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Great Gifts for Saxophone Players

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a saxophone player in your life? This year, skip the lame gifts. Get them something they’ll actually love. Check out our list for ideas.

Have you ever tried to pick up a saxophone and play? It’s not an easy feat! That’s why it’s so impressive when someone is able to get to such a high level. They get to a point where they can play in front of an audience comfortably and truly display their passion through their music. It’s not everyday you see a person who can do this, so it’s nice to take the time to applaud their talents with a gift.

We have rounded up the best gifts for saxophonist that you can give this Christmas.

Good Gifts for Saxophone Players

Saxophone Iron Wall Lamp
How cool is this home decor item? No saxophone player will turn this beautiful and handmade wall lamp away. This will be the gift that will become a centerpiece in their home. The sax player in your life will be forever grateful to you for this unique, one of a kind gift.
Metal Saxophone Player Figurine
Isn’t it great when you find an item that depicts what they do so wonderfully? Saxophone players will love putting this figurine on display to show all the pride that they have for their talent. This will look great in any house or office, and will be appreciated for years to come!
Saxophone Wine Holder
What better way to celebrate a performance than with a bottle of wine? And what is an even better way to do that? Taking it out of storage from a saxophone shaped bottle holder! This will be a huge conversation piece at all of their post-concert soirees. Not only that, but all of their sax playing friends will want one too!
Saxophone Heartbeat T-Shirt
When a person has a strong love and passion for something, it comes as naturally to them as their heart beating. This shirt shows this for the world to see. Your favorite sax player will put their talents on display for the world with this creative and unique shirt.
Pocket Saxophone
For the sax player who just can’t get enough. It’s not easy to haul a full sized sax around for the times that the urge to play strikes. This will help that, and will allow them to show others their talent at a moments notice! This item is so small it fits in their pocket and can be brought out for playing often.
14k Gold Sax Charm
There are some saxophonist who prefer to wear their heart on their sleeve. An easy way to accomplish this is via bracelet charm. This particular one is created with 14k gold and will be around for generations of saxophone lovers to enjoy.
Saxophone Tie Clip
A person has to look sharp for any and all concerts they may perform in! This beautiful tie clip will help dress your favorite sax player up for the occasion and will also turn heads with the “wow” factor that it brings along!
Neoprene Mouthpiece Pouch
The best saxophone player only becomes the best because of the mouth piece. This holds all the power in creating the beautiful noise that comes out when they do their thing. Gift them with this protective holder to keep the most vital pieces of their instrument safe and performance ready.
Lego Saxophone Player
This will for sure be the key to the heart of many, especially those who are truly a child at heart. Fond memories of playing with Legos flood the childhood memories of many, and this saxophone playing figure will tug at the heartstrings of your favorite player.
Miniature Sax Christmas Ornament
The gift that keeps on giving. Every year the saxophone player in your life can bring this out of storage and hang it with pride on the yearly Christmas tree. They will always have a fondness for the thought you put into the gift and will decorate with pride with it.
The Devil’s Horn: The Story of the Saxophone
All through life you hear the mantra - you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. And this applies to your instrument as well. How can a person fully embrace the saxophone lifestyle without knowing the history of its origins? This gift will account for just that, and will be a thrilling and enticing read for your favorite saxophone player.
Saxophone Colossus
What is one thing that a true lover of the saxophone enjoys doing more than playing? Listening to other people play of course! This vinyl album affords them the ability to give their mouth a rest and listen to the talents of Sonny Rollins. Whether it’s for motivation, inspiration or just to enjoy the sounds, this gift will have many uses for the one you care greatly about.
Alto Sax Traditional Reeds
There is nothing that perturbs a saxophone player more than running out of reeds before a practice session or performance. It always leaves them scrambling at the last minute and causes them to be frazzled right before go time. Make sure that your favorite player doesn’t face this distress and gift them a box of quality reeds for such an occasion. They will be forever grateful to you for thinking of them during their most stressful times.
