11 Gorgeous & Cool Japanese Gifts That Are Just Perfect!

Themed Gifts11 Gorgeous & Cool Japanese Gifts That Are Just Perfect!
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Birthdays, anniversaries, or welcome parties-the occasions all demand presenting with a gift to your loved one. Here we have a few selected traditional Japanese gifts apt for all occasions.

Japan is a beautiful country with lots of natural beauty and ancient traditions. Some of the gifts mentioned below have a traditional theme, while some have Japan’s scenic beauty. Both Nature and tradition in Japan go hand-in-hand. People are so busy in their multi-tasking lives surviving in the ultra-modern society and yet are rooted in their traditions. Therefore this unique combination makes these Japanese gifts suitable for everyone.

Some Recommended & Handpicked Japanese Gifts For People Who Love Japan

  1. Ceramic Japanese Ramen Bowl Set
    This set includes two bowls, two sets of chopsticks, two spoons, and two rests for chopsticks. This minimal stylish bowl will provide with real Japanese eating experience. The good quality material of the bowl set can be used in microwave, freezer, and can be easily washed in a dishwasher.
  2. Japanese Kawaii style Duvet cover set
    The Duvet set with two pillowcases is a must-have Japanese gift for kids as well as girls. It has a Japanese language printing pattern on one side which means strawberry. This comfortable cotton duvet cover set will give you warmth in winters.
  3. Traditional Japanese Sake Liquor Glass Collection
    These are handcrafted traditional 'Tsugaru Isidoro' sake glass. All the cups have been inspired by the four seasons of Japan. You can sit back and enjoy your favorite sake with the changing color of the season.
  4. Japanese Curtains
    The Japanese curtains are satin fabric used for decorative purposes. The curtain has a Japanese girl wearing a traditional dress with lots of other patterns depicting Japanese culture. It will bring a refreshing experience in your room.
  5. Japanese traditional Lucky Mask Okina
    It is a perfect Japanese gift for your loved ones. A wall hanging artwork, this mask is believed to bring happiness and good luck. It is made up of pottery material placed on a wooden frame.
  6. Japanese straw Tatami Cushion
    This Japanese natural handmade cushion will bring the down to earth feeling whenever you sit on it with its straw cattail. It can also be placed on chairs, sofa or floor and will bring the meditative feeling with its eco-friendly effect.
  7. Kimono Table Runner
    This table runner will remind you of Japanese kimono. It is a colorful table accessory made up of Japanese fabric that can be used on both sides. This Japanese gift will add a touch of the country's tradition with beauty to your dining table.
  8. Japanese Traditional Tatami Mat
    This is a traditional Japanese mat which is firm yet comfortable and is used for curing back problems. It is made of rush grass and is also used under the mattress for Japanese futons. Moreover, it can be used for yoga and meditation also.
  9. Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Mattress
    The mattress is a good Japanese gift as the natives prefer using this combined with Tatami mat for maintaining proper sleeping posture. It is foldable and is used to relax their back if not sleep. This mattress will bring good health to your home.
  10. Japanese Traditional Authentic Wall Decor
    A wall hanging, these scrolls are also known as Kakemono and are supposed to be hanged on the wall of the niche, also known as tokonoma in Japan. They are often changed with the change of season and is believed to have a strong influence on the room.
  11. Tohki Japanese Traditional Pottery
    The Sashimi plate and soy –sauce bowl is a set of five pieces. This is authentic Japanese pottery. Therefore it can be used to serve food or for decorative purposes reflecting the Japanese culture.


As you must have noticed, we have chosen all these Japanese gifts which reflect their tradition along with beauty. These will surely bring the Japanese environment all-around your home.

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