Great Gifts for School Nurses

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a school nurse but don’t have idea where to start? We have explored many options and selected only the gifts that will surely be appreciated by school nurses.

Great Gifts for School Nurses

School Nurse Necklace
Nurses are wingless angels. Turn your school nurse into a true angel giving her this beautiful necklace with angel wings. Add a a special gift message: You are now complete. With this message and gift, every school nurse will feel very proud and appreciated

Nurse Angel Figurine
This adorable figure will remind the school nurse of her role as an angel who take care for all the kids at the school. Message on nurse figurine says “Blessed is the Nurse: compassionate healer and comforter of body and spirit.” A wonderful gift for a school nurse with a big heart.

School Nurse T-Shirt
An adorable and simple idea, will for sure warm your school nurse’s heart. Sometimes the simplest gift as this tee can mean so much.

Anatomical Posters
These great collection of medical and educational posters will be a pefect addition to the school nurse office decor. Decorate a place where a school nurse spends working hours and, by the way, educate kids about human anatomy.

School Nurse Bracelet
Express your gratitude to the school nurses for their care with this cute bracelet. The bracelet featuring three little charms: school nurse sign with, stethoscope, and kids.

You can combine these earrings with the mentioned bracelet and complete the gift for the school nurse. It is a lovely way to show your support and appreciation to a school nurse.

School Health Humor Book
An ideal book that will make your school sister laugh. “I'm Bleeding” book by J. M. Handlos, is filled with some of the funniest anecdotes and quotes from the author's twenty-five years as a school nurse.

School Nurse Notebook
School nurses play a critical role in making sure children are healthy but each of them at least once had thoughts like this: Unless You're Missing A Limb Or Throwing Up You're Not Going Home! ...Go Back To Class. Now she can have on her office desk a notebook with this sentence, which will deter students from trying to avoid classes by pretending to be sick.

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