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15 Must-buy gift ideas for any Software Engineer

If you want to find this year that gift that will be just right for software engineers in your life, you will probably need tips from a software engineer. We called one of them and he made a gift guide with geeky ideas that you’ve been looking for. These 15 gifts for software engineers will ideally fit their needs.

Gift ideas for software engineers

Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard and Vertical Mouse Combo
This all-in-one ergonomic mouse and keyboard combo is going to be a true lifesaver for anybody who spends a lot of hours typing or working on a computer. Is the shape weird and not something you see on every desk you look at, absolutely! That’s because this still is a hidden gem amongst all of the new and fancy computer equipment. Buy it for someone you care about, their hands will thank you!
Premium Computer Glasses
Staring at a computer screen all day is exhausting for entire body, but most of all their eyes. They are extremely sensitive, but you need them the most. Will your software engineer friend be reluctant at first when you show him the gift? Yes, he will of course! But, will he be thankful to your for the rest of his career or even life once he tries them for a couple of hours. Indeed. The main goal of these glasses is to block harmful blue light. They relieve men and women of migraines or any dry eyes or eye strain, let them help your friend.
Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Software engineers are curious people who love computers and this gift will let them play with both software and hardware side of electronics. For God’s sake, it’s an entire mini-computer for an extremely affordable price. The more additional parts you buy, more variations and more fun you’ll have.
Developer Stickers
What’s fun, relatable and aesthetic? Stickers with so many different motives : Android, Python, Java, C++, Ubuntu and many more. They would be perfect for any Software Developer, Engineer, Hacker, Programmer or Geek. Best thing about it is the fact that is ideal for any occasion and you are guaranteed to find the motive your friend or significant other likes. They can stick them pretty much anywhere. Laptop, phone case or maybe your computer case? Their choice.
Mug Warmer
It’s small, portable and it won’t let your coffee, tea or even hot chocolate cool down. You guessed right, it’s you very own USB coffee warmer. Ideal for tea that keeps you warmed up during the colder months or for the favorite drink of any real software engineer, COFFEE! It’s very affordable gift, also it is small and can work anywhere near a computer or a laptop, only power source it needs is from a USB port.
Developer Coffee Mug
You got them the warmer, only thing left to do is to buy them a cup for the software engineer's drink.. There are many variations, you can get some creative and quirky ones ( jokes, famous bugs or simply things coders encounter on a daily basis, that will speak directly to your soul. There are many different variations of these mugs, so pick one that will let your friend know listen to their struggles and make a joke out of them.
Glasss Sand Timer
It will give your workspace a more of a modern, simplistic look and help you concentrate on the tasks you ought to do. Be prepared for this 15 minute hourglass to boost their designing, developing and maintaining software systems productivity in ways they thought were never possible.
Serious Python: Black-Belt Advice on Deployment, Scalability, Testing, and More by Julien Danjou
Julien Danjou has tried (and succeeded at it) to clear up some of the most common mistakes you as a programmer can come by and how to solve them in the most efficient manner. We always like to widen our views and remember any tips that will help us in our everyday work, so this collection of such tips is going to make your life much, much easier.
Life is Too Short to Remove USB Safely Computer Humor T-Shirt
We have all done it at some point, you’re late for work, a meeting or simply looking for opportunities to make your own life a living hell for no reason whatsoever. One thing we couldn’t live without but we take it for granted and treat it with no respect - USB stick! This shirt will make sure you remember to take that extra 5 seconds to press the remove safety button and save yourself from the extra agony. Who knows, you might even stumble upon a fellow programmer and remind them to take better care of important files on their USB sticks. They will be grateful!
Sony Noise Canceling Headphones
Sharing an office at your work with fellow coders can be very distracting for software engineers because of the noise. It is the software engineer’s worst nightmare, you can’t concentrate on your tasks because of all the typing , chatter or printers making those strange noises. No need to worry! A simple yet amazing solution is to get them one of these noise cancelling headphones. You can choose a wired or a wireless model, depending on your preference and gift budget, even though you can’t really put a price on the software engineer's peace and quiet. They will be forever grateful for the peace and quiet they have gained with this gift.
LG Curved UltraWide Monitor
Are you ready to spend a little more cash for that special present for software engineers in your life? This is your must-buy. Having a big monitor to work on will help the lucky recipient of this present massively, with the 34 inch screen they can use the split screen option and multitasking like that would improve their efficiency by a huge margin. Now they don’t have the need for multiple monitors this one will be just enough to satisfy all of their needs. If they want to go even further they can get two of these of course but be careful because they just might become your best friend after that.
Height Adjustable Sit-Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray
What else can you give a software engineer after that magnificent monitor? This is not the end of the gift game. You got them the monitor, the only thing left to do is to get them a professional and modern looking monitor stand which can hold their laptop, additional monitor or equipment on it as well. It has an easily adjustable height depending on are they sitting or standing, because we all know how hurtful for your back working in your chair all day can be.
Ergonomically Support Lower & Upper Back
Do you want to show those special software engineers you really love them and care for their health? Get them this memory foam support cushion for their back. They can set it up on their chair at work, at home or even in their car seat. It allows the air to flow freely through it so sweating isn’t a problem, it is also washable so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty as well. I have been using a back support while I am working personally and I can’t recommend it enough, it might not seem like you need one of these but once you start using it you’ll ask yourself how have you been living without it.
Echo (2nd Generation)
Who can say no to getting their own assistant? New Amazon’s Echo is a gift nobody can say no to. It’s AI Alexa is even more improved in the 2nd generation and has additional options installed on it. It can play music, set alarms and timers, control smart home devices( lock your doors, turn the lights on and off or adjust thermostats ) or answer questions and many more things that will be yours to explore. The quality of the sound the speaker itself produces is more than satisfactory. Device is going to be a perfect addition for any living room.
Laptop Power Bank 185Wh/50000mAh
Every gadget and gift on this list is useful or entertaining for software engineers but what do we need for all of them to actually work, power of course! How many times have you gone out of your house to realize that your phone or laptop are near dead? This neat power bank is perfect for situations just like those. 50 000 mAh will be enough to charge your laptop or phones on the go, just charge it and pop it into your laptop bag and your won’t have to worry about your empty batteries anymore. It has fast charging and multiple ports so you can save your time while you charge couple of your devices at once. All this makes this a great gift for your favorite software developer, software engineer, coders..., and everyone else who works a lot one their laptops.