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Unleash the melody of gift-giving with our curated collection of guitar-shaped novelty gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a music aficionado or want to add a touch of musical flair to your own space, these distinctive items harmonize creativity and functionality.

Explore a world where guitars transcend strings and become playful, eye-catching decor or functional accessories. From whimsical gadgets to elegant home accents, our selection is tuned to delight every music lover. Let the rhythm of your search lead you to the perfect gift or unique addition to your collection.

Novelty gifts are the most fun type of gift to receive. Their uniqueness exceeds any other type of gift, as they do come in all shapes and sizes. Speaking of shapes, this special list is dedicated specifically to guitar-shaped novelty gifts. For a guitar lover, any novelty product that resembles a guitar will not be a disappointment. If you happen to have a friend or know somebody who loves guitars, then get ready to choose the perfect Guitar Shaped Novelty Gifts for them from this delightful bunch of ideas.

Guitar Shaped Novelty Gifts

Our Recommended & Handpicked Guitar Shaped Novelty Gifts

  1. Metal Guitar Shaped Decorative Wine Holder
    If you have a wine lover friend who by any chance is a big fan of guitars and even better, plays one, then they are in for a big surprise. Who would expect their favorite two hobbies, drinking wine and playing the guitar, could band together and form this amazing gift. It’s a wine holder in the shape of a guitar. A unique guitar shaped novelty gifts for the right person, if I do say so myself.
  2. Guitar Style Barbecue Tool Set
    Another big favorite among people’s hobbies is barbecuing. How about showing up with a gift for your guitar player friend who doesn’t skip a weekend of barbecuing. Imagine the surprise of these interesting guitar-shaped novelty gifts. It’s hard to predict that while unwrapping their present, but you know exactly what it is and can’t wait to see their face. For the perfect friend, this choice can blow their mind.
  3. Electric Guitar Shaped USB Drive
    Maybe you have a DJ friend who also plays a bit of the guitar. We all know that DJs have a bunch of playlists that they carry with them for every gig. This USB has more than enough space for thousands of songs, but the good part is that it’s shaped like a really cool electric guitar. While you’re giving your friend this awesome USB, be sure to tell them to watch out for snatchers, as its rad design makes it very attractive guitar-shaped novelty gifts.
  4. 3D Guitar Shaped Night Light
    Fully equipped with 16 colors, this beautiful 3D night light will serve very well a kid who sleeps with a night light. But that shouldn’t be the limit. Anyone who loves playing the guitar will be a perfect recipient of this gift. It looks well in any room, and it really grabs your attention when turned on. Whoever you give this 3D light will most definitely be glad they got the guitar-shaped novelty gifts.
  5. Electric Guitar Earrings
    A gift for the lady guitar players of the band. Perfect guitar-shaped novelty gifts for gigs or just showing off their guitar passion on every occasion. The earrings came in a delightful purple color and were packed in a Pammy J gift box with protective sleeves. Perfectly wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping. Please show your appreciation for someone you truly care for and for their passion for their talent.
  6. Coat Racks
    These vintage guitar-shaped coat racks will look great in any home. Guitar lover or not, spice up the way their hall looks with these 3 vintage guitar-shaped coat racks. They are all shaped like different guitars, so they are indeed the perfect guitar-shaped novelty gifts.
  7. Guitar Bookends
    Know anyone who likes guitars, and books, and guitar-shaped novelty gifts? If you have a friend who meets all of these requirements by some miracle, then you must be the luckiest gift picker of them all. Whether your friends meet these requirements is not really as important as the gift itself. This vintage book holder shaped like electric guitars will look delightful on any bookshelf. Even better in a guitar player’s home who also has a lot of books.
  8. Acoustic Guitar Mug
    As far as mug designs go, there are a lot of stylish ones. Every single one is made for a specific person. This one is made specifically for music lovers. The guitar-shaped novelty gifts even more for guitar lovers. It features musical notes on the mug itself and a delightful acoustic guitar-shaped handle. Make this someone’s favorite mug to drink coffee or tea.
  9. Guitar Music Shape Crossbody Bag
