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Why go to movie theatres when you can have a big screen at home? The amazing projectors under $400 are now available online for your convenience. These provide clear and bright pictures and make you feel like enjoying a movie in a cinema hall. Not only that, if you need to work on a presentation or teach on a digital board, this projector is a great help to you.

Our Curated List Of Recommendations For Great Projector Under $400

  1. Epson PowerLite Pro G5150NL 3LCD Projector V11H273920
    This projector supports wireless peer-to-peer connection. It provides amazing presentations in school rooms. It is remote controlled and comes in white colour. It’s easy to operate as well.
  2. 4000 Lumen PowerLite Projector
    This projector has a robust design and dust resistant body. Provides bright and sharp presentations. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to operate. Comes in white colour and is remote controlled.
  3. BenQ Leisure Mini Projector
    This is a portable movie projector that provides superior watching experience. It has a fan noise compression system and a big screen size. Comes in black colour.
  4. Ultra-HD Projector
    This projector has a large screen and efficient cooling system. There are high fidelity speakers and durable bulbs. Uses durable LED light sources which last long. Comes in one colour.
  5. Legacy Cinema Theatre Projector
    This is a lightweight home theatre projector which is blu ray and gaming compatible. It has a medium display size and comes in one colour. It’s easy to operate.
  6. DLP Portable Projector
    This projector is super lightweight and therefore easily portable. It has a long lens lamp lifetime. It supports 5G network and supports multiple connections. Works on advanced DLP technology.
  7. HIRUNS Mini Projector
    This is a mini projector with adjustable projection size. It supports multiple external connectivity and gives powerful performance. It’s wireless and remote controlled. It is portable and easy to use.
  8. GOBO Logo Projector
    Made of an aluminium alloy metal shell, this projector has high strength and is durable. It’s easily portable and uses high quality glass gobo. Comes in a single colour.
  9. AcTek Phone Projector
    This projector is small and compact and therefore can be easily carried from one place to another. Provides a 3 year warranty and looks stylish. It’s easy to operate.
  10. Sony Home Theatre Projector
    This is a large projector with unique and functional design. It has high brightness and high picture quality. It is easy to set up and comes in black colour.
  11. LOVEPET Mini Smart Projector
    This is a mini home projector with compact design. Provides clear and bright pictures. Watch movies or play games, this is perfect for all. It operates on advanced projection technology.


We may not need a projector every day at our homes, but there’s no harm if you decide to buy one. All of us are working hard the entire week, and we deserve some entertainment at the weekend. What about watching movies at the weekend sitting at home? That’s when you need this projector.

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Gaurav Mongia
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