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17 Cool Gifts For Taxi Drivers

Finding the best gift ideas for taxi drivers can be hard, so this gift guide is here to help. You will definitely find something they want to get on our list.

Being a taxi driver can be a hassle sometimes. You can probably imagine if you ever thought about it, that driving around for half of the day, or night, in a car sounds fun, and it is, but only for a day or two. If you have someone you know who is a cabby, why not help make their work a bit easier and more interesting with one of these cool gifts we have prepared for you to choose from.

Have a look at our top picks on gifts for taxi drivers.

Gifts For Taxi Drivers

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Safety first, when it comes to driving a car all day, which is what this gift can be used for. Make sure your taxi driver friend avoids accidents while on their phone, chatting with family or something about work, and ensure their safety with these wireless and cool-looking earbuds. They come in an even cooler-looking little case that can also be used to charge the buds wirelessly. And another cool feature is that while in the case, they are completely waterproof, so they likely won’t need replacing for a long time.
Car Vacuum
A common complaint among fellow taxi drivers is that some of the people they drive around are very sloppy. They eat in the car, have dirty shoes and generally leave a mess. Well, you can solve someone’s problem with that, with this state of the art car vacuum. Help them clean their car like a pro and with ease. It comes with a lot of handy attachments which make it ideal for both wet and dry dirt. On top of that, it has a strong 106w motor which makes sure nothing is left behind.
New York Cab T-Shirt
Make this T-Shirt your taxi driver friend’s favorite one for work. If they don’t live in New York, but always wanted to, then definitely get it for them. It’s a perfect souvenir gift for a taxi driver who enjoys their job and wants to look fresh. It’s also going to make quite a conversation starter among their taxi driver buddies. It has a cool design of a yellow cab that resembles the typical taxi cab in New York.
Electric Car Blanket
This one is clearly going to come in handy for the winter times. If it gets colder than the car heating system can handle, then this electric blanket will definitely save the day. People don’t like getting out much in winter so maybe your friend who drives a cab will end up sitting in the car, waiting for someone to get in for hours. Luckily they will have their new blanket that you got for them as a gift to keep them warm through the cold days.
Taxi: Stories From The Back Seat
This is a book from the brilliant Aimee De Jongh and it’s about her stories she has heard from many taxi drivers. It’s a comic book, a memoir, and a commentary all in one. It’s very focused on small details that are very important for the stories she is telling. Feel free to give it to your driver friend so they can use it for self-improvement and to get a feel of what to expect out there in the taxi driving world.
Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses
Help your taxi driver look like the coolest one on the block with their brand new and original Ray-Ban sunglasses, which they got from you. Don’t forget to brag about that last part. They make even the most boring person in the world look hip and cool. Besides making them look cool maybe the most important part is that they also provide protection from the sun, as is their purpose. Avoiding being blinded by the sun is probably very important too, and last but not least, they are also unisex, so it works for everyone.
Taxi Driver, The Movie
Do you think that getting this movie to a person who drives a taxi for a living is predictable gift? Well, it probably is, but it’s still not a good enough reason not to get this movie for any cab driver who has not watched this true cinematic masterpiece.
Cup And Phone Holder For Cars
Of course, we can’t forget this important part of any car, especially for a taxi driver’s car. Where are they going to put their drinks, since they can’t stop every hour to go out for coffee or juice? It also serves as a great place to put their phones in for easy access. This is one gift that you can surprise someone who drives a taxi with, that is going to make their job a bit easier.
Car Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
This is also an important part of any car. It helps make the car ride more pleasant for customers and a way to feel at home for the driver. Show your colleague or friend who has this type of job, that you care for them and wish to make their job a bit more enjoyable by getting one for them. It actually comes with 2 sets, so it serves twice as much.
Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
This item is perfect for someone who relies on their car a lot and doesn’t want to replace their tires as much as they need to. Maybe someone like your favorite cabby. The digital tire pressure gauge is very modern with an LCD screen and a lightened nozzle for poorly lit areas. It shows everything precisely and doesn’t require guesswork like the analog ones. Gift it to a cabby you care about so they can feel safe knowing their tires are just fine and they can drive without worries.
Taxi Dash Cam Dual Camera
With a 1.5-inch LCD screen, the 6-glass HD dual lens dash cam simultaneously records front at 1920x1080P with 30fps and inside at 1080x720P with 25fps, which provides sharp high-quality videos/images and powerful evidence in case of an accident. Perfect for Uber/Taxi/Rideshare drivers or people who need to record both scenery and happy time with your families.
Complete Car Care Kit
Now here is taxi driver neat freak’s dream gift. This car care kit contains 12 products that cover cleaning everything in their car from applying coats for protecting the paint to cleaning the wheels and everything in between. Making the windows shine, getting the interior to look like a cleaning crew was in there, you name it and it’s probably in the care kit.
Loose Change Car Storage Box
If you are a taxi driver, then you know that making the customer wait until you find the spare change to give them is something no one likes. They lose time, but most importantly you lose it too, and that’s bad for business. If you found that this product kept you from having that problem and keeps everything organized, then how about you help a fellow colleague and get one for them as well.
Travis Bickle Action Figure
This is an action figure from the Funko POP Movies series. It’s the main character in the classic film: Taxi Driver! The figure features the character portrayed by Robert De Niro, holding a gun and wearing sunglasses. It’s a pretty cool decoration for a taxi driver’s car and a great conversation starter for any passenger who has seen the movie. Make sure your friend has some great conversations with passengers who are fans of the popular movie.
Car Garbage Can
This garbage comes with disposable plastic bags for assuring an odorless environment, and it can be hanged anywhere in the car to avoid using too much space. If you have a friend who love to take care of the hygiene in their taxi, then it’s the perfect to get this garbage can for them to help them get a better reputation and reviews from customers.
Drive Safe Keychain
If you have a family member or husband (boyfriend) who drives a taxi and wish to send them your best wishes, then this simple and thoughtful gesture should get the job done. It presents a great way of wishing someone to be safe while driving and a great accessory for their car keys.
Car Back Support Cushion
An important part for someone who drives taxi a lot is to be as comfortable as possible. They spend big amounts of time sitting and it’s important to feel comfy. Well, that’s exactly what this item offers. It’s made out of high-density memory foam and offers static pain and muscle tension relief. It also provides great back support throughout lumbar section. Prevent your friend from suffering from pain and help them enjoy their work a lot more with this gift that is sure to be much appreciated.