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19 Going Away To College Gifts That’Ll Be Appreciated!

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Check out the coolest going away to college gifts for the teenager who is leaving home. It’s their first time flying away from the nest, make it special.

Is it your graduation already? If so, then we know you’re searching for that last-minute college graduation gift for your loved ones. From mugs to t-shirts, the list of going away to college gifts is overwhelming and endless. Well, your problem is solved!

Gifts for friends going to college from this list are perfect for any friends going to college. Here is a list of going away gifts for friends going to college for your reference.

Going Away Gifts for Friends Going to College

Perfect Going Away To College Gifts

  1. Snack Box
    Who can say no to a box full of best snacks? Cravebox’s care package will make sure all of your friend's needs for sweets and savory snacks are fulfilled. It is affordable and easily deliverable, and your friend will owe you one. Whether they are happy or sad, if they want to celebrate an exam they passed or need a snack while watching their favorite Netflix show, this going away to college gifts box will be the perfect companion for the job!
  2. Good Friends are Like Stars Wood Box
    When your good friends go to college, it's nice to bring with them the knowledge that your friendship, no matter where they are, will remain strong with these going away to college gifts.
  3. Bluetooth Digital Pen
    Have you ever wanted to save your notes you write in your notebooks, on your computer as well, and all at the same time? Well, now you can, with this Bluetooth pen. It will provide sensitive and precise writing or drawing experience, with no lag between the tip of your pen and the line. It has been made to be consistent without a faulty dot. Help your friend store notes more practically and improve their studying efficiency by going away to college gifts!
  4. Countertop Blender
    Most of the modern students live off unhealthy fast food or quick microwave meals, that’s why they need a health kick now and then. When we say the healthy and convenient first thing that comes to mind are smoothies. This is why having a reliable countertop blender that doesn’t take too much space and makes smoothies in under a minute is necessary. Even if they aren’t fond of vegetables or fruits, they will love these going away to college gifts because everything tastes better in smoothie form.
  5. Leather Photo Album
    You have some amazing pictures with your friend, and you wonder how to make use of them. Get this 4x6 photo album, but the pictures inside, and give them to your friend just before college. They will become the main decoration of their door room. They aren’t too big, so they can be easily moved and set up pretty much anywhere. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your love and care for someone. Helping them remember your best moments together really is priceless. It's the perfect going away to college gifts for friends going to college!
  6. Amazon Gift Card
    Besides running out of coffee, what is the worst nightmare of any college student? Being short on cash, of course! That is why getting your almost college student friend a gift card is always as thoughtful as it’s practical. They can use this Amazon gift card for pretty much everything, school books, groceries, furniture, or entertainment (to lighten up those dull days). If you are unsure whether they’ll like the present or are out of ideas but still want your friend to know you care about them, a going away to college gifts card is always a way to go!
  7. Anker Power Bank
    Running around all day, being outside of your place, classes, studying, hanging out with friends, imagine having to do all that if you forgot to charge your phone on time, or simply the battery isn’t as good as it was. College is already a load of stress and anxiety so let your friend at least be carefree about their phone not dying on them. Get them this neat, portable, and reliable power back which can charge their phone up to 2 times or even their tablet device once. These going away to college gifts have a simple design, 2 ports, and the size of a regular smartphone, perfect for carrying on your person at all times!
  8. Friendship Compass Necklace
    It's not easy to say goodbye to a friend who moves to college, especially it's not easy to do the right way. Do it the way your BF will forever remember by giving her this friendship necklace as the best going away to college gifts.
  9. Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine
    What is the one thing a student can’t survive without? Food, water, oxygen? No, coffee, of course! It will give your friend just that extra boost for when they need to finish an important paper or pull an all-nighter of studying. These going away to college gifts don’t even require batteries or power, it’s small, compact, and sturdy, perfect for any room or library. Wherever your friend is, and they require a little bit of caffeine to get them up and to work, the MiniPresso will come in clutch.
  10. Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs for Sleeping
