9 Durable & Useful Floor Standing Speakers Under 500!

Speakers9 Durable & Useful Floor Standing Speakers Under 500!
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A good amplifier provides a lovely audio affair. All you need is a set of Useful Floor Standing Speakers under 500 to uplift living and experience high-quality music.

For audiophiles, quality equipment is a must. Listening to music on a set of good floor standing speakers is an enriching experience. Floor speakers tend to provide a better sound experience. They have a larger number of woofers and tweeters, and mid-range speakers. The floor position also provides an excellent sound spread throughout the listening area.

Since they can sit on the floor, weight is not a factor. Therefore it is possible to put in larger woofers that are heavy. The mid-range and the tweeters are also required. A tall design enables the speakers to be positioned for maximum effect. The purchase of a floor-standing speaker will depend on what sort of music is to be played and the size of the listening area. A good floor-standing speaker is a good buy.

Presenting The Budget-Friendly & Useful Floor Standing Speakers Under 500

  1. Polk Audio Home Theater
    This speaker provides a Home Theatre experience with its surround sound and Hi-Resolution audio. In addition to woofers, it has two 6.65” Bass dilators which augment the bass sound.
  2. Polk Home Theater
    This is a floor-standing speaker made by POLK Audio. It is a tower type unit which comes in Black. Sound quality is excellent, and the frequency range covered is good.
  3. Pyle Floor-Standing Speakers
    This active PA amplifier speaker system is equipped w/ 10 subwoofer and 3 tweeter with 1000 watt peak power / 500 W RMS at 4 ohms for surround stereo sound reproduction.
  4. Yamaha Audio NS-F150
    There is a 2 way Bass reflex and gold plated speaker terminals. The speaker grill is removable, which helps cleaning. Piano Black mirror finish. High-quality speaker. Good choice.
  5. Klipsch Reference R-610F
    A set of 2 speakers. The grille is 2 feet, installed with 4 screws. It comes with the Klipsch Tractrix Horn technology which ensures that the sound is directed at the listener.
  6. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way
    This pair of speakers features 1
  7. Klipsch RP-5000F Reference Premiere
    Vented Tweeter Design; Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers; Strong, Flexible, Removable Grille, 2-Way Speaker Design; Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix Horn; Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter.
  8. Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F
    Poly Cones with inverted caps, reverse roll surrounds and S-PAL Tweeters. Perforated Phase Alignment (PPA) Lens smooths extended high-frequency response for incredible detail. Computer-optimized second-order crossovers.
  9. JBL Stage Way Dual-8
    The speaker is a stereo speaker, with a unique two-tone design. It comes with JBL engineering and high-definition imaging. JBL means quality. The speaker is an excellent buy.
  10. SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50
    This speaker has stereo sound with 500-watt high power bi-directional speakers Bi-directional Sound. Experience wider room-filling sound, Dynamic Bass. Boost the bass with the touch of a button.
  11. Yamaha NS-F210BL Bass
    It is a 2 way bass reflex floor standing speaker. It is designed to reproduce the full, dynamic sound of HD sources. Woofers use light aluminium cones for extra-fast response.

Final Thoughts

Buy yourself a set of great floor standing speakers for under $500. Check out the list above and take your pick. There are some great ideas there. Find your exact requirement.

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