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Gifts That Say I Love You To The Moon And Back

I’m sure that no one has ever gotten tired of hearing the words “I Love You”. But, if you wish to spice it up a bit more and show an even grander gesture, then you can do that with a gift that says “I Love You To The Moon And Back”. There are plenty of gifts out there that can help with this occasion. Have a look at our list of the best ones that deliver the message to that special person you love so much. Sometimes saying the words together with a very thoughtful gift can be very rewarding.

I Love You To The Moon And Back Gifts

Love Trinket Dish
This dish would be a great new place for your lady to put all the jewelry you gave her so far, a great addition is a message at button of trinket dish that will tell her how strong your love is, and it will tell you how much money you spent on her jewelry. It would go great in the kitchen for placing rings while washing dishes, or the bathroom for taking off necklaces when taking a shower.

Since you, and not your wife, do the dishes, then your wife will keep this trinket dish is the bathroom. Since you, not her, do the dishes, buy her jewelry, and the place where she can hold it, the message I love you to the moon and back that is written on this gift may not even be necessary because it's clear how crazy you are about her.
Heart I Love You To The Moon and Back Charm Beads For Bracelets
This is another great gift for expressing love. It’s a bracelet accessory bead that has a very unique design to it. It says “I Love You”, and has a very beautiful illustration on it that showcases a moon and heart. It’s made out of metal and it has a very elegant feel. Surprise your loved one with this beautiful, romantic charm which will melt anyone’s heart away and present you as a very affectionate type who has no trouble expressing their love for someone.
Led Light Resin Figurine
If you feel that you need to show someone you love them with a thoughtful gift, then you need to check out this one. It will prove to be great for simply anyone as it is very cute and heart-warming. It’s a decoration that lights up beautifully and has a simply touching message on it. It is sculpted out of resin and is very carefully handpainted. Just looking at this warms up my heart, and I’m sure that whoever you decide to give this wonderful figurine will most definitely love it and cherish it with their heart.
Wooden Wall Plaque
The picture says it all. It’s a wonderfully crafted wall plaque that says “I Love You To The Moon And Back”. This is such a great decoration for someone’s home and is guaranteed to get the question “Who Is This From?”. It’s the perfect idea for your loved one and it gets you some indirect bragging points as well. Everyone should know that you are an amazing gift giver and that you care for that person very much.
Engraved Wooden Picture Frame
It’s for sure that you want to treasure every memory with your loved ones. This picture frame offers that exact benefit. It’s a very pretty picture frame with those special words again displayed on it. It’s a great for placing an even more beautiful picture of love. The perfect picture frame for the perfect picture expressing great love.
Home Decor Sign with Saying
When you tell someone special you love them “to the moon and back”, those special heartwarming words that no one can resist, essentially saying you love them now and forever with all your heart. This wooden romantic sign will surely going to be a treasured gift and be adored by everyone. It’s nothing new that everyone loves gifts that express love as they are among the greatest type of gift anyone can receive. This is exactly that kind of gift and anyone would be proud to place this wonderful piece of art on their wall.
Angel Love Ornaments
This is a set of two glass angels who have a beautiful message on them. They have delightful-looking wings that are colored in red which is considered to be the color of love. They are also already perfectly gift-wrapped and packed in a box that makes them ready for gift giving for someone you love to the moon and back. One more thing worth mentioning is that their dresses are covered with little hearts which really show love through them. Show your love also, with this amazing gift.
Keychain With Stamped Penny
Take a look at this romantic keychain for two people in love. It’s perfect for an anniversary, Valentine’s day and similar occasions. The keychain says “I Love You To The Moon And Back”, which is beautiful, but the penny is what makes it unique and special for every individual case. That’s because when buying this you can choose the date you would like to be stamped on the penny to maybe showcase the date when the two lovebirds met, and also the initials of the couple in love. This one is sure to raise some love sparks.
3D LED Lamp
Don’t worry this one still says “I Love You To The Moon And Back.” But, it says it in 3D and with amazing and beautiful colors. It’s a 3D lamp for a special love occasion that will go a lot better with a gift. This one is perfect for such an occasion because the message it displays screams love. This lamp will last a lifetime due to the high quality LED lights inside. It’s a very cost-effective present and a heartwarming one at the same time.
Moon and Heart Pendant Necklace
Here is another one that could serve you well as a gift for Valentine’s day. For someone who you love so much, it would be a very thoughtful present. It’s a silver and gold plated crescent moon necklace with stamped text. It’s beautifully packed and ready for giving it as a gift and it comes with a great gift card that displays the same elegant and lovely message.
I Love You Blanket
I bet you don’t know anyone who has a blanket that says “I Love You To The Moon And Back.” It’s most definitely going to be a surprise to anyone who receives this gift. The blankets themselves are super comfortable and very soft and snuggly, but the message on them is what makes them great for gifts to special people in your life that you love very much. No matter if they are family, your special someone, best friends, the gift will be great for anyone you truly love.
Coffee Tea Mug
A mug is always a good enough idea for someone at maybe the last minute or if you just don’t know what they like. But a mug with a special design is taking it to the next level. This mug specifically is for the people in your life you consider closest and love them to the moon and back, which is a lot. It has beautiful illustrations on it like a moon and some bunnies, along with those special words. It’s a cool last-minute gift for any occasion and a great gift for people you love very, very much.
Moon Charm Necklace
If your anniversary is coming up, or Valentine’s Day or a special woman in your life’s birthday and any similar occasion, and you don’t have a gift to celebrate their presence in your life, then this might help. It’s an elegant women’s pendant necklace that shows how much you truly love her. It is a wonderful necklace that expresses your love for someone and would look beautiful on any woman. The lucky ones in your life receiving this would definitely be proud to wear it as a way to show your love to everyone.
I Love You to the Moon and Back Plush
The last one on our list is this beautiful and lovely plush that is holding a heart that says “I Love You To The Moon And Back.” The character is also a moon which ads extra flavor to this gift for a special occasion that celebrates love. This is just a great little way of showing someone your love for them and a nice decoration for their home, to brighten up the area with love. You can’t go wrong with this plush as everyone loves cute and cuddly toys, especially with hearts that say those beautiful words.