10 Fantastic And Useful Tower Speaker Under $500

Audio Interfaces10 Fantastic And Useful Tower Speaker Under $500
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Looking through good quality tower speakers for home? Here’s the best deal! Get yourself the Useful Tower Speaker under $500 and groove to your loved tracks.

While choosing the correct tower speaker: the quality, base, and sound, the design need to be kept in my mind. To have to enjoy a great family event, birthdays, anniversaries, or any sort of celebrations, grooving to some of your favorite tracks completes the entire celebration. Music keeps a soul happy, calm and brings so much joy.

So enjoying these precious little moments in life with loved ones is so important. You also need to find the best-suited tower speakers under $500, which always keep the atmosphere of their home alive. Not only music, if you want to enjoy and relax a lazy evening and watch some movies, you can also connect these speakers with your television or laptop to give it a movie theatre vibe. Following are some of the best tower speakers you can get for your home.

Go By The Rhythms And Start Grooving! Check Out Some Useful Tower Speaker Under $500

  1. 100W Bluetooth Speaker
    This speaker is 59.94cm long and has mind blowing sound. Best for outdoor activities and house parties. With bluetooth and USB connected. It’s spherical in shape and portable.
  2. 200W Bluetooth Speaker
    This speaker is dark grey in colour, which weighs 4kgs. It has a great sound with absolute clarity. Bluetooth and portable with 360 degree full sound.
  3. Polk Signature Series
    This speaker is 6.5 inches with bass radiators. It generally comes in sets of 2.1,3.1,5.1 systems or set-up. Amazing quality and hearing from a distance
  4. Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F
    This speaker is floor standing and is matte black in colour. It weighs about 44pounds. It has clear and good sound quality. Bluetooth connectivity is available.
  5. Klipsch Reference R-610F
    This speaker weighs around 90.5 pounds. It has the best clarity of sound with its dynamic features. It has a really good bass sound and bluetooth connection.
  6. Jamo Studio Series S809
    This speaker is floorstanding and it is 5 inches tall. It carries acoustic wavelength and has a dolby atmosphere. It is jet black in colour.and has poly fiber woofers.
  7. Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker
    This speaker contains bluetooth, SD Card, usb and audio jack. It is remote controlled and also has an LED display. Its 5.25 inches tall from the ground.
  8. SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50
    This speaker weighs about 25.6 pounds. It is het black in colour. It contains a karaoke set also with WiFi connection. It also has LED party lights.
  9. Klipsch R-625FA Powerful Speaker
    This speaker contains display in the front. Weighs around 11.1 pounds and has crystal clear sound quality. It is remotely controlled with in-built USb playback. Adjustable bass and rear port.
  10. Soundstream Sound Tower
    This speaker contains 100watts. It can be connected via bluetooth through smartphones, laptop, television. It gives a thundering bass with crystal clear sound and has an LED display.


These are some of the 10 best tower speakers you can get for under $500. So, what are you waiting for? Who doesn’t want these little joys to celebrate good times with loved ones while enjoying some great music, watching movies, or playing video games?

These 10 best speakers are highly rated, with fantastic sound and crystal clear sound quality, with remote-controlled LED displayed.

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