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22 Great Gift Ideas for Political Science Majors

Everyone has a friend, family member or colleague who has studied political science or been studying it. There are plenty of special days to give them gifts. However, while choosing a gift is already a hard process, it is even harder to choose gifts for political science majors as they are prima donna (the ones who like very hard) as well as are ready to judge any gift you might finally find. But don’t you worry! Here are 22 excellent gift ideas that even political science majors will be very happy to take.

Gifts for Political Science Majors

Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and the Right
Political science majors want to advance in political atmosphere. To do so, they need comprehensive understanding of domestic and global politics. This encyclopedia consisting of four hundred and fifty articles covers fundamental and advanced issues of everyday life politics.
USA Founding Documents Bundle
What might be a better gift than the founding documents signed by the founding fathers? This Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which are printed on genuine parchment just like the original one, will enhance patriotic feelings as well as take your political science major friend to those days it was written.
Coffee Mug
What Political Science majors generally do is to comprehend, induce and debate political arguments through critical thinking. To do this, they need to stay awake and have plenty of energy. With this coffee mug, you can help them do so. While giving a gift for their needs, you can also show off with you sense of humor!
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
Just in case you are wondering who this Machiavelli is, he is George Washington of the political science! And without reading The Prince, it is impossible to understand the roots of the world politics. This is an indispensable piece for political science majors. You can also have it in electronic format. By the way, get one for yourself to have a solid background to debate on world politics.
Machiavelli T-Shirt
This t-shirt is not just an ordinary one, as you know who Machiavelli is, this is why any political science major with a good sense of humor will wear it proudly with different color options. Their respect for your sense of gift choosing will be increased after seeing his name!
Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug
Presidential elections are important for all. But how many slogans do you remember for these important elections? With this mug, you bring political memories back to life.
IPhone 11 Pro
These people need full access to the latest developments to be aware of any last minute events. The best way to provide this is with this latest model iPhone. They can use it to check their twitter accounts, get breaking news notifications and share their favorite articles with fellow colleagues along with other millions of tasks.
Apple AirPods Pro
Political Science majors loves talking either face-to-face or via phone. To help them talk smoothly even in the crowd, during transportation or just before a hot political debate, this gift is the best option with the noise reduction. These professional looking AirPods can be even used for live broadcast as well as listening to music that they are fond of.
MacBook Air
Who can say “no” to this latest notebook? Not even political science majors can judge you with this gift! They need to search, write and edit articles, read e-books and prepare presentations and speeches; this notebook covers all their needs as well as making their files protected with their unique fingerprints.
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
The ones who know the most about the importance of power, political power, are, without doubt, political science majors. With this best-seller book which is written based on the philosophies of the founding fathers of the political science namely Machiavelli, Tzu and Von Clausewitz. This book will help them reach the next level in their non-stop debates!
American Flag Cufflinks
What political science majors also like as much as they like political debates is wearing power suits with fancy accessories. This is why this gift will just complete their professional looking. In addition, the American flag contributes to his/her patriotic stand.
Republican Party Cufflinks
If you want more than a patriotic gift to complete his/her professional looking, the Republican Elephant might be what you are looking for! Just as the 2020 elections are a few months away, this gift will reflect the Republican support. To give both patriotic and Republican influence, this one can be paired with the American flag cufflink, too.
Democrat Party Cufflinks
Well, not everyone supports the Republican Party. This is why this might be a perfect with for political science majors supporting the Democrat Party. While contributing to professional looking, it reflects Democratic perspective. Just like the above gift, this one can also be paired with the American flag cufflink. Let the 2020 election support begin!
Sarcastic Funny T Shirt
Just like everyone, political science majors also wear T-Shirt. But with this T-shirt, you can make them smile with your sarcastic humor. You will also help others understand the message in case they might get into a debate with one of political science majors. A win-win for everyone!
Great Jobs for Political Science Majors
Despite the fact that they seem to handle their careers by themselves, even the proudest political science majors need professional help for their career planning. This book has helped hundreds of them already since 1998, why should not your friends or family member benefit from it?
Socks Gift Box
There is no one who can say no to these socks. These can be worn with every outfit with comfort. While keeping their feet warm and comfortable during the day, these will contribute to patriotic outlook. Political science majors will enjoy wearing these while trying to solve all world problems!
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Just like Machiavelli, Orwell is of the best masters of political affairs. And his Nineteen Eighty-Four is a must to read over and over again. While it was written during the Cold War, it even fits into any political oppression in the world now. This gift will help your political science major friends or family members have a different perspective that they would not have without this book.
To Do List Notepad
It might be a perfect gift for female friends and family members. Political science majors also need a notebook to remember things to do, this will just do it. While showing your respect for gender equality both in the Senate and in the House and in political science, you will get much more respect for your gift choice.
Constitution of United States Silk Necktie
As political science majors like power suits, this tie will definitely contribute to their standing. This necktie with the constitutional articles on it will make a positive impact in hot debates with a patriotic touch!
The Contender
A political science major is a possible candidate for presidential elections in the future. Why don’t you make him/her ready for the days to come? While having fun with the real elections quotations, your friends and family members will feel the debate atmosphere thanks to you.
Best of Enemies
During the high tension years of the Cold War, William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal, the Republican and Democratic intellectuals respectively, debated each other on TV. This is the perfect gift for those who missed the chance to experience it alive, but have opportunity to experience it now. Political science majors will learn much from these debates!
Presidential Campaign Posters
As it was mentioned above, presidential is one of the most important events not just for major in political science but also for everyone. With these one hundred posters, you will take your friends and family members to those days of election. Make them feel the atmosphere of presidential campaign from Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama with this historical gift.