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Lemur Gifts for the Lemur Obsessed

Do you know someone who is obsessed with lemurs? Are you looking for the best lemur gifts? Here are 20 of the best gift ideas for lemur lovers.

Lemur Gifts

Mug With Lemur Handle
True lemur lovers will definitely appreciate this gift as a way to bring them some happy vibes with their morning coffee. The mug has an adorable lemur handle that is just too cute to look at. They might get carried away with their new favorite cup and forget to go to work, so be sure to mention that.
Unisex Adult Lemur Costume/Pajama
Adult costumer parties can be way more fun than kid costume parties as the adults choose their costumes carefully. Usually, you can see everyone dressed in what they love very much. This lemur costume, for instance, is perfect for a lemur fan that you know and it is definitely going to bring a lot of excitement to them.
King Julien Slippers
One cartoon character has raised the popularity of lemurs more than any documentary about them. Of course, that is, the one and only, King Julian from the Madagascar cartoon. Even if someone does not like the cartoon (and their number is small), even if someone is not a particularly big fan of these primates, everyone will love these cute King Julien slippers
Lemur Stuffed Animal Plush
When looking for a gift for kids, cute and cuddly animal friends often tend to be a great choice. It’s even easier if you know what their favorite animal is. If, in this case, it’s a lemur, then you are in luck. This cute fellow will be a great friend to a little lemur lover that you love very much.
Vegan Lemur Tote Bag
Totes are a great way to start saving the planet and reduce plastic waste. This particular tote bag is a great choice for a big environmentalist you know that can’t resist the cuteness of this animals. You would be helping them in saving the planet and also getting them a useful lemur themed tote bag.
Ring-Tailer Lemur T-Shirt
Bring some bright colors into someone’s life. This T-Shirt features a bright yellow color with an interesting lemur illustration on it. There is also another darker version one for people who aren’t very big fans of bright color clothes. If you know your lemur fan friend well then just choose the color and present them an awesome gift.
Lemurs: Living In The Wild Book
Help someone who is fascinated by this creature to learn all about them. This book holds information on what lemurs like to eat, where they prefer to live, what threats they face, how they protect themselves and how they behave in certain situations. It’s truly a book filled with tons of useful information about this fascinating creature.
Lemur Throw Blanket
What a great way to connect with lemurs and have them by someone’s side all the time. This blanket is great for kids who love to cuddle with their favorite animals and to feel warm at the same time. It has a very cheerful and natural design that is sure to bring joy to whoever receives this thoughtful gift.
Elegant Lemur Teacup And Saucer
This one is for a bit more mature audience who enjoys sipping tea from classy and elegant cups like this one. The cup is very nicely decorated with this interesting animal and it looks absolutely astonishing.
Lemur Notebook / Journal
People with creative minds who write down fun things that happen to them in their journal simply can’t settle for any old normal notebooks. This one is special and it is sure to boost their imagination and creativity when writing.
Fashionable Necktie
If you know someone who isn’t satisfied with any old boring tie, then this can be the perfect tie for them and the perfect gift for you to give them. It’s a bright-colored tie that goes well with certain colors and makes for a pretty cool fashion look.
Glass Lemur Figurine
Elegance is the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at this wonderful lemur figurine. It’s a very high-quality glass figurine that will make a perfect decoration for the home of a big lemur enthusiast. Be sure to get ready for a new gift-giving occasion that you have coming up and surprise your friend with this amazing glass figurine of a lemur.
Lemurs Of Madagascar
This is a unique coloring book that also comes with amazing photos of lemurs and nicely crafted maps of the wonderful land of Madagascar. It serves as a great and useful guide for people that wants to explore their world and find out outstanding details about the animal. .
Nanoblock Building Kit
Regular old building blocks have nothing on these micro ones that create a perfect mini lemee. They are nano blocks series that come in all shapes and sizes. This is a special one for every lemur out there so be sure to secure one for your favorite lemur fan because they are in limited quantities.
The Mountain Lemur Tote T-Shirt
Yes, it’s another T-Shirt, but this one has by far the most realistic design. It comes in a very natural-looking greenish color that is simply elegant to look at.
SWAROVSKI Crystal Figurine
If you are looking to spare no expense for a gift for a very special women in your life, then it’s safe to say that this is the way to go, but it would make a lot more sense if they happen to be extreme lemur fans. For someone who adores this animal, this crystal version of it will be very appreciated.
Type of Lemurs in Madagascar Mug
Did you know that there are actually a bunch of different types of lemurs? This mug shows a few different types and can be a good choice for someone who often likes to drink hot beverages and who should learn something new.
Red Ruffed Lemur Plush
Looking for a cute and adorable friend for your kids to play with? This is a very cuddly version of a Madagascar lemur that is sure to get your kids excited. It’s also a great way for them to expand their knowledge of animals and learn the different types of lemurs there are.
Kids Lunchbag
This lunch bag for kids will make sure that they have an adorable place to carry their food to school in. The recipient child may have the coolest lunch bag in school if this be their bag. Either for a birthday or a back to school gift, it’s surely going to be wonderful.
Aurora YooHoo Lemur Stuffed Toy
If this has caught your eye then you must have watched the children’s series “Yoohoo to the rescue” with your kids. This is the Yoohoo character from the same series and it’s definitely going to bring out a few smiles from your kids when they see it in real life. Be sure to surprise them with this fun and adorable stuffed toy.