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It can be hard to outdo the cool stuff physics students whip up in their labs, but with our list of the best Physics student gifts, you have a chance.

Physics is indeed one of the most challenging subjects to study and comprehend. However, we have the best Physics student gifts for those who love the challenge and find solace in the complexities.

We have compiled the best gifts for physics students. Here check out some of the best gifts for physics students out there!

Gifts for Physics Students

Our Recommended & Handpicked Physics Student Gifts

  1. How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems
    You may, or may not, be familiar with the author Monroe from his other work on XKCD or the book ‘What if?’ (A good book to bundle with this). But whether you or even your physicist knows him is irrelevant. Randall is a must-read for all interested in STEM. His descriptions and explanations make what interesting concepts were, and messy ones, so much more approachable Physics student gifts.
  2. Sennheiser PCX 550 Noise Cancelling Headphones
    High-quality noise-canceling headphones make any space more suitable for work. This means your student will work more during peak hours and then actually rest during the night hours. This is the gift that keeps on giving because a rested student is a better student. On top of their work, on top of their health, and top of their class. A thoughtful physics student gift indeed.
  3. Nerdy Travel Cups
    Whether utilized for commuting in the cold or just for hot coffee in back-to-back lectures, the travel mug is another ‘must have.’ This one especially because it has a witty little science joke on it. The kind of thing physics students love and will allow them to keep the favorite beverage near them. With all these perks, no wonder this is a perfect Physics student gift.
  4. Magnetic Sculpture
    Ever wanted a Physics student gifts that makes use of thermodynamics to produce mechanical work? No, well, a physics student has. This is one of those core foundational experiments we all learn. So like other firsts in education like the computer science ‘hello world,’ we have a soft spot for the little thing. And there is nothing cooler than simply turning heat into movement.
  5. Gskyer Telescope
    How do you encourage that young Astrophysicist to figure out their parallaxes and their standard candles? Skip the middleman and get them a telescope. The Physics student gifts for any physics student out there will indeed keep your loved ones impressed for long. Not to mention, the high-quality material is another perk that accompanies it.
  6. Celestron Telescope
    Did the above entry sound perfect, but just outside your price range? Well, here is a budget option for Physics student gifts. Of course, less ‘snazzy’ than our previous entry, it will still be a good jumping on point. However, with telescopes, you do get what you pay for. Just look how much Nasa, Cern, and Easa pay for their lens.
  7. Sagan’s Cosmos
    An inspiration to many and a pathway for the armchair physicist. Sagan is a great watch for families to help understand their students a little. But a fun watches for the Physics student gifts too. Perhaps one of the more sentimental options, but there is a real charm to the idea of wanting to watch this with the physicist in your life.
  8. Asimov Collection
    Sci-fi and physicists go together about as well as cookies and cream or Sci-fi and Asimov. As closely tethered to the sci-fi genre as Tolkien is fantasy, Asimov is a must-read for anyone interested in the more speculative ideas of science Physics student gifts. So perhaps those idle moments on long commutes or lonely nights away from family can feel a lot shorter with these captivating reads.
  9. Infra-Red Thermometer
    There is something cool about heat and energy, but also something important. You have no idea what experiments or projects they make take on. However, with these Physics student gifts, you’ll at least know they will have an idea of what sort of temperatures they are working with. This is a fun toy for curious minds, but also a vital piece of equipment for safety and discovery.
  10. 4k DbPower Camera
    Waterproof, rechargeable, and high resolution. So many students embark on college with no camera. And while you may think phones all have cameras now, you'd be amazed how many teachers cling to the archaic notions of phones being against the rules. Some labs won’t allow the phone calculator or the phone camera, making this product the perfect Physics student gift for all physics students out there.
  11. Raspberry Pi
    Remember we said you have no idea what projects they might get up to? Neither does the raspberry pi. However, it’s a powerful tool. Want an FM radio Station? A Minecraft server? A weather balloon? Smart house features? Automated coffee pots? Probably not. The thing is, they might. They might want other things. These Physics student gifts are a great way to encourage the experimental, innovative and creative mindset they will need in their education.
  12. A Tabletop Whiteboard
    Sometimes a note only needs to exist for two seconds. We call them back-of-the-envelope calculations in physics. Just quick, dirty, and to the point. It would help if you had a quick place to write those down without messing up your desk's workflow. Secondary notepads or scribbling in the margins (you may lose marks from some tutors) are messy, and over time builds up much-unwanted paper but the best Physics student gifts.
  13. A Novelty Math Clock
    A little more of a relaxed fun gift. A simple idea is done well and executed to a high quality. This is a Physics student's gift to give to a physics student. They get the joy of both having a clock, a college necessity, and of being reminded of their family and friends when they use it. And they will be using it.
  14. A Practical Pen
    Spirit level? Measurements? Tools? Once again, the multipurpose and practical nature of something suits the random, chaotic, and innovative nature of those getting into STEM. With these Physics student gifts, they don’t need to remember a whole bunch of other things. All they need is their pen, and then the rest is included within.
  15. Spider Phone Holder
    Sometimes you can’t use your phone. Other times you’ll have to, and I’ve seen so many phones haphazardly arranged on pencil cases and books. Now, these Physics student gifts can have an elegant and effective solution to the problem. Now they can use their phone how they need to. No more disruptive noises from it falling in the library, no more dangers from wobbling off the table. A purpose-built option for those who need their hands free from dealing with their phone.
  16. Killer Sudoku
    The physicist is a logical and problem-solving mind. Something that needs a little warming up before tackling challenging work. This is where killer sudokus are so good as the best Physics student gifts. They require a lot of thinking, effort, and memory. They feel hard but not exhausting. Also much harder to ‘brute force’ than traditional Sudoku making them not a procrastinative option.
  17. Plasma Lighter
    Lighters are a vital tool. You never know when you’ll need one, but when you do, you might as well opt for this. This lighter is a windless, rechargeable, flameless electric lighter. These Physics student gifts have a sleek design and an auto and touch display. Also, due to the ability to both start fires and deliver an electric charge, it potentially has other uses your physicist might figure out for it.
  18. Stress Ball
    When it is all said and done though, they are going to have days where they need to vent. This stress ball is a healthy and safe way to let off that pressure that can build up. Stress is not conducive to a healthy work-life balance or productive work. So these are the thoughtful Physics student gifts that really will see more use than you may think.

Wrapping Up

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