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Best Gifts for Female Programmers: 16 Ideas for Girl Coders, Developers, Software Engineers…

I know searching for the perfect gift to give a female programmer isn’t a kind of task you will like to find yourself in, as it can be so tasking and intriguing especially if you are not a programmer yourself.

Buying gifts might not be the problem but the relevance of the gift to the person you are giving really matters. I being a professional programmer myself, there are some things I crave for and always look forward to be presented to me as gift. So I will be giving a list of gifts your female programming friend would really cherish and value.

Best gift ideas for female programmers

Female programmers really loves apple products to do their magic. Female programmers are beautiful, intelligent and fragile. They love computers that are very easy to handle and won’t give them unnecessary headache.

If you know you have a female programmer as a friend who does not have a macbook, you can get it as a gift for her, she will really appreciates and value it. It has 1.8 intel core i5 dual core processor and can hold 256GB of information of her works. With it super speed property it will make her work faster and smooth.
Apple AirPods with Charging Case
Nothing is sweeter than working on codes and listening to soft music at the same time. It brings some soft cool sensation and lot of inspirations. Apple airpods is a 0.14 ounce product with a dimension of 0.65 by 0.71 by 1.59. It can be easily set up for all her apple devices. It can last for as long as 15 hours when fully charged.

I remember getting it for my best friend who happens to be a female programmer. With the smile on her face I could sense she really appreciates it. It is always plugged to her ear every time. Seeing the airpod looking good on her brings a smile to my face every time as well.
The Pragmatic Programmer, Your Journey to Mastery (2nd edition)
Years ago when I was still a newbie in the programming world, it seems really frustrating and most times really boring. It was like that for me until I read the first edition of this book.

The first edition of this book influenced many newbie programmers like me. It latest edition is even far better than the first one, it is a complete book that covers a lot in programming ranging from career development to architectural techniques for keeping codes flexible and easy to reuse.

Female computer programmers are known to be good readers and getting this book for them will be one of the best gifts you can give as it will improve her programming career development.
Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse
This product is a smooth and one of the best wireless mouse. Female programmer sometimes get bored of the touch-pad as it might be tasking and challenging.

Logitech MX Master wireless mouse gives the comfort, convenience, portability and versatility that the touch-pad d can’t provide. It has a very strong and reliable bluetooth connection, extremely precision sensor, and can easily be Switched up to 3 devices.

If she has trouble while coding with her mouse, this gift may be one of the most useful gifts she has ever received. She will definitely use it everyday.
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Facing the computer all day with the naked eyes is not a sweet thing for programmers. It is also very unhealthy for her eyes. ANRRI glasses prevents blurred vision, headache, eye fatigue and it also cut 90% of the blue light that is being emitted from the screen of the computer system. It is made up of TR90 frames and polycarbonate lenses.

Presenting ANRRI glasses as a gift to her shows you really care about her health.
Fitbit Charge 3
This is a small multi-purpose product worn on the wrist. It is a water-proof 7.1 inches wristband with radio transceiver. Sometimes girls who have a programming career can be so busy writing codes that they often lose track of time and events.

Fitbit helps stay connected to everyday apps. You get notifications for your calls, text, weather and many more. It also measure calorie burn and heart beat rate. All these functions all in one wrist product. It also has a strong battery life which can last up to 7 days and a charging time of 2 hours.
HTML Code Wall Clock
How about gifting her with this fun wall clock that goes well with her programming career?

If she does a lot of coding and programming and rarely takes breaks, tell her it's time for a break with this gift. And tell her in a language she will surely understand, HTML. Even female beginners in programming will understand and find this unique wall clock humorous and interesting.
Verilux Bright White Therapy Lamp
Female coder are very hard working, sometimes they work till night. Absence of natural light might not really give them the needed inspiration needed for the code they are working on. Verilux lamps provide the light level intensity needed for effective light therapy. It is ultra-violet free with full spectrum light. It fit perfectly into office décor and also into home décor anytime she is working from home. It can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

This gift provides the natural light inspiration she needs anytime she is developing software, mobile applications, or programming games at odd hours.
Women who are programmers are not the type that goes around carrying laptops with their bare hands, they rather prefer it to be cascaded in a light bag. It makes it easier carrying their laptop around. Trust me women programmers rarely go a single hour without their laptops which have to be conveyed in the laptop’s bag. You can present it as a gift for her. You can get it at a very affordable price for your programming friend.
USB Portable Desk Fan
When working for a long time on the computer it might get really hot, this is the reason why anyone who works a lot at the computer loves to have a desk fan. AirArtDECO 6 inch USB portable Desk Fan is a 2-speed control USB powered fan with 6 blades and 1.5m USB cable.

It will make the computer to cool off and also make the room to be cool. It is portable and very light in weight making it easy to carry about. You can get it as a small but useful gift for her.
Clean Code Handbook
This is one of the best gifts you can present to a female programmer. It is an agile of software craftsmanship. It was written by Robert C. Martin. It is a book that has helped numerous programmers including me to write very clean codes as clean codes is a very important factor when writing a program.
Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
Ember smart mug helps keep hot drinks in the exact temperature you want between 120 Fahrenhit to 145 Fahrenhit.

If you know anything about coding you will know it requires a lot of brain work, that is why most programmers are likely to have a glass of hot coffee with them on their desk . Ember mug has one hour battery life and can be operated easily with a smartphone if you have the ember application.
The Art of Computer Programming
A book by the legendary Donald E. Knuth popularly known for his works on algorithms and programming techniques. Art of computer programming is a book in which every female programmer desire to have on their shelf as it covers what even programming expert don’t know.
Computer Mouse Pad
This is a rubber base 11 by 8.5 inches Mouse pad. It makes the dragging of the mouse smooth and preventing any malfunction it is likely to suffer due to friction. It is also waterproof.

Amazon Prime Music Subscription

So many female programmers are lovers of music they don’t joke with it while working. Amazon prime music is the biggest musical collections and I am so sure that she will always find her kind of music in it. Although it is not a physical gift she will still adore it for sure.

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I hope you get the perfect gift for a female programmer from the above list. When choosing a gift it is best to keep in mind that the gift should be useful for her and that it is nice to be related with her programming occupation.