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29 Great Gifts For Trumpet Players

Looking for a perfect gift for a trumpet player but don’t know where to start? Let us help you. A musician who plays the trumpet will appreciate any gift connected with their passion. We’ve compiled a list of great gifts for the trumpet player in your life.

Great Gifts For Trumpet Players

Jazz Trumpet Player Statue Sculpture
This is a great representation of what the perfect trumpet player looks like. It’s a resin figurine that is painted to look bronze and it pulls the job off very nicely. It looks super elegant and makes as a nice decoration to a trumpet player’s home. Surprise your jazz musician friend with this nice looking trumpeter figurine.
Music From The Star Wars Trilogy: Trumpet Edition
If you know a trumpet player who also happens to be pretty big Star Wars fan, then do we have a most awesome gift for them. It’s a book filled with instrumental sheets on how to play the music masterpieces from the Star Wars trilogy. Every Star Wars fan knows that they sound amazing played on brass, which is what kind of instrument the trumpet is, and they definitely won’t be able to wait to start learning those very exciting songs.
Professional Grade Folding Sheet Music Stand
You might have seen these things if you have ever been to an orchestra playing somewhere or any similar event, in front of every pianist, violist, trumpet player and so on. This stand is used to hold their sheet music right before their eyes so they can never mess up the music and use it as a guide throughout the whole performance. It’s a very useful gift for a trumpet player you know that is constantly on stage playing their trumpet, in front of an audience.
Men’s Trumpet Patent T-Shirt
This T-Shirt has a copy of the original trumpet patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is a pretty cool design overall. Show that you support them with this nice T-Shirt that is sure to be exciting for them.
Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method For Trumpet
This book is also referred to as “The Trumpeter’s Bible” due to the very detailed knowledge it holds. It has hundreds of amazing exercises and tips on how to be a great trumpet player. It holds years of experience and is definitely going to bring a lot to someone who loves playing the trumpet. No matter if they are a novice or pro, this book has lots of useful information for anyone. You can make sure your friend gets all the knowledge and tips they can by getting it for them.
Portable Trumpet Stand
Trumpet owners know how expensive one can be and how easy it is to scratch it or damage it. That’s where this five-legged trumpet holder comes in very handy. It is very stable and provides a great and safe place for someone to place their trumpet when they are not using it. That should be reason enough about why you should get this special gift for a friend who has a very expensive trumpet and doesn’t want it to get ruined from falling.
Portable Handheld Digital Audio Recorder
This recorder is perfect for musicians who want to record their instruments, because it has very high-quality recording technology and it has a built-in chromatic tuner that allows the player to always be sure that they are in the right key and never mess up their recordings. It’s definitely something a musician would want to try out immediately and start working on recording their own melodies and songs.
Trumpet Player Wine Bottle Holder
Music and wine often go together and this wine bottle holder is something that will make sure that the wine bottle doesn’t get broken by accident and that it looks stylish at the same time. It’s perfect for someone who plays the trumpet and enjoys drinking the occasional glass of wine.
Mendini Pocket Trumpet
Take a look at the perfect gift for beginner trumpeters who can’t wait to start learning this amazing and joyous-sounding instrument. The trumpet can be lots of fun for someone who is just starting to learn the basics of it and it can offer so many cool melodies and songs. If you have a family member or a really close friend who just got into this fun journey, then be sure to surprise them with this mini trumpet that is going to teach them the basics of the instrument.
Set Of 12 Music Themed Coasters
Absolutely unique and original set of 12 vinyl record drink coaster, is wonderful gift for any music lover player from pianist to the trumpeter. These kinds of items will properly decorate the musician’s home. Grab this set of 12 cool music themed coasters and get ready for the next gift-giving occasion.
Finger Strengthener Tool
A great choice when you looking for a useful things. It’s a tool that makes sure they have strong finger muscles that won’t get craped and make it through some long playing sessions. It’s a very small and portable so they can always keep practicing and take it anywhere with them. I bet your friend will be super surprised and very excited when receive this practical gift.
The Lord Of The Rings Instrumental Solos: Trumpet Edition
This book contains music instructions on how to play the masterpieces of so many scenes in all of the movies. A trumpeter will definitely be spending a lot of time learning all of their favorite music pieces from their favorite songs in the movies. It’s going to be a lot of fun for them and it’s all thanks to your amazing gift picking skills.
Chop-Saver Lip Balm
Before you start saying that this one has no relation to them, please take a second look. Trumpet players use their mouth in order to play the trumpet, right? Well, they can’t afford to have dry, chapped or swollen lips for whatever reason and risk their trumpet playing performance. This lip balm will make sure their lips are fresh and healthy so they can continue playing without a problem and make some wonderful tunes.
Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster
This handy little gadget allows the player to have more air into the trumpet and not risk breaking the constant tone and sounding unprofessional. It has a very slick and elegant design and it is super easy to put on and take off. Once they tries playing with this helpful tool they will never want to be without it again. It’s basically a helpful tool that improves a trumpeter’s performance and makes the job a bit easier for them as well.
