16 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Criminal Justice Majors!

Graduating with a degree in criminal justice signifies not just academic accomplishment but a commitment to upholding justice and order. Honoring this milestone with a fitting and thoughtful gift is a great way to recognize their dedication.

Graduating from college is a pretty big deal for criminal justice majors. Years of blood, sweat, and tears made all worthwhile at the end when they receive that shiny diploma and make their way out into the world of full-time employment. It’s a time for celebrating hard work and achievements, so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the amazing Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors you can give.

Graduation Gifts For Criminal Justice Majors

Our Recommended Graduation Gift For Criminal Justice Majors

  1. Justice Statue
    This well-made, bronze-effect statue of ‘Lady Justice’ stands at an impressive 18 inches tall. Perfect Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors, it will certainly act as a reminder of the principles of the justice system that they are now bound to uphold, whilst also serving as an engaging talking point whenever they happen to throw a dinner party.
  2. ‘Constitution Of The United States’ Necktie
    They should look smart for their first job interview out of college, right? We have just the perfect Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors! Available in four different color combinations (unfortunately not red, white, and blue), this is the perfect gift for any criminology graduate/patriot who wants to look smart AND show off their love for the founding fathers. What more could you possibly need?
  3. Leather Briefcase
    No matter whether your degree takes them to a crime scene or a courtroom, this Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors will certainly have them looking the part. Made from real Italian calf-skin leather, this stylishly designed laptop case from Floto is finished with brass and stainless-steel latches and also has a detachable shoulder strap and smartphone organizer. To make this gift extra special, why not have the recipient’s initials embossed onto the bag for an additional personal touch?
  4. Evidence Bag
    While I probably wouldn’t recommend storing ACTUAL crime scene evidence in this bag, it certainly has its uses. It’s the perfect size for use as a makeup bag, pencil case, the case for your tablet or Kindle, whatever you can think of! These Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors are the fun and inexpensive way to make your female friend that's a criminal justice major smile.
  5. Poetic Justice: Legal Humor In Verse
    This isn’t a joke book about lawyers. This is a joke book FOR lawyers. From law school all the way through to landing your dream job at a law firm, this book of poems will have the lawyers in your life in stitches, as they remember fondly (or not so fondly perhaps!) some of the most memorable experiences of their law careers. A very nice Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors, this book is certain to have the nostalgia flowing.
  6. ‘Dead Fred’ Novelty Pen Holder
    Looking for something unique and unusual and related to their profession? These may not be the amazing Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors, but they will surely remember them. Turn their desktop into a crime scene with this novelty ‘Dead Fred’ pen holder. Guaranteed to spark a conversation and bring a smile to the faces of everyone in the office, this unique pen holder is a killer criminal justice gift for any graduate going into their first full-time job.
  7. Tactical Self-Defense Pen
    Perfect Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors for the criminal justice student in your life, the ‘Tactical Pen’ can be used for so much more than just making notes. Find your way in the dark using the built-in flashlight, or use the glass-breaker tip to smash a window in an emergency. Around the house, the multi-tool attachment can be used as a screwdriver, a saw, and even to pop open a cold one when your hard work is finished. For the ultimate pocket tool, look no further than this.
  8. Poker Set For Texas Hold‘Em
    We’ve all fantasized about being James Bond in Casino Royale, haven’t we? Turn their fantasy into a reality with this premium quality poker set. Complete with 500 casino-sized chips, two decks of playing cards, and housed in a sturdy aluminum case, this is the perfect Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors, guaranteed to bring the feeling of Monaco straight to any living room. (Martini’s, tuxedo and Aston Martin not included)
  9. Padfolio
    Keep all documents safe in style with this genuine-leather Executive Padfolio from Marcuse. Handmade in Italy and available in four different colors, Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors do so much more than hold your documents. With an included notepad to ensure that you never miss an important note, and an inside pocket large enough to fit an 11” tablet, this padfolio oozes professionalism and is guaranteed to meet all their daily needs.
  10. Punisher Whiskey Glass
    Anyone with a criminal justice degree will love to have these glasses. There’s nothing special about a regular whiskey glass. But a hand-blown whiskey glass that’s been embedded with an authentic solid copper projectile for Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors? That grabs people’s attention. Guaranteed to make an impression, this ‘Punisher’ themed whiskey glass will not only make you look incredibly cool, but with a portion from every sale being donated to the Wounded Warriors Project, you’ll get a warm feeling inside (which has nothing to do with the whiskey!), knowing that you’ve done your part to support wounded veterans.
  11. ‘Crime Scene Do Not Cross’ Reversible Lanyard
    Did they study criminal justice with dreams of being the one working behind the ‘crime scene tape? Do we have Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors them! Perfect for their keychain or to hold your ID badge, this reversible ‘Crime Scene Do Not Cross’ lanyard will ensure that they stand out from any other aspiring CSI’s in the crowd.
  12. Disappearing Civil Liberties' Mug
    Are you worried about what’s happening to your civil rights in today's America? We’ve got you covered with the ‘Disappearing Civil Liberties’ mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild as Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors. Add hot water and watch as your civil liberties disappear before your eyes, a true reflection of what's happening in Congress, but from the comfort of your own home! One day criminal justice will deliver justice to those who have committed a crime. Just kidding.
  13. Personalised 'Scales of Justice' Whiskey Gift Set
    Comprising four personally engraved 10oz whiskey tumblers and a nine-piece set of whiskey stones, this set comes encased in a handmade walnut-stained wooden box, which is also personally engraved with the recipient’s name. People who studied criminal justice are usually whiskey drinkers, then look no further for the perfect graduation gift than this gorgeous personalized whiskey gift set. Any owner of these Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors is sure to be the envy of all their whiskey-drinking buddies!
  14. ‘Come Back With A Warrant’ Doormat
    While studying criminal justice, much can be learned about crime from a systems perspective. Yet we all know just from movies that to enter the house of a suspect requires a warrant. Give your ‘suspect’ with a criminal justice degree this ‘Come Back With A Warrant’ doormat ant for Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors it will for sure get a laugh out of visitors, or it may keep them away entirely!
  15. Justice Cufflinks
    Lawyers, judges, criminologists need to look the part, so why not give the gift to help them to be stylish with justice-themed earrings? With this fashionable cufflink set as Graduation Gift Ideas for Criminal Justice Majors, they’ll be looking polished and professional on the outside.
  16. ‘Careers in Criminal Justice’ - Coy H. Johnston
    The only Graduation Gift ideas for Criminal Justice Majors on this list that I’d advise giving before their graduation, this book is the ultimate guide to help criminology students to find their dream career. Providing a comprehensive overview of over forty careers relating to the field of criminology, this book is truly the amazing shop for the fledgling criminologist, complete with self-assessment tools designed to help you evaluate your compatibility with the various careers in the field of criminology and criminal justice studies.

Justice Served: Marking the Graduate’s Journey

Choosing a graduation gift for criminal justice majors goes beyond mere celebration; it’s an acknowledgment of their pursuit of fairness and order in society. From symbolic items reflecting their commitment to justice to practical tools for their future endeavors, these gifts carry a deeper meaning. Each token symbolizes the graduate’s journey toward understanding, upholding, and perhaps even reforming the systems that shape our society’s safety and fairness. Celebrating this achievement with a thoughtful gift serves as a lasting reminder of their dedication to the field of criminal justice.

So there you have it, our list of the wonderful gifts to give to the criminal justice graduate in your life. No matter their tastes, no matter their choice of degree, this list is sure to contain something they’ll love, and that will serve as a reminder for years to come of the hard work and dedication it took to get where they are today.

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