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Guess everyone in their lives has come across “In our times everything wasn’t so easy” from our parents, grandparents and other previous generations. Well, before you go, “comeon our life’s hard as well,” let me just stop you there and give you an idea. It is said that in previous times, as late as the time of the French Revolution, people had to wait in long queues for a slice of bread, and most had to return home without a slice of bread which was ideally an entire day’s meal. Sounds crazy, right? Well indeed given the advancement of economy and technology our lives have been considerably easier.

  1. 20V MAX Random Orbit Sander
    This model is a 20V max random orbit sander in black and orange variant, this device is run on battery and charging; has 30% more compact design that leading brands.
  2. Makita Random Orbit Sander
    This model comes in a set of tool case, teal and dust collection hose. It has rubberized grip, 3.0 AMP motor for smooth sanding, has large ⅛'' random orbit action.
  3. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander
    This has 3.0 AMP motor with orbital sander spins with rubber over mold in all the critical areas for extra safety, improves dust sealed switch for protection from dust indigestion.
  4. CRAFTSMAN V20 Random Orbit Sander
    Has V20 cordless system,5” cordless sander with dust cleansing system in order to ensure clean, non-polluting environment. Comes with a toolbox and 3 years of manufacturer warranty.
  5. WESCO 3.0A Random Orbit Sander
    This device has precision balanced motor to operate smoothly with greater performance with compact and lightweight design for easy usage and has 4 orbital setting along with a dust blower.
  6. Astro Pneumatic Tool
    This product has a standard 3'' x 4'' sand paper size with firm and compatible grip technology for enhanced grip and better functionality, also has a power drop in replaceable motor.
  7. Ridgid R8606B GEN5X Sander
    This cordless orbit sander is a refurbished product which has been tested and certified for working as new,this sander has super smooth gliding technology and comes in a generic box.
  8. CACOOP 20V 5” Cordless Random Orbital Sander
    This cordless orbit sander has 20V MAX CaCOOP battery pack with 22000 opm, 10,000 rpm, ergonomic variable speed buttons, peg hook to change sandpapers also a dust collection back.
  9. Jellas RPM D-Handle Power Random Orbit Sander
    This random orbit sander comes with 18 sander disks and strong carbon brushes increasing longevity, it has 6 adjustable speed setting with 1-3 for polishing, 4-6 for rough grinding.


That ends the list of all the advanced, easy to use in budget random orbital sanders available on amazon. So instead of making your pocket lighter and spending money for professional help to fix coarse surfaces, invest in one of these guys and bring home comfort, compatibility and save a ton on those carpenter visits. So without further ado, get yourself one random orbit sander now!

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Gaurav Mongia
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