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Rose Themed Gifts for Women That Are Not Classical Fresh Flowers

Looking for the ideal rose gift ideas for a woman (or girl) who loves roses? Some of these rose flower inspired gift ideas will definitely be your first choice for Valentine’s Day, Rose day, her birthday, anniversary or any other occasion when you want to express love.

Yes, we know that roses are the easiest solution for yet another Valentine’s Day, but, hey, there is a bunch of other occasions where you can melt someone’s heart with them. Also, it doesn’t always have to be about those classical, fresh flowers. Ready for our new list of innovative rose themed gifts? Here it comes!

Top Rose gift ideas

Enchanted Red Rose
This lovely led glass rose is something your girlfriend will be able to put in one special corner of her home and every time she passes by, it will bring her a warm sense of home and thoughtful relationship you have. So, do you have anyone special in your mind for this sweet gift?
Yellow Gold Rose Flower Stud Earrings
They say you can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks a woman is by the earrings he buys for her. Show the woman of your life how truly important she is to you. Allow everyone know how amazingly beautiful you find her by gifting her with these golden rose earrings.

With these rose themed gold earrings in the eyes of any woman who receives this gift you will become the best gift giver ever.
Natural Rose Dipped with Rose Gold
It's astonishing when a woman receives a rose, but the real one goes by so fast and all you are left with is a memory. To make sure the rose you purchase is eternal just like your love towards to her, think of getting her this gold plated one. It is unique and special, the same way as your lady is.

Note: You don't have to wait for Rose day to express your feelings.
Vintage Print Dress for Girls
Every little girl wants to be a smiling princess finding her very own way to this secret world full of magic and beauties. Well, imagination is not necessary to achieve that. All she needs is this cute rose inspired dress and its edges floating through the air while she is spinning around.

We know you probably have your own little princess in the family, and if that girl really likes roses this dress will surely make her happy.
Preserved Rose
Red Rose is always the first choice of lovers to send a strong love message. What gift other than a rose flower would send an even stronger signal of your love?

Eternal rose trapped in a beautiful rose-shaped metal box will show her that your love is a love without end.
Rose Gold Necklace
Isn't it great when you can choose something traditional, but also really beautiful? Isn't it fabulous when you can picture an entire scenario of that special moment of giving her this gift?

Romantic dinner in a nice restaurant, candles, a light breeze on your skin... When you have this necklace as a cherry on the top, it's not even a cliche! This delicate rose inspired necklace is a perfect way to show her how amazing you think she is.
Flower Wall Art
Yes, life is grey. Colorized from time to time, but it is so easy to fall into that boring routine when you feel like everything is the same.

This beautiful wall art of a blooming rose which fights that grey reality with its redness can remind you both that love is something that truly makes a difference. Don't forget that and don't let it become just another part of your routine. Freshen it up from time to time, do something different. Try to bring some beautiful new real-life stories with this special gift!
Silver Rose Ring
This flower beauty can come as a great surprise if you are married couple and she simply stopped expecting rings after your wedding. Take this astonishing ring out and if she asks what's the special occasion, you can say: ,, Well, it's just you.''

It may sound cheesy now, but she will definitely forgive you for those dirty socks you left under the bed. Or even more...
Sometimes it can be so hard to come up with a present for a special women in your life. You have to find a nice gift, but not something that will end up covered in dust and forgotten under the bed. In other words, it has to be a present she will be able to use in everyday life.

We use handbags every day, we all love roses, so this is an ideal gift when we talk about things that combine a pleasant and useful.
Gold Flower
Maybe your friend just moved to her new home and there is something missing. Something like personalized sundries on shelves in her living room. Maybe it's your mum and you want to show her that this year you remembered Mother's Day. Or, maybe it's even your sister who deserves an apology because you ate her favorite ice cream without permission. Okay, maybe not like that. Nice try, sis, wait for your birthday! Either way, this golden rose flower will definitely do.
Kate Spade Leather Wallet
Listen up - here's a woman speaking to you! The truth is, we can never get enough of these cute and classy wallets. I'm sure that 15$ fortune we own will be just fine lying in our old one as well, but we certainly won't mind transferring it to this beauty.
24K Gold Rose Made from Real Fresh Flower
How to make any woman in your life feel special? Give her something classy. Something that is different from everyday life or small sundries she occasionally gets when you just want to cheer her up.

Add a note in the gift box. If you are not sure what to write, close your eyes and just remember what she represents in your life.
Audrey Hepburn Style Rose Themed Dress
Another way of making her feel special is to take her out somewhere nice. Get dressed and show up while she is ironing or doing the dishes. Don't get too relaxed though. She probably won't agree going anywhere in her PJs and messy hair, so that's when you have to hop in with this cute Audrey Hepburn style vintage dress. That way you saved hours of your time, because at least now she knows what to wear.

There will be a true sense of love and passion on the part of any woman who receives this gift.
Handmade Preserved Real Rose with Led Mood Light
When it comes to roses, it is inevitable to stumble upon those Instagram friendly ones, which will be the best match with the rest of those small things she uses while trying to capture one perfect calming moment in her life. White framework with a photo that brings back good old memories, a book, maybe coffee... Go on, fill her Instagram friendly package with this beautiful, but simple rose in a cute jar.
Dr. Martens Vonda Casual Boot
If your teenage daughter deserved to end up on Santa's list, or you finally got a raise at work so you can buy something nice for your sister, we wish you a warm welcome to Dr. Martens world and their great boot!

Here you have these stunning and warm rose inspired leather boots she can wear every day. With this quality, you can probably avoid buying that special someone gifts for next few years.
We're kidding, of course. Or not.
Gold Diamond Rose Pendant Necklace
You know what Marilyn Monroe said long, long time ago? She said diamonds are a girl's best friend. Truth or not, at least we can agree this astonishing necklace is definitely going to become.

What are the ideal occasions for giving these gifts?

  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Rose Day
  • To Express Love
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s Day
  • If you want your rose-inspired gift to have deeper symbolism, see what message each rose color has.

    What do the color of roses symbolize?



    RED True love
    BLUE Mystery, attaining the impossible, secret or unattainable love, love at first sight
    YELLOW Jealousy, infidelity, apology, appreciation, friendship, a broken heart, undying love, platonic love, extreme betrayal, intense emotion
    ORANGE Desire, passion, congratulations, “I’m proud of you”
    BLACK Death, hatred, farewell, rejuvenation or rebirth
    PINK Desire, passion, gratitude, grace, joy of life, happiness, youth, energy, perfection, happiness, purity, innocence, charm
    WHITE Silence or innocence, wistfulness, virtue, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility, message of love and hope, “I’m thinking of you”

    We hope that with our ideas, you also have an idea of what will make a special woman in your life happy. The fact that this year you have decided on something more unique and special, like the one special. The fact that this year you have decided on something more unique and special, such as each of these roses themed gifts from our list, rather than classic flowers, will show her how special she is for you.