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15 Gift Ideas for School Librarians

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a school librarian? These members of the school organize and manage collections of books that help children in educating. School librarians like books, no, they love books and if you give them gifts that have a connection to books and literature, it will be perfect. We’ve searched hundreds of book related ideas and narrowed them to 15 top picks we think school librarians will especially appreciate.

Gifts for a School Librarian

Novel Teas - Literary Quotes English Breakfast Tea Bags
There’s nothing quite like sitting down to read a book with a nice hot cup of tea beside you is there? With these ‘Novel Tea’ teabags, each comes tagged with a quote from a famous author, so the bookworm in your life has something to read and ponder whilst their tea is brewing. Featuring authors such as C.S. Lewis, William Phelps & Alice Hoffman, this is the perfect gift for a school librarian who loves books (and tea of course!)
Kindle Paperwhite
Librarians tell you that they’ve filled the bookshelf in their home. Would you suggest they buy another? Maybe, but that wouldn’t necessarily be practical. Instead, give them the power to hold thousands of books in the palm of their hand with the new Kindle Paperwhite. Waterproof as standard, you never need to worry about having an accident during your bathtime reading sessions again. With a glare-free screen even in bright sunlight, coupled with a battery life that lasts weeks instead of hours, look no further for the ultimate literary gift.
‘Open books, open mind figure’
The perfect gift to give when words just aren’t enough, this Willow Tree sculpture by Susan Lordi has you covered. Cast from Susan’s original carving before being painted by hand, the ‘Learning’ sculpture is the perfect gift for anyone who finds enjoyment or fascination in the pursuit of learning. Accompanied by an enclosure card with the words ‘Open books, open minds’, this figure expresses the quiet enjoyment and wonder that is found through reading. An ideal decoration for display around the home or the office, this gift will bring a smile to school librarian’s face.
Off the Bookshelf Coloring Book
There was a time when coloring books were intended for children, and children alone. Not anymore. In recent years, adult coloring books have become all the rage, with adults across the world rediscovering the cathartic pleasure that can be found within their pages. Beautifully illustrated by Samarra Khaja, the designs contained within this book are sure to bring fun and relaxation for the school librarian when he is away from work or when he is alone in the library.
The Greatest Opening Lines Of Literature Mug
For those librarians who rely on coffee to start the day, why not add in a touch of literary inspiration? This beautifully made mug is the perfect gift for a school librarian or anyone who appreciates great writing! Featuring the opening lines from some of the greatest literature ever written, such as A Tale Of Two Cities, Moby Dick and more, have this mug on display for a wonderful conversation starter, or drink from it every morning for your daily dose of literary gold! Combine with the ‘Novel Teas’ located earlier in the list for an incredibly thoughtful gift sure to be appreciated by anyone.
Zipper Pouch for Bibliophiles and Readers
Have you ever seen a better library themed gift for a school librarian than this? For this money, certainly not. If you do not want to spend a lot of money and still be known as the best gift giver, this is the right choice. There is no female librarian who will not be thrilled to receive this zipper pouch as a gift. What better way to show off your love of reading than with this range of book-themed zipper pouches? Show off your love of some of history’s most beloved literature and have something in which to store your pens/pencils/make-up/assorted bits and bobs! Featuring books such as Alice In Wonderland, Pride & Prejudice, Little Women and many, many more, this gift is as practical as it is thoughtful, and is sure to be well-received.
Library Book Socks
There are no better socks for them.

The logical addition to the above-mentioned pouch.
Reader Sculpture Decor for The Librarian's Desk
A perfect addition to the home or office or desk, this abstract sculpture depicts a slender figure reading a book whilst reclining into the curvature of the circle in which he sits. At 7.5 inches high and weighing in and 2.5 pounds, this sturdy and well-made sculpture can serve multiple purposes. Displayed on a shelf or table for a wonderful talking point or placed on a bookshelf for use as a bookend, this gorgeous sculpture is the perfect way to demonstrate a passion for reading.
Engraved Wooden Bookmark
For a bookworm, nothing can be more irritating than losing your page. Say goodbye to that problem with this beautifully-designed bookmark, laser-engraved with the quote ‘If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need’ by Cicero. Each bookmark is crafted by hand using only the finest hardwood, hand-picked for its natural beauty and color, before being finished with a golden rope tassel. Variations within the wood grain make each bookmark truly one-of-a-kind, this bookmark will undoubtedly make an incredibly thoughtful gift for any lover of books.
Book Nerd Socks
What better way to demonstrate a passion for the written word than with this range of literary-themed socks? Tell the world that they’re a proud book nerd, or that they love The Great Gatsby while keeping their feet warm and looking stylish. With a wide selection of colors and styles, you’re sure to find something here that will suit anyone.
Steampunk Bookshelf
I guarantee that the school librarian has never seen shelves like these before. Mounted using real iron pipework, these rustic-style bookshelves will look great wherever they put them and are sure to be a conversation starter whenever they have visitors. Simple, minimalistic and let’s be honest - incredibly cool, these shelves are sure to be a great addition to any home.
Library Collection Jane Austen Soy Wax Candle
Combining beautifully-fragranced candles with some of the greatest authors in history, look no further for the ideal bookworm’s gift than the Paddywax Candles Library collection. Featuring a host of famous authors such as Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, John Steinbeck, Edgar Allan Poe and many more, each candle in the selection comes in a beautifully-adorned gift box complete with author bio, photograph and stamped labels, the perfect gift for literature lovers.
Personal Library Kit
Are they someone who in private life generously lends books to their friends, only for them never to be seen again? Does their bookshelf have noticeable gaps where some of their favorite volumes once resided? With the Personal Library Kit, their woes are a thing of the past. They can also in their private life to bring the old-fashioned techniques used by librarians, with the included self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards and date stamp, and never lose track of your precious books again! Sure to bring a smile (and a twinge of nostalgia for some!) this is the perfect gift for the generous librarian in your life.
Genuine Leather-Bound Writing Journal
It can be difficult to keep track of your day-to-day goings in today’s digital world. Take things back to a simpler time with this beautifully-crafted leather-bound writing journal from POROMO. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, this genuine leather notebook comes with a leather strap to keep it secured, whilst offering a distressed look and a naturally soft touch. With 120 sheets of lined paper within, this notebook is very useful no matter what their writing needs maybe.
‘Just One More Chapter’ Cushion Cover
They are in the middle of a gripping novel, they look at your alarm clock and realise it’s 2 am. Do they read another chapter or get some much-needed sleep? It’s a dilemma that all lovers of books face at one time or another. The perfect home accessory for any school librarian, this cushion will look good on your bed, sofa, armchair, wherever it is that you like to curl up with a good book!
Book Shaped Vase
’’With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?’’ - Oscar Wilde. Combine two beautiful things (book and flowers) into one perfect gift for your school librarian. This ceramic vase will decorate every library in the right way, but also every home of literature lovers.

So there you have it, our definitive list of the perfect gifts for the school librarian in your life. Retirement, end of school, Christmas…, no matter the occasion, this list is sure to include something that will suit their tastes.