    What is the worst enemy of students living in busy door rooms? Noise, all day, every day. You can’t concentrate, so your productivity and creativity are being demolished. Help your friend out. At the start, they might not think much of going away to college gifts, but when their neighbors start making noise during the day and in the odd hours of the night, they are quickly going to realize how much of a lifesaver you really are. They can even put them in before they go to sleep for the 24/7 noise protection.
  11. Ring Trinket Dish with Friendship Quote
    Although she moves on to college, the gift for friends going to college will tell her that a true friendship is a journey without an end. Show your BFF that even if you are miles apart, she will be your best friend forever regardless of the distance between you with these going away to college gifts.
  12. Tool Set
    The going away to college gift that nobody thinks they need until it’s too late. A toolbox! Your friend will live independently, maybe for the first time in their life, so they probably haven’t fixed anything around the house or flat yet. That will change quickly, and when it does, they won’t be ready for it unless you come through for them and buy them this gift before they go to college. These going away to college gifts contains screwdrivers, key wrenches, regular wrenches, hammers, wire cutters, and many more tools needed for most small repairs around their place.
  13. Stainless Steel, Insulated Water Bottle
    Are your hot drinks getting cold too fast all the time, and your cold drinks are cold only for minutes? Well, that is going to happen to your friend too. They will be out of their apartment all day, so they can’t cool down or warm up their drinks. But you can save them from that trouble with just one cool-looking, stainless steel, insulated water bottle. They can pop them inside their backpack, and their drinks will stay the same temperature for the entire day with these going away to college gifts.
  14. Reminder of Your True Friendship
    Do you want to give your friend a reminder of your true friendship and the main part of their new home’s decoration? This ceramic wall plaque is perfect for that. It will fit anywhere because of the size, and the warm feeling it gives off tells you it is handmade straight away. Be original and thoughtful with this Eleanor Roosevelt quote everyone should remember. It is made from natural clay, floral designs, and various quotes, but these going away to college gifts are best suited for a friend who is going away!
  15. The Graduate Survival Guide
    Anthony Oneal’s Graduate Survival Guide truly is a must-read for any new student that is just about to embark on a new chapter of their life in college. It’s said to be the ultimate manual for students, helping them identify the 5 greatest mistakes to avoid in college. Your friend will already have it hard enough out there, so why not give him a bit of guidance and help before it’s too late with these going away to college gifts.
  16. JBL Flip 4
    If you do not want to give a sentimental gift to a friend who goes to study then choose something that will be for them on college. Get your friend this wireless Bluetooth JBL Flip 4 speaker, and they will be sorted out in case of an outdoor party, beach day, or pretty much any event with a lot of people where a loud, waterproof speaker can come in handy as going away to college gifts.
  17. Apple iPad
    Are you ready to spend a little extra cash for that special friend, getting them an iPad is always a safe option. Leaving for college just like any other occasion, any other gift recipient is the right time to give this awesome gift. They won’t have to carry their laptop everywhere from now on. Many college students don’t want to spend money on TVs or don’t have enough space in their rooms, so getting them this tablet will be perfect for their Youtube or Netflix needs. These going away to college gifts are also very portable and light, so traveling with them isn’t going to cause them any trouble.
  18. Bluetooth Tracker and Finder
    What is the one thing that happens to all of us in the worst possible times? Forgetting your phone, keys, or wallet can be so irritating, but you can also save a friend of yours from all of this trouble with a simple Bluetooth tracker and finder. Time Inc’s Mate is the solution. You attach it to any object you lose often and connect it to your smartphone. Through the app on your phone, you can easily locate the missing objects. Congratulations, you have saved your friend precious time and nerves.
  19. Friendship Lamps
    If your friend is moving away to college it is most likely going to be far away from you, so the only way you can keep in touch are phone calls, video calls over Skype or if you are more of an old-fashioned person, letters. With this Friendship Lamp, you can connect with your friends wherever they live. The only thing you need to do is to connect the lamps to Wi-Fi. They are already paired together. Next time one of you touches the lamp, the other paired-up lamp is going to light at the same time. You can even choose the color or design of the lamp and light! Showing that you haven’t forgotten your friend and saying hi, has never been easier!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the best going away to college gifts, here is the list of gifts for pe gifts.

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