18 Perfect Gifts for Sudoku Enthusiasts: Handpicked

Are you seeking the ideal gifts for those passionate about Sudoku? Look no further! Here, we’ve curated a selection of fantastic and thoughtful presents that will surely thrill any Sudoku aficionado.

When they enjoy crunching the numbers, they have to be cool. Get gifts for sudoku lovers and make them smile with joy. Visit us today. It can be hard to find the right gifts for sudoku lovers, especially if you are not a fan of this logic-based puzzle game. But you do not have to be a master to find the perfect sudoku gift. We’ve researched and made a sudoku gifts guide to track down the gifts for people who love to play sudoku. These brilliant gifts for sudoku lovers will make them feel special while also enhancing their sudoku skills.

Gifts For Sudoku Lovers
Gifts For Sudoku Lovers

Recommended & Handpicked Gifts For Sudoku Lovers

  1. Wooden Deluxe Sudoku Board Game
    8 Reviews
    Wooden Deluxe Sudoku Board Game
    Let’s start the list with this amazing 3D representation of the original pen and paper version of the game. Your friend can throw away their pen and paper and start playing sudoku more interestingly and engagingly. It’s a wooden model of the game, and if you ask me, it’s way more fun to play it this way. Your friend would wish to have known about these gifts for sudoku lovers before and will be super grateful to you for introducing this to their lives.
  2. Will Shortz Presents Survival Of The Fittest Sudoku
    311 Reviews
    Will Shortz Presents Survival Of The Fittest Sudoku
    Take a good look at this masterpiece made by the legendary puzzle maker Will Shortz. It contains 200 unique sudoku puzzles and is a very nice way to challenge a regular and experienced sudoku player, you know. While it’s not a great gift for simply anyone, these are the perfect gifts for sudoku lovers as they will make sure they spend a lot of excitement-filled hours trying to solve these amazing sudoku puzzles. Be prepared not to see your sudoku lover friend for a while after you give this amazing gift for sudoku lovers.
  3. Solvable Sudoku Puzzle Mug
    7 Reviews
    Solvable Sudoku Puzzle Mug
    This mug contains a solvable, but very hard, sudoku puzzle. These gifts for sudoku lovers are perfect for sudoku expert who likes to play a round or two along with their morning coffee every day. It’s a cool 11 oz coffee cup for someone who doesn’t have time for more games of sudoku, but there is a mega mug option that can contain 20 oz for someone who needs more coffee to start the day and can use the free time to solve a couple of more puzzles. Be sure to surprise an expert player with this very cool mug.
  4. V-Cube, Sudoku Version Rubik’s Cube
    The Rubik’s cube is also considered to be a puzzle, and most puzzle lovers find it quite amusing. Others feel stressed out by it and stay away. If your friend loves to solve sudoku puzzles, then chances are they also like to play around with the Rubik’s cube. You can give them a special one for a special occasion as perfect gifts for sudoku lovers that is also related to their favorite hobby.
  5. Family Game Sudoku
    This is a cool version of the game which is filled with fun colors and is intended for a family game night that has kids. The beautiful colors are great for children to be amused while using their limited math skills simultaneously. It’s an exciting wooden sudoku puzzle game board that will bring many sudoku lovers closer together. Feel free to get this as thoughtful gifts for sudoku lovers for whatever occasion you have planned.
  6. Adult Activity Book: Sudoku, Word Search, Dot-To-Dot
    This is a book for adults that is made to help pass the time when they are bored. These gifts for sudoku lovers are perfect for someone who loves coloring and games that feature many words and numbers in them, like word search and sudoku. If you have a friend who often likes to do these things when they have more free time, then be sure to help them pass it by doing all of the interesting activities in this book.
  7. The Einstein Collection Sudoku Puzzle Game
    This is a very fun little brain teaser game that is guaranteed to make someone play for hours. It’s not such a bad thing as it helps them exercise their brain and improve memory. It’s based on the original sudoku puzzle playing style, but it has its little twists. These gifts for sudoku lovers are very well suited for both kids and adults, and it will be time well spent playing this fun and addicting game.
  8. 14k Gold Sudoku Pendant Necklace
    What’s interesting about this special piece is that it’s a sudoku pendant necklace that no sudoku fan can resist. You might know by now that sudoku is a very addicting game, which is not at all bad, and this pendant necklace, as a gift for sudoku lovers, is a very nice charm to have as well, to make sure they solve every single Sudoku puzzle they get their hands on.
  9. Solving Sudoku: Illustrated Strategies
    This is a short guide for people who haven’t had so much experience with solving sudoku puzzles of any difficulty level. A math professor makes a guide for gifts for sudoku lovers by the name of Jerry Janusz, and he has made sure that anyone can learn to solve hard sudoku puzzles with the help of his techniques. You can make sure to improve a struggling friend’s performance in solving the sudoku puzzles they love so much and make it easier for themselves.
  10. Sudoku Board With Drawer And 100 Sudoku Puzzles Book
    Here is a nice sudoku gift that will make sure they get all the practice they need from the book that contains 100 sudoku puzzles and has a very nice sudoku board to practice on. The wooden board also has a drawer to perfectly pack everything together and make sure they don’t lose any pieces. They will surely appreciate you for getting gifts for sudoku lovers such as this one for them.
  11. Sudoku Scraf
