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Creative Gifts for Physics Teachers

Holidays are coming and you still don’t know how to find the right gift for your physics teacher. Don’t panic, hopefully, our list of gift ideas will help you as it is written by a physicist to find right gift for a physics teacher! Here are some gifts that will satisfy any physics teacher around, no matter how picky they are.

Gifts for Physics Teachers

Schrodinger's Cat Heat Changing Mug
Heat changing mugs are interesting and even more so to a physicist if they represent Schrödinger’s cat. Schrödinger’s cat is a nice thought experiment that sparked the beginnings of the Quantum physics theory and therefore every physicist knows it by heart. It is closely connected to the entangled states. And of course, every physicist wonders what happened to the cat in the box.
Albert Einstein Christmas Ornament
If it’s the Christmas time and you want to surprise a physics teacher you may as well consider getting these cute glass Christmas ornaments for his Christmas tree. Energy is equal Christmas (it is a vacation period for most, so this is a hundred percent true).
Physics Teacher Notebook
You can never mistake with a notebook as a gift for physics teachers even it may seem as a cliché. I can assure you that a physicist doesn’t have enough notebooks… ever. Even more so if it shows something this important in physics. Every physicist is amazed by the fact that matter turns into energy and vice versa. It is a well known fact, established by Einstein in his theories of relativity with his famous equation. And you simply cannot make a mistake with this choice.
SEM T-Shirt
Physicists like to keep track with the newest scientific discoveries. Many major breakthroughs were made in the modern physics and science in total by using this microscope (and other forms of electron microscope). And the T-shirt looks cool with a scheme of the microscope on it!
Newton’s Cradle
Even though Newton’s cradle (or pendulum as it is called sometimes) is a simple device, it can be used for demonstration of conservation of momentum and energy by a physics teacher. It had found its way to many offices and classrooms as an interesting educational tool, or just a stress relief tool.
Tesla and Transformer Print
Fabulous picture of Tesla who is sitting close to his big transformer is something that can adorn a wall in a physicists’ home or maybe even can find its place in a classroom. Tesla is one of the most famous inventors and had made a big contribution to physics/engineering (as a matter of fact he made a big contribution to the entire world) and there is no physics teacher that wouldn’t like this picture as a present.
Tesla’s Lamp
This little crystal ball is also called Plasma ball. Potential difference is generated by a Tesla’s coil (hence the name). When static electricity is created it can be controlled by ones hands. It is entertaining to everyone, from small children to adults (no matter the profession). A physics teacher could use this lamp in his classroom in order to teach students about static electricity among other things.
If your friend is obsessed with space, or simply likes star gazing, you cannot miss with a gift like this! A Telescope is something that many people would like to have, nonetheless physicists, who spent time at University studying astrophysics and imagining things in their own heads at first.
The Mirascope
This device uses basic principles of light reflection in order to create an illusion on the top of the instrument. It is made out of two concave mirrors from which, after reflected, the light gets out and creates a three-dimensional illusion of an object put at the bottom of the mirascope. The instrument works with small objects and creates convincing illusions. It could be a nice gift for the physics teacher as he could use it to show special ways of reflecting light to the classroom after a lecture on Mirror optics.
Ferrofluid was invented by Steve Papell of NASA in 1963. The liquid consists of small ferromagnetic nanoparticles which help liquid get highly magnetized in the presence of external magnetic field. This allows for creation of various shapes that look astonishing and beautiful. This would be the perfect physics teacher gift, as it could be used in the classroom to show magnetic properties to students. And it looks cool also!
Physics Master Building Set
This could be perfect for a physics teacher that also has kids that are starting to learn physics. This kit contains a lot of cool toys that can be used in order to simulate the laws of inertia, conservation of energy and momentum. Also, it contains an activity book with a lot of experiments so it can be used in a classroom as a nice addition to the lectures.
Think Like a Proton – Keychain
With this gift you will surely bring a smile to your friends face whenever he sees it. As proton is one of the smallest particles and its charge is always positive and equal in magnitude to the charge of an electron (which is negative) this little saying on the keychain will indeed help in staying positive even if one is having a really bad day.
Tesla’s Transformer
Tesla designed his Transformer (sometimes called Tesla’s coil) in 1891. It transforms regular electricity into a low current and high voltage alternating-current(AC) electricity. You can even touch the tip of this kind of transformers with the bare hands and not feel anything. If you bring a light bulb closer you will see the electrons passing through the bulb. Also, you can channel current through your hand to the light bulb. It feels like the power is in your hands! It is an amazing thing to have, especially for a physics teacher who could show the effects of transformers to the students in reality.
Rubik’s Cube for Physicist
Rubik’s cube can be a nice gift to physics teachers since it will challenge their brains. But what if the cube’s sides are not just plain colors, but actually meaningful physical formulas that need to be arranged properly in order to solve the cube? The fun suddenly gets bigger.
If you have a friend that is a physicist and that likes to wear interestingly patterned neckties, then you cannot choose better! Which physics teacher wouldn’t like to wear a tie patterned with MOSFET transistor?
Pascal’s Demonstrator
If your physics friend is currently teaching hydrodynamics and his birthday is coming soon, you may as well get him Pascal’s demonstrator as a gift. He can use it in the classroom in order to show Pascal’s law and to explain some applications of that law in the industry, such as hydraulic lifting or pressing devices.
Optical Prism Set
If If that someone who teaches physics is obsessed with optics or just simply loves playing with light, this little set of seven optical prisms can be an interesting gift to him. Either he will play with it home, creating various shapes from the light that passes through prisms, or he can bring it to the classroom, to show the way light transmits through them and explain the way they are used in scientific and industrial applications.
Battery-Potato Clock
Great numbers of people don’t know that vegetables or fruits can also be used for producing electricity. This kit can be used by physics teachers in order to educate and help raise the imagination of his students, and also show them the way electricity can move even through living things.
The Physics of Star Wars
You could buy a lot of books and make physicists happy. But this one is special. Star Wars will never get old. It’s intriguing for a physics teacher to read about such things as light sabers, starships, and others. This book will give insight into physics behind the Star Wars and also in the present technology level. How far we need to go yet, in order to achieve some of the things depicted in the Star Wars franchise? I am sure physicists could debate on this forever, and that they will simply love this gift!
3D Mini Printer
This 3d mini printer could be a gift for everyone, not just physics teachers. It can be used by all age groups, from the kids to the old people. 3D printers are captivating people for some years already. Imagine getting one of your own. It could be used to create some very interesting stuff. As a matter of fact, if you had it, you could use it to make some gifts on your own!
Egg of Columbus
This Tesla’s invention has first been demonstrated at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. It is called “Egg of Columbus” and it shows how a metallic egg can change the position due to gyroscopic actions. Firstly spun on its side, the egg will quickly get into the vertical position. This can be used as a demonstration of angular momentum to students or as an addictive gadget.