Skeleton Black Mariachi Band Trumpet Player Statue
How about this interesting decoration for a trumpet player’s home? Everyone likes getting some gifts to feel appreciated and they like it, even more, when they receive something that are related to their passions. Show them that you love their music talents and that you support their pursuit of a great trumpeter career.
A Pair Of Trumpet Themed Cufflinks
Imagine how cool these cufflinks would look on a trumpet player that is in the middle of a great performance in front of an audience. They are stylish and would go great with any look, especially when they are holding their musical instrument. Be sure to boost their performance confidence with these elegant cufflinks.
Trumpet Protection Case
The fact is that a good-quality trumpet can cost a lot of money and can be very fragile. If you want a trumpeter to prevent damaging or scratching their trumpet, then you can be of some assistance by getting them this premium looking protective case. It has very thick paddings on the inside which prevent damaging the trumpet from any unwanted accidents. Help them keep their gear safer with this extra safe carrying case.
Rep Decks: Trumpet Edition Cards
Playing cards are always a fun. It will be even more fun if the deck of cards you play is more interesting. This are the special edition called Trumpet Edition. The cards are decorated with fun trumpet illustrations and have special and unique notes on them that will only be understood by musicians.
Golden Trumpet Charm Pendant
Have a look at this amazing golden charm pendant that is in the shape of a beautiful trumpet. It is a very thoughtful gift for a relative or close friend who adores playing the trumpet and you could say that it’s their whole life. So, for someone who is very fond of this musical instrument, you could do them a nice favor and get them this elegant pendant and make them look a bit more stylish.
Essential Elements
This is a guide book that is specially made for beginner trumpet learners. It holds tons of useful information for both students and teachers on how to learn faster and has many techniques that will make the process of learning the trumpet go easier. The bokk also make it a lot more interesting for everyone. For trumpet teachers book has great tips on how to communicate with the students and the best ways to show them something in order to learn it easier.
Trumpet Mug
You could say that this is just an ordinary mug that is decorated with some interesting musical notes until you look at the handle on it. It’s in the shape of a trumpet and it’s definitely what makes this mug very unique gift for a trumpet player.
Yamaha Silent Brass System For Trumpet
Oh, you definitely have to see this one. This is a cool product for the trumpet that allows someone to make sure that they don’t bother anyone with the noise and so that only they can hear it in their headphones or speakers. This is a nice way to make sure they keep the music to yourself and it will definitely make a great gift for your sibling who is constantly playing the trumpet out loud. This way you both get something out of it.
Clip-On Mustache For Brass Mouthpiece
This is a funny one that makes someone who is playing the trumpet look like they have a big mustache. It’s an gag gift that will surely bring out some laughs out of their audience. Be sure to be the one responsible for those laughs by getting this funny mustache for mouthpiece.
TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet
This may just be the best possible choice for a gift for someone who is starting to play the trumpet. It’s a very nice looking beginner’s trumpet that is actually quite elegant-sounding and is definitely something no one will complain about. It’s a great gift for your child who is expressing some interest in the brass instruments or maybe a close relative who is talking about it nonstop.
Blue Juice Valve Oil
A very useful little tool that will make sure someone’s trumpet is in tip-top shape and that it’s sounding as good as possible. It’s a type of oil that is great for cleaning the internal space of a brass instrument and it will definitely do a great job for a trumpet. If you know someone who needs to take care of their trumpet more, then you know what to get for them as a thoughtful gift.
Christmas Tree Ornament
If Christmas is just around the corner then you know that it’s the time of year when you have to prepare gifts for everyone that you care about. If one of those people in the list happens to be a very passionate and ambitious trumpet player, then you just found a great ornament for them. It’s a cool trumpet ornament that will decorate their Christmas tree very nicely.
Funny Trumpet Mug
We have yet another mug for you that is definitely making someone who understands what it is saying laugh. The mug is a great choice for a musician who understands that the symbol B♭ means the note B flat. So, now that you too understand the funny message the mug carries, be sure to show it to a trumpeter you know as a nice gift.
Metronome Tuner For All Instruments
This is a gadget for musicians that is actually quite helpful. It can help someone like a trumpet player to find the tempo of a song or to set their own tempo. It also has an option to generate a signal or note, so that it can help them find what key they are in.
Broadway Trumpet Player Figurine
This is a very interesting-looking figurine of a person playing the trumpet that is made to look like it’s made from some nuts and bolts and nails. It’s a pretty decoration for any room, and it will definitely be much appreciated by a trumpet player who loves cool home decorations.

I was sweating doing this, just so you know. It’s not easy to make a list that should help you find the right gift for a trumpet player.

I hope you find something good, because if you don’t find what you want, it will mean that I wrote all this for nothing. That I spent all my day without any utility.

I don’t want that, I want you to be the one who found and picked the best gift for a trumpeter this year.