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Unique Gift Ideas for Butchers

Everyone has a special butcher in their life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, family member, colleague, significant other or just an acquaintance, it’s easy for them to win our love over when they chop up the best pork chops around.

This is why we picked out some of the best gifts out there, specifically designed for butchers. We are sure they will love your gift and the next time you come by their butcher’s shop, they are sure to have some of the best cuts ready just for you.

Gifts for Butchers

Kitchen Knife Necklace
The perfect gift for a butcher must be a knife… Or a knife necklace. With this heartfelt and adorable knife necklace, you’re sure to be close to their heart all the time. The necklace comes in two varieties: gold and silver, and with a black velvet pouch for the extra gift-ability.
Butcher Apron
Your favorite butcher loves practical gifts? Who doesn’t? A leather apron is something any butcher needs. It doesn’t just look badass, it’s also very useful in their everyday work life. This Dalstrong apron is made from genuine top-grain leather and has five storage pockets. Make sure your butcher is happy and their clothes are safe from stains during work.
Knife Sharpener
What do butchers care the most about on the job? The best answer is their knives, of course. And with this amazing knife sharpener, they will definitely be happy and satisfied. Give their knives a spa day with this Mercer knife sharpener, with three stages of sharpening and diamond abrasives.
Meat Socks
Every butcher’s dream is a barbecued juicy and delicious steak with some potatoes on the side. Gets your mouth watering as soon as you think about it, right? Well, with these funny socks you can think about steaks all day. The socks sit at the calf and are made from the best materials. They look delicious!
Necklace For Cooks, Bakers and Butchers
Everyone loves some good inspiration these days, just to keep them going. This is why this chic and inspiring necklace is a great idea. The pendant says “Be grateful” with an illustration of a grate, so the pun must be intentional. It’s thoughtful choice for any cook, baker, chef or your favorite butcher.
Meat: Everything You Need to Know by Pat LaFrieda
Butchers might know a lot about meat, where and when to cut, how to prepare for shipping or how tender it should be. But, they might not know a lot about meat preparation. This is why you need to get them this amazing book. Autor Pat LaFrieda brings a lot of meat knowledge in this book.
Butcher Shop Meat Cuts Magnet Pack
Have you ever looked around the butcher’s shop and seen those cow, pig or calf illustrations that show which parts of the animal are called how? You probably did. And you probably never called them the right name anyway. Your butcher will forgive you, but you need to get them this amazing refrigerator magnet for their shop first.
Butcher's Guide Distressed Vintage Sign for Decor
If you are looking for a decorative gift for a butcher's shop or butcher's kitchen, the right choice could be this vintage metal sign. This butcher’s guide illustration covers chicken, veal and pork with illustrations of different parts written on them. Perfect as butcher themed kitchen decor.
Cut Resistant Gloves
Are his hands covered in small cuts from their super sharp knives? Then this gift will help him get rid of the daily cuts obtained by handling very sharp knives at the butcher's shop. These grade 5 protection gloves come in different sizes, fitting almost anyone and they will abolish any chance of cuts. Foolproof for hand protection and injury risk reduction.
Personalized Cutting Board
Everyone loves personalized gifts. Everyone loves relevant gifts. With this cutting board you have two in one. You can add butcher's name or anything else to this wooden cutting board. The board is made out of high quality bamboo wood and comes in different sizes and with different designs.
Pig Line Butcher Vegetarian Funny Shirt
Is your butcher a real comedian and loves to make fun of his profession? Then you can’t go wrong with this funny T-shirt, it’s the best gag gift especially if you are a vegetarian.
Funny Apron for Men
What do butchers wear at work every day? The usual and boring butcher's apron. This is why we believe this is a good choice. Sometimes it's a great to make the gift recipient laugh. And he can make customers laugh when he wears this funny apron at his butcher shop.
Butcher's Breaking Cimitar Knife
We’ve all heard the saying sharp as a butcher’s knife. If your dear butcher has problems with knife sharpness or wants to have a knife that is as sharp as a samurai sword, then this is a logical gift choice. The professional Dalstrong knife is ultra sharp, wear resistant, and is made of German steel. While there is a belief that it is bad luck to give a knife as a gift, all the butchers we asked for an opinion disagree.
Mug for Meat Butcher Profession
Skilled Enough To Become A Meat Butcher. Crazy Enough To Love It coffee mug. Definitely another one from our list that will make him smile. Loving the work you do is one of the big factors to be successful. Even if you're a butcher.
Butcher Charm Keychain
If you wish your gift was always around, then this keychain is the right guess, if you ask us. The keychain comes with a butcher’s knife pendant and a meaningful but also very humorous quote attached to it.
The Neighbor (Butcher) Action Figure
Your favorite butcher also plays the new popular game “Hello neighbor” in their free time? Then they must know about a very popular butcher, one of the main characters in the game. The action figure includes also a butcher’s knife and other accessories. Even if he don't play the game, this butcher figure will be witty for the recipient.