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Whether you are a music lover or not, a turntable is one such machine we all love to keep at home. You can listen to amazing music anytime you want, but the interesting part is you get the traditional feeling with the turntable. It is not always possible for us to buy an antique music set. That is why these modern-day turntables equipped with the latest technology have made our work easier.

Our Curated List Of Recommendations For Turntable Under $2000:

  1. U-Turn Audio - Orbit Special Turntable
    Has both wired and wireless connectivity and is made of oak and copper. It comes in one colour, looks elegant and is multi-functional. Portable and durable. Comes with stereo speakers.
  2. Pro-ject Table Turntable
    This comes in satin walnut and graphic colour and is made of durable materials. It has RCA connection technology. It is portable and lightweight. It is a limited edition turntable.
  3. Cambridge Direct Drive Turntable
    It has both wired and wireless connectivity. Comes in black colour and is durable. Has a perfect blend of sound and function. Has an integrated phono stage for efficient setup.
  4. CJVJKN Radio Appearance Turntable
    This is a multi functional record player which has a unique design CD, USB flash drive and bluetooth playback. Durable and portable. Has built in stereo speakers for better sound.
  5. CJVJKN Record Player Turntable
    This is made of ceramic material and has wired connectivity. Provides clear and pristine sound. Is durable and portable. There are built-in 3W stereo speakers. It has a simple design.
  6. Music Hall MMF-5.3WH Audiophile Turntable
    This comes in wireless and bluetooth connectivity and is black in colour. It is made of vinyl and is durable and lightweight. Provides clear sound and is easy to operate.
  7. Audio-Technica Wireless Turntable
    It has both wireless and wired connectivity and comes in black colour. Has analog signal format and has a unique design. Has fully manual operation and is easy to use.
  8. DIGITNOW Record Player Turntable
    This turntable has wireless connectivity and comes in brown and black colour. Made of vinyl and is durable. It has a digital signal format and super quality record player.
  9. Retro Record Player Turntable
    This has both wired and wireless connectivity. Is durable and portable. Comes in an amazing design and has a superb quality record player. It is lightweight and easy to use.
  10. Pro-ject The Classic Turntable
    This turntable comes in a simple design and is easy to operate. It is long lasting, easily portable and doesn't need much maintenance. It is easy to use and lightweight.
  11. Rega: Planar 3 Turntable
    This comes in black colour and is easy to operate. Looks simple yet elegant. It is portable, lightweight and made of durable materials. Available in one colour.


You are now getting these amazing turntables for under $2000. Buy one now to enjoy endless music in high-quality sound. These turntables have both wired and wireless connectivity. Therefore choose according to your preference. The color you want, the price limit you have, and the design that will suit your drawing room are all up to you to decide!


Gaurav Mongia
Gaurav Mongia
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