9 Best Gun Safes Under $500: Secure Your Firearms Affordably

Looking for reliable firearm storage without breaking the bank? In this guide, we delve into the world of gun safes under $500, offering security and affordability for your valuable firearms.

Owning a gun comes with the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure. A gun safe is an essential investment for anyone who owns a firearm. However, finding a high-quality gun safe that fits your budget can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of gun safes under $500 that offer both security and affordability. These gun safes may be budget-friendly, but they don’t compromise on quality and can provide peace of mind when it comes to gun storage. So, whether you’re a gun owner or a collector, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore gun safes under $500 and find the perfect one for your needs.

9 Best Gun Safes Under $500 That You Want To Buy:

  1. Time Lock Safe Large
    This safe is made of stainless steel and is not waterproof. It has an electronic lock type and is equipped with a timer. It is durable and requires less space.
  2. Genie Hand Large Safe
    It comes in grey color and is made of high-quality materials. It has an electronic lock type and has a weekly programmable timer installed. It’s durable and convenient to use.
  3. Barska Biometric Depository Safe
    This comes in black color and is available in one size. Has a biometric keypad and is made of high-quality blended materials. Durable and requires less space. Lightweight too.
  4. Barska Biometric Wall Safe
    The safe comes in beige color and has biometric lock type. It’s to be fixed on the wall and is made of alloy steel. Has solid construction and is durable.
  5. V- Line Security Safe
    This comes in semi-flat black color and has a combination lock type. It is made of high-quality metal and is CA DOJ approved. Is durable and secure too.
  6. Vaultek Handgun Smart Safe
    This comes in black color and has a unique design. It has a slim design and is lightweight. Is equipped with smart safe technology and has a rechargeable lithium battery.
  7. Barska Biometric Safe
    It is made of high-quality aluminum and is black in color. Has a biometric lock type and is a high-quality secure safe. Has ultra compact storage and is durable.
  8. Stealth Biometric Handgun Safe
    The safe is made of steel and has a combination and an electronic lock type. It has an audible alarm. Has a biometric fingerprint scanner, electronic code, and laser key.
  9. Viking Security Biometric Safe
    It comes in black color and is available in other color variants. It’s made of high-quality steel and has an audible alarm. It has an electronic and key lock system.

Safeguarding Your Firearms: Gun Safes Under $500, Affordable Security Solutions

Investing in a gun safes under $500 ensures your firearms are securely stored while keeping your budget intact. Choose from a range of options that balance affordability with top-notch security features, providing peace of mind and protection for your valuable guns. Whether it’s for personal use or to secure your firearms collection, these affordable solutions offer reliable protection against theft and unauthorized access.

We are sure the handguns you own are the ones, and your handguns deserve the safe. A safe that has a proper and tight lock system is made of high-quality materials and is durable. You must not want one that will require a lot of space too. We have kept all your criteria in mind and brought before you a list of gun safes under $500. Also, the maximum limit you need to spend is $500. That’s possible, ain’t so? So, why wait any longer?

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