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15 Great English Major Graduation Gifts

Gifts for English Majors

Is your English major graduating this Spring? Are they impossible to shop for? Are you completely lost when it comes to finding the perfect English Major Graduation Gifts? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve found the perfect gift guide.

You know you can’t buy them more classics, their shelves are already overflowing with them! No English major needs another journal, they have plenty already! You want something cooler than a nice fountain pen. So, what graduation gifts for english majors do you get them?

Check out our list of English Major Graduation Gifts below to find the perfect gift for the grammar guru in your life. From wearable books to book-themed mugs, this list has everything you’ll need to find the perfect gift for your English grad!

Graduation Gifts for English Majors

Outstanding English Major Graduation Gifts

For the tea loving English grad
What English grad doesn’t love tea? It seems to go with the territory. Maybe it’s because of the emphasis on English? Either way, tea seems to be the preferred beverage for the English grads of the world. This Novel Tea is the perfect gift for them. Each teabag has a literary quote on the tab, making it the perfect way for an English grad to start their morning. Who doesn’t love to read first thing? Now they can read and hydrate at the same time with these English Major Graduation Gifts!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about the English major graduation gifts, here is a list of farm themed baby gifts that you would love.



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