11 Splendid Flashlight Under $100 – With Latest Technology!

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Light up your surroundings with excellent flashlights infused with the latest technology. Get Great Flashlight Under $100! Hurry!

Flashlights are important to carry whenever you are going outside. Imagine if your mobile battery turns dead, and you are stuck at a place where there’s a power cut; what do you need then? – A flashlight. Safety should be our utmost priority, and flashlights are essential to keep ourselves in a safe situation. However, we don’t want those flashlights that are difficult to carry, take a long time to get charged, heavy or easily breakable.

This is why we have brought a list for you where you get many flashlights at a reasonable price. These are equipped with the latest technology, and you will be satisfied once you start using them. Have a look!

Our Recommended & Handpicked Flashlight Under $100

  1. GOODSMANN Rechargeable LED Flashlight
    This is a rechargeable flashlight, easy to use, waterproof and impact resistant. Has 3 light modes and can be used for multiple purposes. Durable and comes in single colour combination.
  2. Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Flashlight
    This flashlight is rechargeable, durable, easy to use and can be carried from one place to another. It requires less space and comes in a single black and red combination.
  3. Nite Ize Inova Flashlight
    This flashlight has an adjustable focus, dual power source and 6 light modes. Recharges via micro USB cable. It’s lightweight and comes in black colour. It’s shockproof, waterproof and crushproof.
  4. Hid Light Flashlight
    This HID torch is black in colour. Provides 8500 lumens ultra-bright light. Comes in a high quality, stainless aluminum alloy tool case. There’s a one year warranty on this product.
  5. INTOOIN Rechargeable Flashlight
    This flashlight is made of high quality material and is waterproof. Has 3+4 light modes. It emits super bright light and has a lifetime guarantee.
  6. ACEBEAM LED Tactical Flashlight
    This flashlight is compact, lightweight and portable. It requires less space and has a 5100mAh high capacity battery. Comes with a Rechargeable battery built in USB-C Charging port.
  7. Rovy Keychain Flashlight Rechargeable
    Made of aluminium and requires 1lithium polymer battery. It’s durable, lightweight and portable. Comes 2 year warranty and if you buy this you are assured to get good results.
  8. Ledlenser Rechargeable Flashlight
    This flashlight has an advanced focus system, constant light output and magnetic charge system. It is dustproof, waterproof, lightweight and comes in black colour. It is convenient to charge too.
  9. ThruNite Flashlight Bundle
    This is fast charging with a 5000mAh 21700 lithium ion battery. Comes with USB-C charging cable. It has a tactical dual switch.You also get a magnetic tail cap.
  10. Streamlight Flashlight
    This black colour flashlight provides maximum illumination. It has a self-adjusting battery cradle. It can be recharged using either the USB cord or optional AC wall adapter.
  11. Phil lamps Led Flashlight
    This unique flashlight is made of high quality material. Comes with a tripod-stand. It’s durable and has a tough exterior. Equipped with the latest technology which emits the brightest light.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have so many options to decide the amazing ones among the lot, do it quickly! It’s a necessity. Get it at a click.

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