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Camera, pen, and a hunger for the freedom of speech, we know journalism is a beacon of hope for many. Do you know someone who is prepping to enter this lunatic, crazy, and exciting world? If so, then let’s get you the best gifts for a journalism major that’ll be just right for that creative human in your life.

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Gifts for Journalism Majors

Our Recommended & Handpicked Gifts For Journalism Majors

  1. The Desktop Organizer
    However, there is plenty of room still for optimization and personalization with a tool like this. So, with this gift, your journalism student will be able to enhance their workflow and not distract themselves from their work. This organizer is indeed the best gifts for journalism majors.
  2. Bulk Notepads
    Speaking of prioritizing workflow, you can’t do much more than guarantee easy access to lots of paper. Bulk journalism gifts are less common but more thoughtful. You are buying peace of mind for them for a long period, making it to be the ideal gifts for journalism majors.
  3. Bulk Pens
    However, with a bulk order of pens that trainee journalist is not going to have to stress when they do. No, when the inevitable occurs, you will have provided them with copious backups to fall back on. Indeed the gifts for journalism majors for all your loved ones out there, this product is excellent for any occasion.
  4. Dictaphone Audio Voice Recording Tool
    The role of the journalist can include interviews, quotes, and opinion pieces. The kind of gifts for journalism majors is best captured live, edited later, and lastly written. However, you only really have one chance to get the first take and reaction to things for those recordings. You need a reliable, safe, and quality solution to how best to collect the thoughts and meaning of those speaking.
  5. Encrypted Password Protected Flash Drive
    Those investigative threads, sensitive topics, and personal memories we collect must be done so carefully. A journalist is never too early in their career to consider the anonymity of, the security of, and legal obligations to third parties that speak to them. Poorly stored secrets can hurt people, and so we need adequate means to handle data, which is why this product is one of the ideal gifts for journalism majors out there!
  6. Locked Journal and Planner
    Sometimes who we meet and where we go tells more than what was said. Your journalist can protect their sources, their scoops and their stories by protecting your personal affairs with this diary as the best gifts for journalism majors. A simple solution to a complex problem.
  7. The Leather Journal
    This journal boasts authentic leather and thick paper so that bleed-through won’t affect the final result. A journal to be filled over time and kept. Indeed a thoughtful gifts for journalism majors for your curious friend.
  8. Bamboo Fountain Pen
    So, maybe you don’t want many pens either. Well, like the above quality journal, we have a quality pen. These gifts for journalism majors are more for calligraphy and pretty writing than mere function, but no less functional either. This is a pen for those who really want their written word or signature to carry a secondary aesthetic to it all of its own.
  9. A Classic Typewriter
    Many would cherish the idea of a classic typewriter. The old school is far from dead. Other classic items like record players and pocket watches are firmly in style and demand. Plus, there is nothing like the punch of an authentic typewriter key as the best gifts for journalism majors and the sound when you hit the end of the page and reset.
  10. The Tactical Pen
    Sometimes while out on the case or while working on a story, you might find yourself in a weird situation. This is where you’ll be happy to have an inconspicuous self-defence slash survival tool. Most certainly a better to have and not need than need and not have item. However, if the worst happens and all of a sudden you’re in trouble or witness a crime, then this will be a game-changer. Part self-defence. Part DNA collector. Part glass breaker. This is a useful tool, the best gifts for journalism majors in a journalist’s kit.
  11. Waterproof Camera
    They won’t always be able to have a cameraman. They also won’t be able to pick the locations. It’s gonna rain. Cameras will get wet. Thankfully, this little beauty is an affordable, waterproof, and portable gifts for journalism majors. An easy addition to the on the go life of a journalist chasing their leads. Don’t be weighed down by heavy, cumbersome equipment that you don’t need. Instead, use this lightweight option to get what you do need from your story and move on.
  12. Smartphone Keyboard
    We all wish we could always have our ergonomic victorian typewriter encrusted in gold, but sometimes minimal resources will be available for gifts for journalism majors. In those moments you need lightweight, portable solutions to remove barriers preventing you from writing.
  13. High-Performance Backpack
    The truth is that sometimes one will need to move for stories or to meet sources as the best gifts for journalism majors. While not necessarily for our criteria, these bags are big, reliable, and weatherproof. So they are a good option for the reporter on the go looking to preserve their equipment, spare their spine, and get the story written.
  14. Lap Desk
    Further on the topic of portable workstations and we have the portable desk. These gifts for journalism majors are perfect for commuter students, those who want to work in their car, or just anyone struggling to get a desk.
  15. An L Shaped Desk
    Assuming you’ve got the space having one desk for the computer and one for writing is a great setup. So unlike the prior items and their work on the go ethos for when you can’t get to the ideal space, this aims to be that space. What would be the desk we want to get home to? Well, for those who need easy access to their computer and a place to write in peace, it will be a desk with adequate space. Couple these gifts for journalism majors with a swivel chair, and you’ve got the perfect dual workstation for the busy journalism student..
  16. Notebook Cover and Organizer
    This product comes with a pocket for your phone, cards, and a pen holder as gifts for journalism majors. The cover offers an easy option for those looking to bring only the essentials to an interview or seminar.
  17. Support the Freedom of the Press Pop Socket
    Speaking of pop sockets exist and are a good tool for keeping your phone safe while handing it. With this pop socket as one of the best gifts for journalism majors, you get the added benefit of displaying your opinion regarding the freedom of the press.
  18. Novelty Travel Mug
    Of course, you won’t always be travelling, and so one also needs a good household mug. A lighthearted little gifts for journalism majors that remarks on one of the cliched phrases of the industry.
  19. Novelty T-Shirt
    Maybe Louis Theroux is not their cup of tea, or maybe he is, but he is a knowledgeable person. His brand of weird investigatory as the best gifts for journalism majors dives into subcultures has become very popular, and this shirt is a clever little play on his name.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of the best gifts for journalism majors, here is a list that you can look for while finding lemur gifts.

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