    This is not just any old normal purse. Its unique shape involving a guitar and makes it a perfect guitar novelty gift for your female friend that is absolutely in love with music. It’s a unique bag that is hard to find in just any store. Thanks to that, they will most likely be shocked and pleased when they take a look at these amazing guitar-shaped novelty gifts.
  10. Sterling Silver Ring
    Rings have always been one of the most iconic fashion items of all time. The more unique and hard to find a ring is, the better. This is why this unique sterling silver acoustic guitar ring will make a perfect gift idea for any guitar fan with a keen talent for playing the guitar. No one says you can’t play the guitar and look fashionable at the same time, so do that for your friend and help out with their fashion part, assuming they have the guitar-playing part under control as guitar-shaped novelty gifts.
  11. Guitar Shaped Spoons
    Have you ever seen cooler looking spoons, ever? I know I haven’t. A musician’s favorite kitchenware. Containing 6 spoons, this set will serve the whole family while always being admired for its unique and elegant design. Oh, and don’t tell them you’re giving them spoons because no one will get excited over spoons. Just give these guitar-shaped novelty gifts and wait for a shocked look on their face.
  12. Ice Cube Tray
    I wish I had these during the summer. Maybe next one, but so should you and your friends. A cool way to spice up the drinks for someone’s next summer party or birthday party. A most exciting and unique way to serve drinks and make everyone’s faces look surprised. Who would expect to have a guitar-shaped ice cube in their glass, cooling their drink? Not me, that’s for sure. If you want to be the friend who gets the credit for picking these amazing guitar-shaped novelty gifts for someone, you know what to do.
  13. Guitar Shaped Pillows
    The perfect guitar-shaped pillows for a child who is maybe starting to express a love for music. Decorate their room with these cute toys/pillows resembling a finely tuned guitar. Everyone likes buying stuff for children because no one can resist the smiles on their faces when they get something great. These pillows are made from high-quality plush, which is very suitable for children and even babies. Make a nice gesture for them by giving them the guitar-shaped novelty gifts they can squeeze all day, maybe even learn to play the guitar. Who knows.
  14. Acoustic Guitar Shape Wooden USB
    Another guitar-shaped USB, but this time it’s an acoustic guitar, and it is made out of wood. An elegant feel comes to mind when you touch the USB, and it’s a great example of high-quality guitar-shaped novelty gifts. USB flash drives come in handy, so why not make sure someone has one that looks pretty cool as well.
  15. Guitar Shaped Fingerprint Padlock
    You and your friends can say goodbye to hard-to-remember locker combinations after having this. These guitar-shaped novelty gifts include band practice lockers or music equipment bags that no one wants to be stolen or simply anything you don’t wish to be stolen. Your friends will thank you for helping them feel safe and secure. The padlock is equipped with Bluetooth and can remember up to 10 different fingerprints while looking pretty stylish along the way.
  16. Gold Guitar Tripod Tabletop Clock
    How cooler can decorations get? After seeing this very elegant-looking tabletop clock, it seems like an amazing gift for almost anyone. It’s a guitar-shaped novelty gift with its own tripod that looks astonishing and very elegant. With an expensive feel from the gold color applied to it, it resembles a costly gift. At the end of the day, it’s a super elegant guitar-shaped novelty gifts tabletop clock for any music lover.
  17. 2 Piece Guitar Shaped Bottle Opener
    This guitar-shaped novelty gift suits almost anyone who either loves one of these things or both. Help your buddies open their beer in a cool way with these guitar-shaped novelty gift bottle openers. Not to mention, it'll be a functional guitar-shaped novelty gift for your friends.

Striking the Final Chord: Elevate Your Gift Game with Guitar Shaped Novelties

In the world of gift-giving, these guitar-shaped novelties are the virtuosos, leaving a lasting impression. Whether it’s the perfect present or a delightful addition to your surroundings, these gifts resonate with the passion of music. Explore our collection and let the melody of creativity and style enchant your senses. Gift-giving just reached a new crescendo!

These guitar shaped novelty gifts are designed to bring joy to the music lover in your life. Whether you’re looking for something practical or just fun, we have options to suit every personality and budget. So the next time you’re searching for a unique and creative gift, refer back to this article for some inspiration to help you find the perfect present.

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