16 Unique Tooth Shaped Gifts: Dental Delights & Decor

Tooth Shaped Gifts

Looking for distinctive gifts related to dental themes? Delve into a collection of unique tooth shaped gifts that celebrate dentistry in playful and practical ways. From quirky decor to charming presents, explore an assortment that’s sure to captivate dental professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Tooth shaped gifts are not only for dentists.  They can be personal gifts for someone with a tooth fetish or even just an unexpected out-of-the-way present.  You can go as crazy as you like with our list, which has been specially created for you.

Looking for the perfect super cute tooth-shaped gifts? We searched hundreds of ideas and selected only the best of them.

Who would naturally think to buy a gift for someone that involves teeth being cute? Not many! That is why these gift ideas are incredibly unique. They may be appropriate for someone you know that works in the dental field. They can also serve as a fun idea for someone who has just lost a tooth and is excited about it.

Either way, whoever you get one of these super cute tooth shaped gifts for will be sure to appreciate that you thought about them. Here are 17 great gift ideas, everything from tooth plush to dental earrings, USB flash drive, and dentist clock is tooth-shaped.Tooth Shaped Gift Ideas

Listing Out The Perfect & Super Cute Tooth Shaped Gifts:

  1. Rose Gold Shark Tooth Earrings
    These shark tooth earrings are something that will attract only the fanciest of persons. Pick up a pair of these 14k solid rose gold, shark tooth-shaped earrings for your best friend. They are an exact replica of shark teeth so prepare to be amazed.
  2. Ceramic Decoration-Cute Tooth Shaped Pen Pencil Holder
    Our purple sand tea pet, exquisite workmanship, elegant atmosphere, using pure ore pure purple sand mud, stylish and creative. It is suitable for the decoration of living room, study room and office.
  3. Dental Wall Art Prints Colorful Tooth Canvas Painting
    Giclee artwork, print on high quality canvas. Eco-Ink print makes it safe for kids and pets. Gallery wrapped, stretched with wooden frame, hook mounted on wooden bar, easy & ready to hang.
  4. Anatomy Dental Hygiene Tumbler
    The facial nerves dental anatomy dental hygiene tumbler has been constructed with a sturdy stainless steel double wall body, material lauded for its durability. Effective thermal insulation with a see-through removable cap to keep your drinks hot and cold.
  5. Tooth Plush
    Think about getting this adorable tooth plush for a special little one in your life. Not only is this fun to look at, but it comes with a small booklet that is full of tooth-related facts. This may even help them to get comfortable with going to the dentist. It also might persuade them to show off their own toothy grin.
  6. Teeth Ceramic Pots
    this fun, ceramic tooth holders can be used for multiple purposes. While they are mainly meant for holding and growing plants, they could also organise different items. These pots are deep enough to hold pencils, but they are also built with draining holes at the bottom. This is to drain water if you put plants in them. With this purchase, you will have two holders that you can play around with.
  7. Scented Squishy Tooth Toy
    Playing with this squishy tooth toy is a great way to relieve stress and satisfy sensory needs. Give this as super cute tooth-shaped gifts, and that friend will be able to keep it resting in the palm of their hand during a stressful day, or they will be able to keep it in their pocket to play with it when they get the chance. Not only is this tooth made of squishy material, but it also has the smell of candy embedded in it. This is a great super cute tooth-shaped gift for both kids and adults to play with.
  8. 3D Tooth Lamp
    This cool lamp can provide some light for the room it sits in a while, giving off some cool vibes. This lamp is different from others in that it lights up in the shape of a tooth. You can either choose to keep it glowing with your favourite color, or you can have it rotate between seven different colours. Consider giving it to a hygienist that you know, or to a kid that would think it’d be cool to have this in their room.
  9. Vampire Teeth Bottle Opener
    At first glance, you may be wondering exactly what this is. That’s just how unique this gift is. This bottle opener will definitely make a statement that typical ones won’t. Give this to someone you know who will use it well. It’s made of strong metal and even comes with the ability to attach to a key ring.
  10. Glass Sculpture
    At first glance, you may be wondering exactly what this is. That’s just how unique this super cute tooth-shaped gift is. This bottle opener will make a statement that typical ones won’t. Give this to someone you know who will use it well. It’s made of strong metal and even comes with the ability to attach to a key ring.
  11. Molar Vase
    This gorgeous tooth-shaped gift can serve as a “thank you” for those who work in dentistry. This glass sculpture is fourteen centimetres in height and has a red glow about it. This can also act as a great tooth-shaped gift idea for a dentist's practice anniversary. What better way to celebrate being in business than to give this beautiful gift?
  12. Tooth Keychain
    Consider buying a keychain that will put a smile on the person that is receiving it. These neat keepsakes are made of resin and are fashioned to be a cute reminder to take care of our teeth. They can be a great gift for students who are coming out of dental school, or children who are learning the importance of brushing their teeth.
  13. Twinkle Toof Tooth
    The idea of the tooth fairy coming at night to take away a baby tooth is exciting for a young child. This adorable plastic tooth will protect the recently lost tooth until the tooth fairy can make the exchange between the lost tooth and money complete. It even glows in the dark, making the tooth fairy’s job much easier.
  14. Dentist Desk Clock
    Being that this clock looks like something that you would find in the world of Edward Scissorhands, this gift idea is nothing short of unique. This item would fit nicely on the desk at a dentist's office. It will be practical, as well as an interesting piece to look at.
  15. Tooth Fairy Kit
    Here is a wonderful gift idea for someone you know that’s about ready to lose a tooth. This kit comes with everything necessary for the process to go smoothly. A baby tooth would be lost without a special tooth pillow to go over the top of it, and so this kit includes one fantastic, smiling tooth pillow. This purchase also comes with a wallet to keep the baby tooth safe in, and a diary so that the experience will stay memorable forever.
  16. Novelty Tooth USB Flash Drive
    If all that dentists had to do is work on teeth, their job might be a little simpler. However, they often have to keep up with paperwork as well. Buy them this special tooth-shaped flash drive, which will have everyone at the office laughing. This flash drive can store up to thirty-two gigabytes.

Grin-Worthy Tooth Shaped Gifts

In conclusion, these tooth shaped gifts offer a blend of creativity and functionality, making them ideal for gifting or adding a touch of dental flair to any space. Whether it’s for a dental professional’s office or a dental enthusiast’s collection, these unique items are bound to bring smiles and joy, celebrating the beauty of dental care in delightful forms.

Many might be intimidated if they had to choose a personal gift for someone.  Gift-giving is a serious business that requires time and effort.  Leave your worries to us and pick what suits your budget and taste.  Our list of tooth-shaped gifts will warm your heart to some ideas.

Whether you are looking for a funny tooth gift for an adult or a child, these ideas may be what you are looking for. Some super cute tooth-shaped gifts are a little wacky, while others are incredibly creative. Many of these gift ideas, at least partially, have a hand-made quality to them. Some ideas will add a little bit of spice to a dentist office, while others will brighten a child’s day that just lost their tooth. Whichever event you are searching for, these ideas will allow you to say that you care while adding a bit of uniqueness to someone’s day.
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