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18 top gifts for martial arts instructors in 2021

Gift Ideas Martial Arts Instructors

Looking for the perfect token of appreciation for your martial arts instructor? Aiming to give him the most suitable presents to express your admiration for him? If that’s a double nod, here, check out these thoughtful Martial Arts Instructor Gifts that’ll bring a smile to your martial arts instructor’s face. This is your ultimate guide for the best gifts for martial arts instructors.

Check out these gifts for martial artists below.

Martial Arts Instructor Gifts

Best gifts for martial arts instructors

Motivational Martial Arts Poster
Is your martial arts instructor a type who earned all of their belts the hard way and trained their whole life to become the best and to spread their knowledge to anyone? If that’s the case and you want them to always feel good about the work they are doing, then you can surprise them with this cool decoration that will look amazing in their gym or dojo. These gifts for martial arts instructors are a motivational piece of art that will be an inspiration to anyone who sees it.
Research Of Martial Arts Book
This book will make a great gift if your martial arts instructor is very serious about what they teach and they don’t fool around with their skills. It’s a book that represents the realistic view of the martial arts and strays away from all of the fantasy warriors and violence we see in the movies. While martial arts is a powerful skill to master, the book shows realistic studies about the arts and involves a little bit of history and humor. All and all, it’s a very good book gifts for martial arts instructors.
Karate Girl Christmas Ornament
If your instructor is a person you appreciate as much as any other for the life skills they have thought you, then you might want to include them in your Christmas gift-giving list this year. These gifts for martial arts instructors would suit them very nicely as it represents their passion and profession. Everyone loves receiving gifts at Christmas, so I’m sure that they will too.
The Martial Arts Instructor’s Toolbox
Have you heard of the saying “A Man Learns Until They Die”? What that means is that anyone, no matter if they are a pro or novice, always has more to learn. This book is a great way to show that, and it will make a very nice and thoughtful gift for your martial arts teacher. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not made for people with zero skill. The purpose of this book is to improve teaching martial arts? It has helpful tips that will solve a lot of problems, like kids that cause trouble and establishing friendly relationships with their parents. Your instructor will be thankful for these amazing gifts for martial arts instructors.
Martial Arts Shoes
You have probably seen these types of shoes in movies, where the sensei is wearing them. Well yes, they are real and very comfortable for people in that profession. They are made for flexibility and durability which are crucial for training. If you decide to go with this gift you will be assured that your sensei will always be comfortable when training. You might want to get a pair of gifts for martial arts instructors for yourself when you see how comfortable they are.
Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
A fitness tracker is a great way for someone to monitor their health, as well as their progress. If they like to set goals for themselves and constantly challenge their limits then this would be an amazing choice for them. It has everything they need to track their heart rate and condition, as well as see if they have beaten yesterday’s progress. After you give them this fitness tracker as gifts for martial arts instructors, you will probably see them training more and more.
Combined Qigong, Yoga, and Acupressure Exercises by Dr. Yang
If you looking helpful gift then this is the right one. The DVD contains a powerful morning routine that the world-renowned Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming practices every day to loosen the tension in his body, improve circulation and feel more alive. He uses the Qigong Routine which is basically a combination of simple yoga stretches, qigong movements, and acupressure techniques which help relieve tension as well. If you are starting to think that your instructor is feeling a bit more stressed, then you can help them out by giving them this DVD as gifts for martial arts instructors so they can help themselves.
Bruce Lee T-Shirt
There is an astronomically high chance that anyone who practices martial arts has either heard of Bruce Lee or idolizes him. The guy is an inspiration to everyone, martial arts skills or not, so the best gifts for martial arts instructors. He knew valuable life lessons and was determined to be the best. This T-Shirt has Bruce Lee on it and would be an inspiration to anyone who wears it. You can inspire your sensei and show that you value his teachings quite a lot.
Rebreakable Board With Pad
Take a look at the new and improved way to test someone’s ability to break a board with their skill. This board can actually be broken approximately 1000 times before they will need to get another one. You can save your instructor a lot of money just by simply getting them this amazing gifts for martial arts instructors. You can understand how this is way cheaper than buying a lot of wooden boards every day for training the students. On top of that, you are helping the environment by not wasting wood.
Karate Sparring Metal Coat Rack
Decorating the dojo with all kinds of martial arts-related decorations will definitely help bring in a lot of new students. This coat rack, one of the best gifts for martial arts instructors, is among the list of such decorations as it features two pals sparring and testing their karate abilities. From now on the students will have a cooler place to hang their coats when they come into your instructor’s dojo.
Complete Krav Maga, Guide
Krav Maga is actually a military self-defense martial art. But, that doesn’t mean that anyone can’t practice and train it. If you have a wonderful instructor who can always improve their skills, then you can do a nice gesture for them by giving them this cool guide. These gifts for martial arts instructors are a great way for them to strengthen their skills and reflect upon their students as well.
Ninja Shaped Ceramic Mug
Even martial arts instructors sometimes need coffee to boost their energy. But, if yours doesn’t drink coffee then it’s not a problem, this mug is great for tea as well as any other drink they like. It’s quite big so they can drink a lot of it. The shape of this mug is what makes it special for the occasion as it resembles a ninja. Don’t be surprised when you see them drinking out of this mug all the time, even at work as the best gifts for martial arts instructors.
Athletics Defiance Kickboxing Short MMA Shorts - Muay Thai, BJJ, WOD, Cross-Training, OCR
Don’t think that these shorts are limited to only kickboxing. They feel comfortable enough for any martial art there is. They would make a great gifts for martial arts instructors for your amazing martial arts instructor who trains all the time. They are great for training all day due to their tear-resistant material, which means that these shorts will serve them for years to come.
The Book Of Five Rings
Based on a true story and the life of a powerful martial artist, this book is filled with knowledge on how to overpower your opponents, fighting strategies, and the experience of Miyamoto Musashi on how to deal with his students in order to bring out the most of their training. A book that will definitely benefit instructors and make them read it over and over again. These gifts for martial arts instructors are thrilling book that is filled with tons of useful information for anyone who wants to understand the full potential of martial arts.
MMA Jiu Jitsu UFC Judo Standing Wrestling Dummy
Here is a little help for your judo instructor’s dojo with the students to practice their newly learned judo techniques. These dummy is of high quality and will definitely take a lot of beating from their students. You can make your martial arts instructor very happy with the gifts for martial arts instructors which will improve their students’ skills buy a lot.
Martial Arts Wall Art
This is a quite big canvas set of five pieces that will cover the wall of a gym or dojo in the best way. These gifts for martial arts instructors are a great photo of a motivated martial artist that is sure to inspire students to work harder and harder. The instructor you give this to will definitely be very grateful and will rush to hang it on the wall immediately.
Bubishi: The Classic Manual Of Combat
This is another great book regarding the improvement of a martial artist to the fullest. The book contains treasured knowledge about martial arts-related philosophy, medicine, strategy, and outstanding techniques that are sure to bring out the most of anyone who learns them. A truly great gifts for martial arts instructors for a martial arts master who is always looking for ways to improve themselves and their students.
World’s Best Sensei Mug
No gift idea list is complete without a special mug for every occasion. This one says “World’s best sensei” and the sensei getting it will definitely be very proud to use it every day. If you are their student and decide to give this mug, rest assured that they will surely have a new kind of respect and appreciation gifts for martial arts instructors for you.

Wrapping Up

Martial arts can improve balance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and posture. We can only improve you gift-giving skill. Choose wisely and treat the instructor with a gift, showing that you appreciate everything that has been done for you.

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