Saxophone Night Light
As the evening gets dark and the lights turn low, this night light will provide a soft glow and a reminder of your musician’s life passion. This night light is carved in wood and reflects the shape of your favorite player’s instrument and will provide a pleasant reminder every time they walk past it.
Saxophone Pencil Holder
Even the best saxophone players have a day job. Help the one in your life remember their love even during their desk job times with this pencil holder. It can sit right on their desk and provide them with a constant reminder of the fun times to come after work lets out.
Brixies Saxophone Figure
Do you have a saxophone player in your life who also has a fondness for building blocks? This bright and cool figurine is created completely out of blocks but provides for a great focal piece on a desk, in a bedroom or in a concert hall. The sax player in your life will love the thoughtfulness that went with this gift and will cherish it forever.
Saxophone Bow Tie
A talented saxophonist needs to look dapper when performing! Make their event a spectacular one with this saxophone patterned bow tie! They will stand out in the crowd for more than just their amazing talent with this priceless gift!
Essential Elements Lesson Book
When someone has such great talent as that of your favorite sax player, they are bound to be approached by people for lessons. Help them to be prepared for this inevitable moment with their first lesson book to use on their new pupil. They will appreciate the thought, gesture and nod to their skill.
Saxophone Wall Decor
Artists don’t just keep their talents to one arena. Not only do they display it in concert halls, group venues and churches - but they also let it be known in their living space! Help them display their love of music in their home decor. This set of four prints will look amazing to both you and your favorite saxophonist.
Saxophone Coffee Cup
A highly talented sax player can’t be expected to wet their whistle during intense practice sessions with an ordinary glass! This cup, perfect for water, tea, coffee or cocoa, is the perfect addition to your favorite player’s routine. Gift it to them and it’s a guarantee that they will think of you every time they take a sip.
Reed Storage Case
One of the first rules of saxophoning - one must always take care of their reeds. Without them, there would be no playing. And without playing, there would be no happiness. Help to insure their utmost happiness by gifting them a beautifully made reed storage case. Sadness will be far away once they have this to hold their treasured items in.
Saxophone Puzzle Box
The greatest thing about this gift isn’t that it’s in the shape of a saxophone. The greatest thing is that and the fact that it’s individually crafted and no two are alike. This guarantees that your gift will be 100% original and unique. Placing this in the hands of the saxophone player that you love will put such joy in your heart because their reaction will be absolutely priceless.
Colorful Saxophone Player Shirt
To be a musical artist is similar to that of a design artist. They both have a creative mind, are passionate about what they do and love being surrounded by beautiful things. This shirt is the perfect item for the musical sax player because it fits all of the above criteria and displays the image of a saxophone player in beautiful colors on the front. Get this for your musician today to feed their creative hunger.

Knitted Saxophone Player

How adorable is this? A custom, hand-knitted saxophone playing plush. Perfect for the young sax playing child in your life, or even just a fun loving adult. The craftsmanship of this item is top notch and will last a lifetime. This is sure to be passed down through the years.

Available on Etsy

Saxophone Wood Decor

Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated, and this handcrafted wooden wall decor definitely fits the bill of a thoughtful one. This will look beautiful in the home or office of you favorite saxophonist. Made with a scroll saw and highly detailed, this will be one of the most talked about gifts of your lifetime.

Available on Etsy

Sax Metal Sculpture

This incredibly unique decoration is handmade with differently colored metals and the artist had a very clear eye for detail, just like the musical artist that you know and love. A home or office will light up with the addition of this decorative item, and your sax player will appreciate the sentiment.

Available on Etsy

Playing a saxophone is no easy feat, and when a person is able to master this difficult task it should be honored. These gifts are wonderful suggestions to show your pride and amazement for the accomplishment that your favorite sax player has mastered. Pick one today and upon your presentation of the gift, you’ll see that your touch of appreciation has made their day.