10 Fabulous Chess Gift Ideas For Chess Lovers!

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Purchasing a gift has always been hectic, especially if it’s for a chess player. So today, let’s take a swing at 10 unique and cool Chess Gift Ideas for Chess players.

Chess has to be the most rewarding and challenging indoor game ever to exist. According to some research, chess is said to have originated in 7th Century India, and then it spread to Persia and Europe. The game entered the European Domain in the 15th Century, where it evolved into the form that we are acquainted with in today’s world. It is said that people who play chess have sharp analytical skills and are excellent in mathematics. According to date, the game originated, but the first youngest Grandmaster is also from India.

This is about the game, but what about the gamer? Selecting what to present to a Chess player can be pretty troublesome, so here’s your list of 10 gift items for Chess Players.

Listing Out The Extraordinary Chess Gift Ideas For Players:

  1. Wooden Treasure Box
    This well crafted redwood wooden treasure box with brass latch closure with big compartment will be an ideal present for a chess player where he/she can store chessboard.
  2. Dohe Wrist Watch
    This leather strap analogue watch with quartz movement,water resistance will be most precious gift for any chess player for whom each second is an indispensable factor.
  3. GOT Chess Set
    This unique chess set consisting of custom pieces inspired by HBO Classic Game Of Thrones will be a dream gift for someone in love with both GOT and Chess.
  4. Table Chess Classic
    This handmade classic table chess board with chess pieces will be an ideal gift for a highly skilled, passionate chess player who is fond of the blend of craftsmanship and luxury.
  5. Royal Selangor Chess Set
    This handcrafted chess set by Selangor, world’s largest pewter maker. It is a sleek, intricately detailed chess board, making a perfect gift item for Chess enthusiasts be it young or skilled.
  6. International Chess Clock
    This International Chess Clock with push buttons is suitable for Chinese and International Chess tournaments. It is also a bankable and indispensable gift for all Chess players around the globe.
  7. 3 in 1 Chess Set
    This 3 in 1 set is suitable for all age groups, has a variety of Game Functions. This chessboard can be folded into a chess board storage box as well.
  8. Lewis Chess Set Pieces
    This luxury chess pieces are replicas of the historic isle of lewis chess board, in this set King is 2 inches down to pawn, an unique gift for all chess players.
  9. European Wooden Chess Set
    The board is designed and made through traditional method of burning to form textured pattern, has king of 7.1cm, Queen of 4.8 cm and Pawn of 3 cm respectively.
  10. Vintage Woodcut Wrist Watch
    This solid brass casing analogue watch has chess symbols in the dial in place of numerics, making it an unique gift for all chess players for whom time is precious.

Final Thoughts

This ends the list of 10 unique and mindfully witty gift items for all chess enthusiasts in the world. I hope this list caters to everyone’s taste. To have hands-on these products, go to amazon, where all these are life. Purchase now before they run out of stock!

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