    These scarfs are the perfect conversation starter at a sudoku gathering or any event that involves many sudoku lovers. Many people aren’t exactly fans of getting scarves as a birthday or Christmas gift for sudoku lovers, but this scarf will be an exciting gift for a big sudoku enthusiast. Grab this one and save some time with the hard process of gift picking. The scarf will do just fine.
  12. The Sudoku Gift Box
    This is a great gift for sudoku lovers for someone who loves playing sudoku puzzles and often tends to travel a lot or has too much free time. It’s a set of four sudoku books that are filled with tons of puzzles. Each book is a different level of difficulty, so they can feel like they are making progress as they go through each one. This should meet their needs for playing sudoku for a while.
  13. TICONDEROGA Pencils
    Pencils are the second most important part of playing sudoku after the sudoku puzzle itself. A sudoku lover who is addicted to the game can never let themselves go and be without a pencil at any time. You can make sure that they are always prepared to solve a fun Sudoku puzzle with this whopping 72-pack pencil case. These gifts for sudoku lovers should be enough to last them the whole year, and you can’t even imagine how many sudoku puzzles that are to a huge lover of the game.
  14. Sudoku Puzzle Travel Mug
    Another one for the travel enthusiast who can’t get on a plane or bus without a couple of sudoku puzzles packed and ready for solving. With this great travel mug, they can show off their talents and experience in solving hard sudoku puzzles and fill the initial need of carrying a drink with them. No sudoku lover will be able to resist these sweet gifts for sudoku lovers.
  15. The Huge Book Of Hard Sudoku: 300 Challenging Puzzles
    Does the name Will Shortz sound familiar? Well, it should be because we mentioned him above in another great book filled with tons of amazing sudoku puzzles. This time he has one for you and your sudoku-lover friend who has harder and more challenging puzzles in store. He is a master when it comes to sudoku puzzles, and this book for the perfect gifts for sudoku lovers is sure to take someone on the path to becoming one as well, with the pretty hard puzzles that are inside it.
  16. Mensa Guide To Solving Sudoku
    Say hello to the complete guide on mastering the art of sudoku there is. As the perfect gift for sudoku lovers, this guide is filled with tons of information on turning even the hardest sudoku puzzle into a breeze. It has many outstanding tips and tricks that even some of the pros don’t know, and all of this and more are covered in the book before even getting to the first sudoku puzzle. There is also a special bonus in it, and that is a reprint of the original and first sudoku puzzle ever published in 1979.
  17. Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzle
    An extraordinary friend who loves sudoku and all puzzles, in general, is about to get the gift of a lifetime. This is a 2 in 1 gift that is both a jigsaw puzzle and after the jigsaw puzzle is solved, it becomes a very solvable sudoku puzzle. Who comes up with these things? Either way, it’s a fascinating puzzle with another one in it after it’s finished. Trust me, these gifts for sudoku lovers are a very thrilling experience for people who enjoy solving puzzles.
  18. Sudoku Toilet Paper
    I can guarantee you that whoever you are getting this gag gift for has never even thought about it, let alone seen one. If you are looking for funny gag gifts for sudoku lovers for a friend just for laughs, then this one describes that perfectly. It’s if you get it for a big Sudoku fan so they will never run out of Sudoku puzzles in their house. They can use this one as a last resort.
  19. Loftus Sudoku Puzzle Cube
    A cross between the Sudoku puzzle and the Rubik's cube, for the player that wants an extra challenge in the game. Carry it with you to pass the time during the morning commute or show off to your Sudoku playing friends. Only the most skilled player will be able to solve all six sides of the puzzle, and it's difficulty level easily matches that of the actual Rubik's cube.
  20. Sudodrinku
    And now we've seen everything. A Sudoku inspired drinking game. The novelty game requires four players who will go for different drinks. Each turn brings instructions which, inevitably, end with a shot. After a while we expect that the concentration will slip, so it may not be the best game of Sudoku you've ever played, but it will definitely be the most fun.
  21. Panda Juniors Magnetic Sudoku for Kids
    If you are trying to get your children to exercise their brains and learn the power of concentration, the Panda Juniors Sudoku set is a good way to start. Designed for children aged 3 to 8, it features colorful pieces representing animals and fruits, while still ensuring the classical Sudoku experience. The pieces stick to the board with magnets and the game comes in 40 difficulty levels, ensuring that the little ones will have a learning curve suited to their temperament. The set itself is quality built around a magnetic box and has been tested for child safety.
  22. Yarloo Magnetic Sudoku Puzzles for Adults and Kids
    This set of magnetic Sudoku inspired by animals is meant for the younger players and comes with a 2 in 1 designed box that is convenient for travel. Durable and quality finish is combined with colorful and well designed set pieces for children over 4 and up to their teens. It's one of the most child friendly ways to get someone interested in logic and math.
  23. Magnetic Space Sudoku
    This is a Space themed version of the popular game. It offers 72 puzzles large and small and magnetic pieces meant for children. The pieces are made to represent various types of aliens that need to be distributed orderly across the Galaxy, where they can live long and prosper.

Wrap Up Your Search: Top Gifts for Sudoku Enthusiasts

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for a Sudoku enthusiast can be a breeze with these handpicked options. From brain-teasing puzzles to themed merchandise, there’s something here to bring joy to any fan of this captivating game.

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