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Want the perfect self-designed clothes? Get the Great sewing machines under $500 and continue creating more and more beautiful designs! Present what you Imagine. These modern sewing machines are equipped with the latest technologies, and therefore there’s no need for you to panic! Moreover, you are getting them under $500. One sewing machine will give you the exact self-designed clothes you want. So, what’s the harm in spending $500! Quickly go through this list below and select your favorite sewing machine!

Check Out The Super Hit And Great Sewing Machines Under $500:

  1. Yeqin Sewing Machine
    This comes in white colour and is a walking foot sewing machine. Can stitch both in a straight and zigzag way. It’s ideal for leather and canvas material or jeans.
  2. Zuki Sewing Machine
    This comes in white colour and is made of metal. It has an automatic needle threader, one step button holding and adjustable presser foot pressure. It is compact in size.
  3. OMLTER Simple Sewing Machine
    This comes in white colour and runs on electricity. It is easy to start it, has 4 different stitch types and is capable of racking up 100 stitches per minute.
  4. Household Sewing Machine
    This comes in white colour and is made up of ABS material. It offers stable operation, produces low noise and is compact in size. It is durable and lightweight as well.
  5. Sewing Machine Adult Machine
    This comes in white and pink colour, has built-in LED lights and thread cutters. Ensures foot pedal operation, easy to use and portable. Designed to be used at night conveniently.
  6. Bernette Computerised Sewing Machine
    This machine is a computerised machine which is compact and allows many functions. It does not require the foot pedal system and is durable, lightweight and convenient to use.
  7. Hanchen Sewing Machine
    This machine comes in a single colour. It offers single chain as well as double chain stitch. It’s made of wear resistant material and comes with a one year warranty.
  8. Yeqin MZ Sewing Machine
    This machine comes in white colour and is a walking foot sewing machine. It is lightweight and portable. It can be operated both manually and with the use of electricity.
  9. Bernette Sewing Machine
    This comes in white colour and has a drop in hook system. It is made of metal and is highly durable. It is lightweight, convenient to use and is portable.
  10. Hanchen Sewing Machine
    This is a high quality machine and is easy to operate. Gives high performance, has a professional design and is made of wear resistant material. Comes with one year warranty.
  11. JUCAI Mini Sewing Machine
    This is a mini size electric machine that is compact, portable and requires less space. It can stitch 12 stitches differently and has a large extension table. It is durable.


Are you finding it difficult to get the perfect tailor who would stitch your clothes exactly as you want? Do it yourself now with these amazing sewing machines. These are the sewing machines that will make your work easy, and they are not difficult to use. Don’t worry if you haven’t done stitching by yourself to date. These machines mostly run on electricity, and all you need to know is which design you want for your clothes.

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