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Sausage Dog Themed Gifts For The Dachshund Lovers In Your Life in 2020

Some say home is where your dachshund is. Do you have someone from your family or friendly circles who agrees on that? C’mon, you know you do!

This specific breed is also known as wiener dog or sausage dog; it’s a hound-type breed with short legs and long bodies. They are quite loud and stubborn, but also loyal, intelligent and truly independent. Because of their playful spirit, it’s so easy to fall in love with them.

And, because of our new gift guide, it’s going to be even easier to find a perfect present for sausage dog lovers! Prepare yourself, it’s going to be long! 😉

Best sausage dog gifts

Long Sausage Dog Bookends
Here's a special gift for bookworms who own a sausage dog! These metal bookends are not only going to perfectly fit into your bookshelves but will also keep your DVD's & comic book collections stored. It ensures items are tightly put together which will make your bookshelf look neat. Plus, don't forget there is always going to be that little metal sausage dog-shaped gadget that will be in charge of keeping your literature safe and putting a smile on your face.

Crossbody Bag Weiner Dog
This lovely bag with unique fabricated flower& fun wood buttons is an excellent gift for a girl who needs a new stylish item for her afternoon walk with her favorite pet. And, you know what else? Whenever she goes to town without her dachshund, there is at least always going to be this small wiener dog key fob looking at her on the front of her new bag.

Best Friend T-Shirt
Person you are choosing a gift for wants to show the entire world she's completely in love with these adorable creatures? Well, you definitely can't blame her for that, but you can fulfill her wish by buying her this fun and lovely T-shirt!

Duvet Cover Set
Great addition to any wiener dog owner's bedroom is also this lovely custom 3 piece bedding set with two pillow shams. It's suitable for full/queen sized bed and is made of high quality, soft materials which are probably going to make your cute little dachshund want to climb the bed all the time!
Handmade Dachshund Dog Glass Figurine
Is a person you are getting a present into some nice art glass figures? Well, even if not, she definitely will be after seeing this gorgeous handmade glass sausage dog figurine! It's small decoration which only shows there is truly an endless number of possibilities to show love and appreciation for this beautiful breed!

Daschund Necklace
You didn't think we will give you a gift list without some lovely necklace on it, did you? Jewelry is always an excellent choice when it comes to picking a present for ladies. So, how about getting her something totally unique like this charming sausage dog necklace? Valentine's Day's present has never been easier to think of!

Dachshund Dog Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Molds
Imagine a warm summer night, friends gathered in backyard, while having a snack and some nice cocktails. Wait, what are those things floating in their glasses? Sausage-dog shaped ice cubes! These original and cute silicone ice cube molds that produce them are definitely a present that will cheer up every dachshund dog lover!

Dachshunds Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
Whether it's a professional chef or just a person who likes spending time in kitchen, this unique salt & pepper shakers set is definitely going to bring a smile on their faces! Shakers are shaped as two lovely kissing dachshunds. But, when you think about it – when it comes to them, it's all about love anyway, right?

House Slippers
Cute slippers are always an excellent gift choice, especially when they are comfortable, soft and warm like these ones! Look at this little sausage dog appliqued on them. Do you think it's giving you THAT look as well? Oh, you know which look – same look your real-life dachshund gave you after eating your old slippers!

Porcelain Dachshund Letter Organizer
Time to organize letters and bring some order to your friend's desk? That friend is also in love with sausage dogs? Say no more because we have a lovely and cute solution for him! This dachshund letter organizer contains gold metal slots that are great for storing mail, notes, letters, etc. What's there to say, life is simply better with anything related to sausage dogs!

Dachshund and Dog Bone Mis Match Stud Earrings
These beautiful dachshund earrings are definitely something your girlfriend won't expect! It's a great choice for her birthday, Valentine's Day or simply making up because you forgot to take her beloved dachshund for a walk the other day.
P.S. What did you think of this inspirational message card ''LIFE IS SHORT and so are my legs'' that comes in addition to earrings? It seems that everything related to these cuties is nothing but hilarious!

It’s Been a Long Day Novelty Beer & Wine Glass
Yes, we know. It's been a long day, right? Is there even a better way to finish it than having cold beer for him or some nice wine for her ? This glass set will give you that exact relieving moment at the end of your day! A moment that will be completed with your little cute doggy, jumping around all happy to finally see you.
Dachshund Shaped Memo Pad
Is there a co-worker that is in love with sausage dogs and needs some refreshing items on a work desk? Seek no more, because these charming memo pads are a perfect solution for that! Although, that someone needs to write his obligations down pretty fast, because after seeing this cutie on your desk makes you forget about everything else!

Book: The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs
Here's another exceptional gift for both book and dachshund lovers. Even more than well-written story that includes your favorite dogs, a cup of coffee, lazy Sunday afternoon, your very own favorite pet... What else do you really need?

Christmas Sweater
Christmas sweaters have just entered a completely new dimension with this one, which is definitely going to be a hit amongst sausage dog lovers! Hurry up and surprise your beloved friend so he can have it first!

I Love You Long Time Dog Wine Glass
Word plays are a common thing when it comes to sausage dog-themed gifts, which is why you also don't want to miss this one! Either you want to give something your significant other or surprise your mum for a Mother's Day, this lovely glass will definitely be adorable gift for any wiener dog lover!

Sausage Dog Baby Rattle
Adults are not the only group that can be in love with sausage dogs – our little ones deserve some nice dachshund themed gifts as well! They will surely enjoy this dog baby rattle with stripy jumper, floppy ears and sweetest face. Or is it still for you?

Blouse with Print of Sausage Dogs and Hearts
It's time for getting your girlfriend or sister some nice sausage dog themed present? Search no more, because this stylish 1940's and 1950's inspired blouse is one of the cutest discoveries in Hell Bunny collection. With a dog-shaped collar and amazing print of cute little sausage dogs surrounded by hearts, it's suitable for every occasion – even when it only comes to cuddling with a favorite pet!
Keychain is a small gift for everyday occasions when you just want to let your beloved girl know you are thinking of her. If she is a wiener dog lover and that keychain is shaped as that particular breed, this diamond key button is definitely going to brighten up her day!

Book: Walking with Sausage Dogs
Having pets is a great idea which also comes in hand when you have family, since they complement the kids. Having sausage dog might come even as a better idea. Still, sometimes things get out of control. Sounds like a story of your life? Although there are probably many fun anecdotes you have had with your own little cutie, you will enjoy this book as well!

Sausage Dog Earrings
We are going to end our list of the best sausage dog gift ideas with another pair of lovely earrings that will melt her heart. Whether you want to purchase it for your sister, girlfriend or mum, they are going to proudly show them to everyone else who shares their love towards these cuddly creatures!