Environmental majors spend a lot of time in a lab or on fieldwork. Considering how specific and unique their subject is, they will be thrilled to get more than just a gift. They want a refined experience that stands out. Finding the gifts for environmental science majors like that might sound challenging, but this magnetic bonsai that defies gravity checks all the boxes. The plant pot is levitating, and while it looks like a perfect illusion, your environmental major will be pleased to explain its mechanism.
  3. Closed Aquatic Ecosystem
    Choosing a gift meant for the interior decor can seem too obvious, but if you are close to an environmental major, the odds are big you also don’t have a simple taste. You enjoy the quest for an intelligent and unique present. What about an item using NASA’s technology? This ecosphere pod looks like a product of a distant future or an object used in a sci-fi movie set in a spaceship. A world within, hidden in a synthesis of art and science, has to be an ideal gift for environmental science majors for your beloved environmental major.
  4. Solar Power Bank
    Scientists appreciate practical things, actions rather than speech, and the most important - saving energy. If you have one in your life, you are aware of how much he cares about energy consumption and the well-being of our planet. Therefore, if you want to surprise him with a useful and thoughtful gift, make his values define the present. A solar, portable charger will show how much you appreciate those values. Thus, having one will mean a lot during the fieldwork or any outdoor activity. With these gifts for environmental science majors, he protects energy consumption and himself. Even in the worst-case scenarios, such as a global electricity outage.
  5. National Audubon Society Field Guide
    Although they love the practical work, scientists also spend a lot of time researching and reading a variety of literature. With well-developed reading habits, a new book will always be a good addition to their library. Surprise the one you care about with a Field guide to mushrooms of North America with a detailed description for each species. Awake his zest for exploring and prepare him for the expedition. A book is good for any occasion - passing a hard exam, gifts for environmental science majors, or getting the first job, and this one was made for any environmental enthusiast.
  6. Peterson Field Guide to Birds
    Clearly, a good adventure starts with good preparation. While your favorite scientist might know a lot about nature, he doesn’t know everything. Make sure he starts the voyage ready and knowledgeable about the smallest detail. A Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America will come in handy during the exploration thanks to its illustrated identification system. Whether your beloved is passionate about birds or likes to be informed, this guide is the perfect gift for environmental science majors will help them get the full picture of the world they study.
  7. Life Cycle Acrylic Block
    Studying environmental science can involve a lot of fieldwork focused on various elements, and one of them might be delving into a spectrum of habitats. If you are looking for gifts for environmental science majors, your present should reflect one aspect of his work. In a way, their work is dedicated to life - whether on Earth or in an ecosystem. That is why the life cycle of a frog acrylic block is a good idea. It is a place for writing notes, inventions, and ideas, all held inside representation of life’s development.
  8. Glow in the Dark Mushroom
    Nature can be a source of ideas, discoveries, and energy. It is also a place where you can find gifts for environmental science majors. Being nature-inspired makes it a matching present for an environmental major who spends so many hours analyzing it. But if you want to take it further, you need a gift that will light a spark in his curious brain. Call for an eccentric gift, and the mushroom plugs will glowingly appear. That’s right - they glow in the dark. They are a unique way to break the routine during exam days and cheer up your friend or a loved one.
  9. DNA Tree of Life T-Shirt
    Each scientist has that nerdy side that sometimes shows in his style or the number of books he is secretly harboring and reading every night. You probably know one like that, and you think what kind of a gift would let that inner nerd step out. The tree of life enveloped in a DNA t-shirt is contemporary and peculiar, and each tread is sewed for those keen on science. Show your beloved friend or a partner how well you know him with this t-shirt that sends scientific vibes and displays a bookish and intellectual personality, the perfect gift for environmental science majors.
  10. Ecosystems of the World Jigsaw Puzzle
    While most people work hard, but also play hard, environmental majors usually consider their work as playing too. They enjoy the chase for new information and coming up with new approaches to help the Earth breathe free again. The gifts for environmental science majors that let them play and learn together will be the ones that will captivate their attention. And you want nothing less for the one you care about. The planet Earth puzzle with 500 pieces will keep him completing the puzzle while being reminded of the world’s marvelous ecosystems.
  11. The Invention of Nature
    Books are always the answer. Whatever the occasion is, by giving a book to someone, you are giving him the world. For an environmental major, a book centered around the world of nature will feel like re-exploring what he is so passionate about. Although the chances are high that he is already familiar with the work of Alexander von Humboldt and Andrea Wulf, a classic like this is an idea that can turn into a stunning gift for environmental science majors compatible with every nature lover.
  12. Ocean Bracelet
    A pursuit for a compelling gift for an environmental major has to end with two goals accomplished - meaningfulness and a message. Their work aims to solve the world’s most burning issues and protect what the Earth gave us. End the pursuit with a gift that both sends the message and holds the meaning. A simple yet substantial bracelet made of recycled material whose purchase will help remove trash from the oceans. It is an ideal gift for environmental science majors for the period of demanding exams, graduation, or anniversaries.
  13. AeroGarden Harvest Elite
    Those who dedicate a lot of their time to make our environment more habitable might not have enough time left for their own. Maybe you know well one like that - diligent, studious, and always on the move. But it can’t even keep a plant alive. Obviously, he needs one that will survive even when he is stuck for hours in the lab. AeroGarden plant with a futuristic appearance is at no risk of immediately dying if on her own. This tech-fueled plant has a vacation mode that lets her grow without human help, making her a perfect gift for environmental science majors for your busy scientist.
  14. The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs
    Earth is full of tricks and secrets. Those who study science are probably aware of most of them, but make sure that your environmental major remembers how to decipher all of nature’s signs. The navigator Tristan Gooley will lead him on the path of re-discovery and learning, revealing the mysteries behind the stars, moon, sun, and plants. With this natural navigation book for gifts for environmental science majors, you will remind your friend, a child, or a partner of the worth behind the struggles of studying the environment.
  15. Mountains Nature Necklace
    Nature lovers get lost exploring, embarking countless adventures, and discovering amazing stories under a simple rock or behind the shiniest star. For those who study the environment, it is more than just passion. These gifts for environmental science majors are a way of life, and a gift that will incorporate that in their style will light up a smile on their faces. Gift a smile to the environmental major close to your heart with this mountain range necklace. Add a special spark to her style and surprise her with jewelry she will bring on every journey.
  16. Lab Girl
    A journal Cell Stem Cell has shown that women are taking over science as they make more than half of students, assistants, and professors in the academic world. If your friend, daughter, or girlfriend is one of them, a national seller Lab Girl is the gift for environmental science majors that will fuel her motivation and passion towards her major. Through her storytelling, Hope Jahren shows what drives a scientist while also making the readers feel like one.
  17. Gift Wrap That Grows
    Environmental scientists fight to keep all life on Earth blossoming and growing. Their studies, effort, techniques, and passion are the real warriors' worth of appreciation. What is a gift good enough for someone doing what most of us don’t? Flower seeds kept in a gift wrapper that grows when planted carry the inspiration and strength, the essentials in the battle for the environment. These gifts for environmental science majors do not need a reason; make a day worth remembering for your loved one just because.

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Wrapping Up Science gifts for him

So, if you know someone ready to walk into the path of an environmental science major, we’ve curated just the perfect lift for you. Among these unique gifts for environmental science majors, find the one to show appreciation for your favourite environmental science major.

By choosing eco-friendly gifts, we can inspire and empower these individuals to continue their important work in protecting and preserving our planet. Let’s celebrate environmental science majors and encourage their efforts in creating a more sustainable future for us all.



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